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Empty Quiver [General, Fighter]

You darken the sky, as you empty your quiver.
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +12, Dexterity 19, Improved Rapid Shot, Manyshot, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot
Benefit: When using any bow (but not a crossbow or firearm), while you have a full quiver of at least 10 arrows, you may take a full-round action to fire all of the arrows in that quiver (whether it is a quiver of 10 or 20) at all of the creatures (friend and foe alike) within a 10' by 20' rectangle. You target the 10' by 20' rectangle and make an attack roll with a -10 penalty to hit (the targeted area has an effective AC of 8). If the attack is successful, every creature within the area of effect takes full damage; a successful DC 10 Reflex save halves the damage. After exerting the effort to fire the sheer volume of arrows, you are flat-footed for the remainder of this round and all of the next, but may act as normal.
Normal: One attack, hit or miss.

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