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Tower Shield Bash [General, Fighter]

Through intense training, you can now shield bash with tower shields
Benefit: Through intensive training, and a little extra effort, you can now initiate a shield bash with a tower shield. Used this way, a tower shield is an exotic bludgeoning weapon. For the purpose of penalties on attack rolls, treat a tower shield as a one-handed weapon, although it can be wielded as a two handed martial weapon, similar to a bastard sword.

If you use your shield as a weapon, you lose its AC bonus until your next action (usually until the next round). An enhancement bonus on a shield does not improve the effectiveness of a shield bash made with it, but the shield can be made into a magic weapon in its own right.

A tower shield used in this manner deals 1d8 damage, or 2d6 if spiked, and has a x2 modifier on a natural 20. All attacks made in a round with a tower shield bash (including the shield bash itself) suffer a -2 penalty as per normal in combat with a tower shield. Compared to a regular tower shield, a spiked tower shield is 20 gp more and is 10 lb heavier.
Normal: You cannot shield bash with a tower shield.
Special: You still lose the tower shield's shield bonus to armor class during the round you attack with it, as normal.

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