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Counter Throw [General, Maneuver]

You are able to throw a charging opponent.
Prerequisite: Str 13, Improved Grapple, base attack bonus +6
Benefit: Once per round, when you are the target of a charge, bull rush or overrun attempt, you may make an opposed roll. In case of a bull rush or overrun attempt, this is a normal opposed check. In case of a charge, you may make an opposed attack roll with all applicable modifiers. If your opposed roll succeeds, you must make a throw attack roll and throw your attacker over your head, dealing the damage equivalent of your unarmed strike base damage plus 1½ your Strength modifier, with the further benefit of landing your attacker prone in the square adjacent to you and and across from your position relative to the direction of your attacker's approach (this simply means that a creature coming from the left lands to your right after a successful counter throw). A thrown creature may attempt an opposed Balance check against the result of your throw attack roll to avoid taking damage and landing prone. You may not use counter throw against creatures one or more size categories larger than you.
Special: A ruffian may choose Counter Throw as one of his Ruffian brawling maneuvers.

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