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Variant Greater Weapon Specialization [General, Fighter]

A revamped version of Greater Weapon Specialization
Prerequisite: Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with the selected weapon, Greater Weapon Focus with the selected weapon, Weapon Specialization with the selected weapon, an Ability Score of at least 16 for you to choose from, BAB +12
Benefit: When you take this Feat, you must do two things. First you must designate which weapon the Feat applies toward, as normal, and second you may select any one of your Abilities (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha) and apply an appropriate bonus when using that weapon;
Strength: When you select Strength, you now gain a +4 bonus when using this weapon for Disarm or Sunder. You may also make a single devastating strike against your opponent's shield at your highest BAB as a Full-Round Action. Treat this as a Sunder Attempt, and if you are successful your opponent is considered Staggered until the end of your next Round. This applies to Ranged Weapons as well; Consider that you threw or fired your projectile at their weapon or shield.
Dexterity: When you select Dexterity, your weapon is now capable of being used to make Trip Attempts, even if the weapon naturally can not do so. Additionally you gain a +4 bonus when using this weapon for a Trip Attempt. If you use this Ability for Ranged Weapons, the distance you can fire a projectile increases by +20 feet, while the distance you can throw a projectile increases by +10 feet.
Constitution: When you select Constitution, you are now so skilled in the weapon's use that you cause 1d4 Bleeding Damage that begins at the beginning of your next Round. This damage does not stack upon itself, however it will work in conjunction with other effects that cause Bleeding Damage. To stop this, the typical Heal DC 15 is in place, or until someone uses magical healing that stops Bleeding Damage. This only applies to Piercing or Slashing Weapons. When using a Bludgeoning Weapon the bleeding is internal. For the purposes of balance, this type is considered Non-Lethal. However, because surgery would effectively be required to cut open the body, find the wound, create an applicable suture, and mend the body shut the Heal DC is increased to 25 and effectively takes 6d4 minutes to preform. However any magical healing will cure the bleeding normally. Additionally when the victim falls unconscious from blood loss due to Non-Lethal Damage it changes to Lethal Damage. A weapon which has either Bludgeoning and Slashing or Bludgeoning and Piercing can be used for either Lethal or Non-Lethal Damage; The player must choose one or the other. This damage in general does not multiply upon a successful Critical Hit.
Intelligence: When you select Intelligence, you are now more knowledgeable as toward your opponent and your weapon. You gain a +4 to your Attack Rolls and a +4 to your rolls to confirm a Critical. This bonus stacks with similar effects, such as the Feat Power Critical.
Wisdom: When you select Wisdom, you are now more keenly aware of your situation and how to react properly. When wielding the weapon you gain a +2 Deflection AC Bonus, as if you have Parry (Which stacks with this bonus). When an opponent is wielding the same or similar weapon, you gain an additional +2 Dodge AC Bonus. This is because you understand what movements they must make in order to use the weapon properly, and thus can anticipate their strikes and react accordingly. Your Critical Threat Range also increases by +1, and when your opponent uses the same or similar weapon against you their Critical Threat Range decreases by -1 to a minimum of 20. The Dodge AC Bonus will stack with similar effects that grant you Dodge AC. The +1 to the Critical Threat Range is an external modifier, so when using Feats which multiply your Critical Threat Range, such as Improved Critical or the Weapon Enchantment Keen, add the +1 CTR Bonus after you have increased your base CTR, not before.
Charisma: When you select Charisma, you are now able to catch your opponents off guard much more easily. You gain a +2 deflection bonus for your AC which stacks with similar Feats, such as Parry. You also are able to make one additional Feint Attempt per Round as a Move Action or Standard Action, even if you have previously failed a prior Feint Attempt. However, when making a second Feint, you take a -5 Penalty. Any Feats which may govern changes to the use of Feint may apply. (It is recognized by the author that Feint naturally is a Standard Action and therefore this would imply that the player could waste an entire Round merely standing in one place taunting and mocking their opponent. It should be understood that a wide verity of Feats change how Feint is used; Improved Feint causes it to become a Move Action instead of a Standard Action; Master Feint causes an additional 1d6 damage upon your successful strike immediately following a successful Feint, Quick Swap allows you to make a Feint as a Free Action, Superior Feint allows you to make a Feint as a Swift Action, Unbalancing Feint causes your opponent to become Flat-Footed, and Vexing Feint causes your opponent to lose their Dexterity Modifier. When using VGWS:Cha as itself it cause is unjust, mundane, and overall pointless. Be sure you check around before wasting a Feat on something that may initially cause more harm than good.)
Normal: Greater Weapon Specialization only gives you an additional +2 bonus to Damage Rolls (In conjunction with Weapon Specialization for a total of +4).
Special: Like most weapon-based Feats, this may be taken multiple times. However, unlike most weapon-based Feats this may be selected for the same weapon over and over. Each time it is selected for a weapon which already has this Feat governing it, you may choose another Ability to specialize under, thus making your proficiency with the weapon all the more lethal. You may only select each Ability once, however.

VGWS can be used in place of Greater Weapon Specialization for the purposes of fulfilling requirements for other Feats or prerequisites for prestige classes.

Additionally, if you are playing as a character whom has Luck, you have a seventh option you may choose;

Luck: When you select Luck, your weapon seems to always find it's mark. Once per Round, you may add a portion or all of your Reflex Save base score to your Attack Roll as a supplemental BAB. If you do this however, whatever amount you have added must be subtracted from your Reflex Save until the beginning of your next Round. For example, if you have a BAB of +14/+9/+4 and have a Reflex Save of +4 and a Dexterity Modifier of +3(SRD:Fighter), you may subtract up to -4 on your Reflex Save and add it to any one of your strikes, however this value must be added in whole to your single strike. For example, you could have a BAB of up to +18/+9/+4, a BAB of up to +14/+13/+4, or a BAB of up to +14/+9/+8. Whatever you have left over for your Reflex Save, you are allowed to use. Here is an example encounter, to help explain the idea a little easier.
"Jorge, a 14th Level Fighter, is using a Bastard Sword he has Variant Greater Weapon Specialization under. He has the ability to focus under Luck, and so he chooses to sacrifice some of his Reflex Save to become seemingly more agile in his attack. He is facing an opponent whom has a high Dexterity and Dodge AC, so Jorge wants to make sure his first strike hits. He subtracts his full +4 Reflex Save and adds it to his +14 BAB. This gives him a +18 BAB. As a Fighter, Jorge also has a Strength Modifier of +4, giving him now a total of +22 on his Attack Roll. When the player rolls their d20, he finds the +4 from his Reflex Save just barely made him hit the mark; Jorge strikes the opponent. However, Jorge unfortunately misses his next strike with a Nat 1. The DM determains that since the opponent is quite agile and Jorge is sluggish with a massive two-handed weapon, the opponent can attempt an Attack of Opportunity. Because Jorge subtracted +4 from his Reflex Save, he has a Reflex Save base score now of +0. However, he still has a Dexterity Modifier of +3, which can still be applied for his Saving Throw."

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