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Zen Defense [General, Fighter]

+Wis on AC in some circumstances
Prerequisite: Wis 13
Benefit: You get your Wisdom bonus + 1 to your armor class (this stacks with everything). This bonus applies even if touch or flat-footed, but not while unconscious. In addition, total defense is now a move action for you, but using it as a move action immediately ends your current turn (but you can use it after a standard action, but no matter how many times you use it, total defense will not stack with itself in this way). However, if any of these circumstances apply to you currently or since the beginning of your last turn, both of these effects are negated.
  • You are wearing any armor (a Warforged gains no benefit from this feat, since they are always wearing armor and cannot remove it)
  • You have equipped any shield
  • You are carrying more than a light load (if your Strength score is more than 18, treat your Strength as 18 for this purpose)
  • You are wearing any magic items or have activated a magic item that you are/have touching (ignore this if the magic item does nothing other than increase your Wisdom)
  • Anyone makes a critical hit against you
  • You take ability damage to Wis and/or Dex

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