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9th-Level Spells Summary
Absolute Darkness An extremely powerful, dark, and dangerous spell that conjures a unlightable shadow which blocks out the sun and summons hordes of undead zombies onto the world.
Abyssal Pet , In reality, we have life and death, but in the realm of the abyss life is meaningless and death is a question, not an answer. Spirits flow free into the abyss, like time and it's ebb and flow. The abyss's unfathomable questions may hold the answer to eternal life. Sending a condensed spirit into the abyss may give it false life that never ends. But at what cost?
Animal madness
Animate Dead Legion You animate lots of undead.
Annihilation You tear a hole in the very fabric of space and time. This spell is a conversion of the one in "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil".
Apocalypse from the Sky One of the evilest and most destructive spells a creature could cast.
Army of One Create near-perfect duplicates of yourself to act as an extension of your will.
Atomic Bolt You conjure a devastating bolt of nuclear power at a target within range.
Bombos You send out a wave of flame that circles out from you in a spiral, immediately followed by a series of thunderous explosions.
Brand of Undeath Causes all affected targets to be transformed into the undead should they die while under the spell's effect.
Calamitous Strike On a successful weapon attack, you deal a massive amount of damage.
Call Shadow You raise the shadow of a nearby creature
Channel Divine
Chaotic Rift
Christmas Wish All you have to do, is believe in the Spirit of Christmas.
Consume Essence You tear a creatures shadow away, sundering it's very essence
Consumptive Malice Create a massive, and spreading curse of undeath to unleash upon your foes.
Consumptive Touch Drain the soul of a creature, causing it unbearable, deadly agony.
Contained Apocalypse
Crash To Desktop Instakill something, including you.
Create Soul Gem You grab a humanoid creature's soul, rip it out of their body, and stuff it into a jewel to create a Soul Gem.
Dark Chant You damn nearby creatures to a void of eternal punishment after completing a chant invoking the power of death.
Dark Miasma You draw in dark power from Urei and release it as a thick miasma of death and disease centered on you.
Death's Scythe Summon the power of Death them self, a weapon of ultimate destruction capable of killing any being.
Deity's Jaw Instant kill, coming soon to a deity near you!
Distill Essence Distill a creature into a usable source of power.
Divine Ruin Channel other spell slots into one spell
Dovar's Brutal Beam The user conjures a vicious beam of blinding white light from above, which crashes into a single target violently.
Duplicate You shoot a bolt of liquid glass at a creature or object to create an identical duplicate of it.
Eclipse Life You draw the life force out of 1 creature you can see within the spell's range. The bowl of alchemist's fire shatters and turns into a miniature star which draws the creatures life force into itself flaring with power. Then the steel sphere splits into eight pieces which close in on the star and trap it. Then you see the steel sphere start cracking. The sphere explodes dealing 5d12 damage if the creatures max hp was 100 or less, 10d12 if it's max hp was 500-101 and 20d12 if it's max hp was 501 or more.
Eidolon Create a clone!
Eldritch Cannon Summoning your eldritch power you take it to a whole new level causing a huge massive beam of eldritch energy to come out of your outstretched hands.
Elemental Infusion
Endless Null An ancient technique to purge the magical essence out of a being
Energy Drain Drains hit points equal to hit dice.
Enhanced Permanency The spell you know and love is back with a vengeance!
Ephemeral Storm The air darkens and shadowy tendrils slice each creatures shadow in an area
Erase Memory
Evergreen Army A druid’s greatest power is to command the forest itself. No other spell proves the truth of this in as direct a manner.
Eye of the Storm You stand in the center of a blizzard of your own making, wreaking havoc among your foes.
Fantasy Heaven After channeling the divine spirits of the world around you, you unleash a blinding flash of purifying energy towards a creature you can see within range.
Flash Freeze Freeze an enemy in a solid block of ice.
Flay Remove all the skin from a creature and keep them alive.
Genesis The spellcaster creates a finite plane with limited access: a demiplane. Demiplanes created by this power are very small, very minor planes.
Grand Kingdom Create your own perfect domain over which you rule.
Greater Heal A fully healing spell that comes with a cost.
Hallowed Lances You conjure five lances of pure radiance to impale your foes.
Hand of Oblivion
Hayzenbyrg’s Superposition You call upon the limits of arcane possibility to transform your deterministic form into one of probability.
Heavenly Fall You call upon the highest of powers to bring down beams of radiance upon your enemies.
Heavenly Rebuke Harness the curse of a fallen angel to smite your foes to the depths.
Heavenstrike You beseech your deity to smack down the wicked with an awesomely powerful stroke of heavenly lightning.
Holy Exodus In the name of your deity, you command the wicked to be no more.
Hyper Compress You attempt to turn a creature to dust with intense gravity.
Ice Assassin You create a living, breathing creature that is a near-perfect duplicate of an existing creature, formed entirely out of ice.
Impermanence of Being This spell begins or resumes the aging process on an unaging creature.
Infernal Rain
Last Act As your final act of heroism you channel all of your arcane power into your body and then expel it as a destructive force that proves harmful to your enemies.
Majority World Twist the laws of physics to aid your allies and hinder your enemies.
Malcador’s Fallen Star Named after its discoverer, this accursed star brought death to all who saw it, including the great astrologist himself.
Mass Harm A flood of negative energy flows from you into creatures around you.
Mass Immolation You set a whole bunch of creatures on fire.
Mass Traumatic Teleport You teleport up to eight creatures within range into one or more solid object.
Maya's Symphony An eerie music begins to play, summoning a spirit that protects and heals allies.
Meateor xyz???
Miasma of Death, Variant To devastate the weakings that dare to stand before you in defiance.
Miasma of Death You point at a location within range and create a cloud of horrid decay which rises from the location and spreads to an area up to 50 feet.
Microcosm You warp the consciousness and senses of one or more creatures, sending the victim(s) into a catatonic state.
Mordenkain's Spirit Burst In response to an attack that damages you, you create a burst of arcane energy that channels the very essence of Mystra.
Murder of Moths Seas of Moths Spew from your hand and devour your opponents in a merciless slaughter on their hunt for the light.
Myrsta’s Soulfire Smite your foes with an extremly powerful blue fire
Necropolis you infuse an area with necrotic energy, turning control of the land to the dead.
Obliterate Soul A powerful damaging spell that can destroy souls.
Perfect Wish Wish Beyond, Plus Ultra!
Power Bolt For the duration of the spell, you can repeatedly shoot highly damaging bolts of concentrated magical energy.
Power Word Crash Disconnect a creature from the matrix of reality.
Power Word Die You utter a word of power that makes you instantly drop dead.
Pulverize Lift an enemy into the air and grind them to dust.
Purge Evil or Good But what if you felt REALLY bad about the whole kill everything thing?
Pyroclasmic Unmake You summon the malicious fury of red dragons to incinerate your enemies.
Quincy's Epic Hammer You conjure a downright massive hammer to smack down your enemies.
Reflections of Things to Come You view the shadows of the world around you, things happening, and things yet to happen
Resurrection From Beyond Bring anything back, by force.
Retribution This spell will torture the targets with unimaginable pain.
Rite of The Elemental Blood you replace the blood of a creature with the pure elemental energy.
Schrodinger's Von Neumann Wigner Quantum Revival
Shadow Surge You totally obscure the mind of a creature with darkness, asserting your own will
Shadow Time
Soul Bind You target the soul of a newly dead body, the target makes a Wisdom saving throw or be imprisoned in the black sapphire gem used for this spell.
Soul Slice You extend your mystical powers and grasp at the soul of your enemy, cutting it in two obliterating half.
Soul Strike You assault the soul of a creature within range, attempting to rend it from the body and disperse it into the ether.
Spell Mastery Asserting your mastery over magic, you take control over all bard, sorcerer, warlock, and wizard spells cast within range.
Spirit Bird Gain a giant eagle's power.
Spirit Maelstrom You bring forth a maelstrom of spirits that destroy those in it
Stardown Part the sky itself!
Steelcurse May every blade be your bane.
Stormblast Summon the wrath of the entire sky, and blast all your enemies into ash
Summon Spriggan You summon forth 1 Spriggan warrior to aid you in combat.
Sword Storm Launch a flurry of spectral swords at your foes.
Tame End the reign of any horrible monster!
Tempest This is basically a buffed version of the storm of vengeance Spell
True Mind Switch You attempt to take control of a nearby living creature, permanently forcing your mind and soul into its body, and its into yours.
Undead Dragon
Violet Inferno The deadliest spell of all time. Probably.
Vortex Creating a portal to the depths of space, you attempt to suck your foes through.
Wail of the Banshee You emit a heart-rending wail that beckons the living to the grave.
Warp Dead like animate dead, but creates Great Old Ones
Warrior of the Gods Summon glowing armor and weaponry to make yourself virtually invincible.
Whiteout A blizzard forms, centered on a point you can see and spreading to a radius of 80 feet.
Wildfire A foe bursts into flame and spits out fiery motes that spreads the fire to others.
World Eater Summon a world-eating monster whose only goal in life is to consume everything. Become the Hive.
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