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Enhanced Permanency
9th-level Evocation
Casting time: 1 Hour
Range: Self
Components: V, S
Duration: Concentration, Up to 1 Minute

Design Note: This spell uses the Enhanced Existence Magic Overhaul homebrew ruleset. As a result, it is meant to be 10th level magic, and is ALL classes of magic at the same time. See the ruleset for clarification on what that means before calling the spell overpowered. Please?

(Hold Value 5)

After casting this spell, the next spell you cast before this spell ends has its duration magically enhanced to become permanent and without concentration. The spell you choose cannot be a spell that is explicitly damaging or healing (Including Hit Point Maximum and Temporary Hit Points) in any way (Except by a continuous area you have no control over, such as Cloudkill), and cannot already be permanent or Until Dispelled by default. Spells that have a permanent version don't need to meet the requirements of that version to be made permanent this way.

You cannot make cantrips permanent. You cannot make spells with a defined number of uses for the effect permanent. This includes things like asking a set number of questions or speaking a set number of words (Commune, Commune with Nature, Sending, Etc.).

A creature that knows this spell only knows how the spells they already know would interact with it. A Druid wouldn't know how Fly interacts with it, for example. They can, however, make an educated guess at the DM's discretion, especially for anything obvious like Fly.

Spells that affect an area always appear as Necromancy (Along with whatever school of magic they already are) when showing up on spells like Detect Magic, and can be affected by spells that affect Necromancy.

Permanent spells hit by a Dispel Magic, Antimagic Field, etc. that could normally end them do so temporarily, until the Permanent spell would no longer be affected. The exceptions to this are spells that result in permanent non-magical effects, such as shapeshifting spells (The spells themselves are magical, the effects they produce are magically made natural by the Enhanced Permanency).

Finally, spells made permanent that can require spell saves always use the spell save DC you had when you cast the spell, even if that changes later.

Shapeshifting Nonsense[edit]

Spells that shapeshift a creature into another creature (Including Alter Self) alter their true form to cause this to happen, meaning it can't be reverted because there's nothing to revert (And spells that shapeshift the creature all behave as if their new true form is the form to revert to when they expire). Spells that shapeshift a creature's true form this way never affect that creature's personality, languages, ability to speak, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma scores, or their features and traits that aren't related directly to their race. This means a creature affected this way can still cast spells, use items (Assuming they aren't far tinier than reasonable for the item), etc. Spells that shapeshift a creature have all that creature's equipment fall off without damage if it is shapeshifted in a way that dramatically changes their size or shape. Otherwise, the equipment is still worn or carried if it can be.

For any spell that isn't a shapeshifting spell, a creature or area can only be affected by one permanent spell at a time. Trying to make another spell permanent for either causes the one affecting them to end (Except for shapeshifting). This also means Enhanced Permanency can be used to dispel any permanent spell that isn't a shapeshifting one, simply by choosing the spell to dispel before yours ends (Instead of making a spell permanent).

Spells that create or summon creatures still end, but only when the creature dies. Any spell that allows creatures to make a save against it multiple times to end it still ends if they succeed, unless stated otherwise in this spell description.

If the new true form of a creature drops to 0 hit points, the creature is knocked unconscious as their normal form would be. A creature with their true form changed this way doesn't revert if they die, as for all intents and purposes they are that creature now.

Interactions With Other Spells[edit]

Certain other spells cannot be made permanent this way. These spells are Antilife Shell, Antimagic Field, Augury, Bane, Bless, Blink, Command, Compulsion, Confusion, Crown of Madness, Dimension Door, Divination, Divine Word, Dominate Monster, Dominate Person, Dream, Enthrall, Etherealness, Faerie Fire, Globe of Invulnerability, Grasping Vine, Greater Invisibility, Gust of Wind, Hold Monster, Hold Person, Holy Aura, Leomund's Tiny Hut, Major Image, Mass Suggestion, Misty Step, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, Otto's Irresistible Dance, Pass Without Trace, Phantom Steed, Plane Shift, Power Word Stun, Project Image, Ray of Enfeeblement, Sanctuary, Sending, Shield, Shield Of Faith, Silent Image, Slow, Stone Shape, Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Teleport, Time Stop, Warding Bond, Wish, Zone of Truth.

In addition, some spells can only be made permanent this way by casting them on one creature. These spells are Beacon of Hope, Calm Emotions, Charm Person, Color Spray, Create Undead (Stays under your control), Fear, Water Breathing, Water Walk,

Finally, some spells work differently as described below when cast this way. Only spells described below that deal damage can be made permanent by this spell.

Has the target save once, making the disease permanent if they fail, until something removes the disease. Greater Restoration or higher magic removes the disease, and it also ends if the target dies.
Control Water
You control water within a 100 feet cube around you instead of picking a 100 foot cube within range.
Create Food and Water
You can cast the spell once a day without spending a spellslot.
Can only be used to make an object shine with the Daylight effect.
This version of the spell can only be used to create a Demiplane. However, afterwards, you can cast Demiplane without using a spellslot, but only to reach the Demiplane you make with this casting of the spell.
Dominate Beast
If it fails the save, the target remains Charmed even if it takes damage, and makes no more saves to end the spell.
Single target, asleep effect only, still ends if awakened but only by magic or damage.
Fog Cloud
A strong wind still disperses the spell, but only until the wind is gone.
Berries are exactly the same but don't spoil after a day.
Hypnotic Pattern
Single target only, still ends if it takes damage or someone uses their action to snap the target back to reality.
Spell still ends if the target attacks or casts a spell.
Mage Armor
Spell still ends if the target don's armor or you dismiss it.
Single target remains in maze until it escapes.
Mind Blank
Self only.
Mirror Image
Duplicates can still be destroyed by a hit on them.
Still ends if you attack or cast a spell.
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion
Once you cast the spell in a spot, you can cast the spell in that specific location without using a spellslot or having the material components normally required to cast the spell. When you cast the spell this way, it's duration is Until Dispelled, regenerating used resources and damaged rooms every 24 hours from when you cast it, and this applies to every time you cast it at that specific location.
Move Earth
You control earth within a 40 feet cube around you instead of picking a 40 foot cube within range.
Creates a mundane passage but otherwise behaves identically.
Plant Growth
Both versions of Plant Growth can be made permanent. IF the longer version is made permanent, it fails every 4 years, before returning after that year's end. The area affected this way cannot be made to grow anything during that year.
Works identically to Eyebite except with the hit point limit and different range.
Stinking Cloud
Works identically to Fog Cloud except with the dangers of the Stinking Cloud spell. Only the cloud is permanent, not any harmful effects it causes.
Tenser's Floating Disk
Still ends if it's weight limit is exceeded or you move too far away.
Unseen Servant
Acts as if the caster got the Boon of the Servant.
Wall of Force
In any configuration, the spell cannot encompass creatures or objects on its own, and is still destroyed by Disintegrate.
Webs created last until destroyed, but regrow in an hour after being destroyed. Spectral spiders can be seen nesting in the area of the web.
Wind Walk
Single target. Lasts until the target reverts once.


The above list only takes into account the spells in the PHB for D&D 5e. The DM determines how spells act that aren't from this set, thought they should try to follow the above rules and understand why something is banned (or not banned) on the list (I.E., if it's obviously broken or blatantly unfair to a creature, such as Greater Invisibility or Slow, or if it doesn't make sense to be permanent, such as Stone Shape, since the effects are lasting anyway).

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