Boon of the Servant (5e Epic Boon)

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Boon of the Servant[edit]

Prerequisite: The ability to cast the unseen servant spell

Your latest casting of unseen servant yielded an interesting surprise. One creature you know of Medium size or larger that is deceased has had their soul permanently tied to it. This gives it an Intelligence score equal to their own and no lower than 6 (Giving any nonsentient creature sentience) and a Strength score of 5. It also has immunity to nonmagical attacks and can attack, though it can't cast it's spells or use any of the class or race specific abilities it had in life. You see it as a dark blue creature directly connected to the base of your shadow, with the upper half of its body resembling that which it had in life and the lower half tapering off. You can still command it to do a task, and it will for its own violation, believing it would want to whether it normally would or not. It can perform any task that the unseen servant spell would allow it to do and anything it could do in life (From skill proficiencies. Skill proficiencies from racial bonuses still apply.), besides cast it's spells. When you cast a spell, you can command your servant cast it instead, though it still uses your magic. Only you can see and hear the creature tied to the spell. The DM determines what creature is tied to the spell when you receive this Boon. While you have this Boon, the creature can bring itself to you upon your command, requiring no spell slots to cast unseen servant and allowing the creature to maintain itself with you as long as it wishes, potentially permanently. If it reaches 0 hit points because of an attack, it disappears and the spell ends, but you can cast the spell again to revive it, and it can revive itself if an hour passes. It cannot appear to you if you are unconscious because of being at 0 hit points and disappears if this occurs. Those who can see into the Ethereal Plane can see your servant.

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