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Erase Memory
9th-level Enchantment
Casting time: 8 hours
Range: Planar
Components: V, S, M (a ring with 2 gems (Emerald, Ruby, or Jet) worth at least 7,500 gp each)
Duration: Instantaneous

Make everyone forget that time you were naked in public.

the effects of this spell are determined by the gems set into the ring for the material component.

Emerald: When you have at least 2 of the gems in the ring set as Emeralds you can eradicate something you remember from the minds of all creatures of your choosing including you.

Ruby: When you have at least one of the gems in the ring set as a Ruby you can name a sentient being you have met and erase their existence from the minds of any number of creatures of your choosing. The DM can re-purpose the character in whatever way they see fit, or simply have the character discover who they are.

Jet: When you have at least one of the gems in the ring set as Jet you can erase a piece of text from the minds of everyone on your current plane, and erase it from every scroll and book as well. Once you do the texts become by-and-large jumbled in-cohesive jumble messes of words that cannot be understood except by the most deranged minds.

Once the effects have taken place whatever you decide your memory is also affected. Furthermore when the casting is complete you take psychic damage equal to the number of people you affected up to one point below your maximum.

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