Truest Strike (5e Spell)

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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: This has a ridiculously long cast time even if it was a level 1 spell. It's a wizard spell that can only be cast on self, that just grants advantage on one melee attack over the course of 2 rounds for a 9th level spell? Is this an Category:April Fools spell? What wizard would choose to expend a 9th level spell slot to cast this?

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April Fools!
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Truest strike
9th-level Divination
Casting time: 19 hours
Range: Self
Components: the heart of an ancient dragon
Duration: Instantaneous

As an action in combat, you may begin to cast this spell, when the 19 hours are completed for your next two turns, you may have advantage on one melee attack.

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