Microcosm (5e Spell)

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9th-level Illusion
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 75 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Until dispelled

You warp the consciousness and senses of one or more creatures, sending the victim(s) into a catatonic state. Creatures within 15 feet of a point you choose within range are affected in ascending order of their current hit points. Microcosm can affect a total of 300 hit points of creatures.

Starting with the creature that has the lowest current hit points, the senses of each creature affected are pinched off from the real world. The victim's senses are all completely fabricated from within its own mind, though it may not realize this. In reality, the subject sprawls limply, drooling and mewling, and eventually dies of thirst and starvation without care. The subject lives within its own made-up world until the time of its actual death. Subtract each creature's hit points from the total before moving on to the creature with the next lowest hit points. A creature's hit points must be equal to or less than the remaining total for that creature to be affected.

Casting microcosm a second time on an affected creature turns its sensory pathways outward once more, and returns the creature to the real world. Otherwise, only a wish spell or divine intervention can undo the mental crosswiring done by this spell.

Undead and creatures immune to being charmed aren't affected by this spell.

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