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True Moment
9th-level Transmutation (ritual)
Casting time: 1 action
Range: sight
Components: 1 parchment or cloth worth 10gp/square ft., 100gp worth of ink/square ft.
Duration: 1 hour

Temporarily enchant a piece of parchment. If this parchment is held up it can be activated by the will of the caster or anyone the caster willingly gives the parchment to. Once activated the parchment creates an image of everything the parchment blocks that the user would see. The image becomes a true moment and is permanent.

The image is so realistic that objects in the picture could be seen through a telescope as if they were the real thing. Other observation spells like dark vision, detect magic, locate object, true sight and others interact with the picture as if the image was real, revealing hidden or disguised things in the true moment. The image is one moment in time so it will not show movement.

Light sources captured in a true moment acts like the real thing. If the sun is copied on the true moment then when the picture is exposed it will illuminate any area as if a sunny sky was emmitted from the true moment. Creatures sensitive to sunlight will act as if it's the real thing. If a full moon is captured the effects could turn an afflicted werewolf.

Reflective surfaces caught in a true moment can be viewed from different angles to see the appropriate reflection even if it was not part of the true moment's original image.

Written spells and other magical information copied in a true moment can be studied and used for learning a new spell as long as all the information is present. Such scrolls can not be used to cast the spell but also will not disappear once copied.

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