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NOTE TO DMS: This spell is quite powerful, and while it is a 9th level spell and must compare to wish, it is still capable of allowing a player to effectively have two turns in combat. It is HIGHLY recommended that you make the components of this spell VERY difficult to obtain.

Army of One
9th-level Transmutation
Casting time: 12 hours
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (Fine clay in great enough quantity to match the caster's body mass that is worth at least 1,000 GP which is consumed by the spell; a piece of the caster's body such as nail clippings or hair; petrified mandrake root which is consumed by the spell; a gold ingot worth at least 500 GP which is consumed by the spell; 2 gallons of fine red wine worth at least 500 GP which is consumed by the spell; 50,000 GP worth of powdered ruby sprinkled over the clay which is consumed by the spell; and a fist-sized ruby worth at least 150,000 GP which is consumed by the spell)
Duration: Instantaneous

Casting this spell requires that you have access to all of your hit dice, and if you attempt to cast the spell without all of your hit dice, the spell fails. Casting the spell also depletes all of your hit dice, which you regain as normal, upon completion of several long rests. Upon completion of casting, a near perfect duplicate of your body is created. This body remains in a vegetative state for seven days, during which it is vulnerable to all forms of damage, and resistant to all forms of healing.

Once seven days have passed, this duplicate body is awakened, sharing your memories and mental state. The duplicate body also shares a telepathic bond with you which you can use to communicate with and command it, regardless of distance so long as you remain on the same plane of existence. This "Grand Simulacrum" is friendly to you and will obey any and all commands given to it by you and any other creatures you designate, and perform those tasks as intended. The one exception to this is any command that directly translates to harming or killing you, unless they are given by you.

This "Grand Simulacrum" has the same ability scores as you, benefits from all class features, racial features, feats and epic boons that you have and shares all of your proficiencies. It also has a hit point maximum equal to your own hit point maximum. Unlike a normal simulacrum, this "Grand Simulacrum" may also benefit from the effects of spells and items that restore hit points. When you gain a level, you may choose to cast the spell again to allow your "Grand Simulacrum" to also benefit from the level gained, but you may never allow your "Grand Simulacrum" to learn anything that you yourself do not know. For example, every feature that you have, your "Grand Simulacrum" also has, but it may never have a feature that you yourself do not have.

Unlike a normal simulacrum this duplicate body can regenerate hit points over a long rest, but has no hit dice. It can also regain all spell slots of up to 5th level over a long rest, but spell slots of 6th through 9th level can never be regained. In the case that you have access to one or more Pact Magic spell slots, the "Grand Simulacrum" also regains those. In the case of a Witch Hunter casting this spell, the "Grand Simulacrum" regains all expended Dark Channel Points over a short rest. This also means that the "Dark Overflow" class feature may only be used once per each spell slot level expended, and may never be used again by that "Grand Simulacrum". If this spell is cast again, the "Grand Simulacrum" will regain all expended spell slots, even those of 6th through 9th level.

Also note that all spells that you know, your "Grand Simulacrum" also knows, and all spells that you prepare daily, your "Grand Simulacrum" also prepares. Your "Grand Simulacrum" may not prepare a different list of spells than you.

Your "Grand Simulacrum" may utilize magic items and magical devices, but may only ever attune to one magic item, at which point, it may never un-attune from that item unless it dies and it may never be unwillingly disarmed of that item. This does not, however, prevent your "Grand Simulacrum" from utilizing multiple magic items that do not require attunement. Sentient items and artifacts will always reject a bond to a "Grand Simulacrum", however, thus it may never attune to or even wield such items.

If utilized in combat, your "Grand Simulacrum" rolls its own initiative and acts on those turns, acting based on your mental commands. If you are ever knocked unconscious, your "Grand Simulacrum" will use all actions available to it to reach your side and protect your unconscious body. If it has access to healing magic or carries healing items on its person, it may instead use its actions to attempt to bring you to consciousness or heal you. Should you ever die, your "Grand Simulacrum" would also die.

Should your "Grand Simulacrum" ever be attacked or put in a position of danger, you are alerted to this, and if it is slain, you also have awareness of its last moments, allowing you to know the identity of any creature that might have killed it.

If your "Grand Simulacrum" enters the area of an antimagic field it takes 3d8 force damage at the beginning of every turn that it remains in the area of effect. This damage may not be reduced in any way. Also note that the dispel magic spell has no effect on your "Grand Simulacrum".

If your "Grand Simulacrum" ever loses a limb other than its head, you may perform an hour long ritual in which you must provide fine clay worth at least 100 GP, 1,000 GP worth of powdered ruby, a gold ingot worth at least 125 GP, and a pint of fine red wine worth at least 30 GP. Upon completion of this ritual, your "Grand Simulacrum's" limb is returned to its full function and appears as if it were never lost at all.

If your "Grand Simulacrum" dies, it leaves behind a body that is indistinguishable from your own, and may be detected as a magical facsimile by a creature under the effects of the detect magic spell or a creature with true sight. This body may not be risen by any spell or magic effect, however, as it has no soul. Similarly, Divination spells such as speak with dead have no effect on this corpse. If a spell that would raise the "Grand Simulacrum", revive it, or allow the caster to commune with its soul is cast on this body, the caster of such a spell would be made aware that the body is a fake.

If you cast this spell while you already have a simulacrum, it is uplifted to the status of "Grand Simulacrum", but this does not negate the material costs of this spell. If your simulacrum was of a form other than your own, it is also reformed to be your duplicate. If you have a "Grand Simulacrum" active at the time of casting, the spell has no effect other than granting the "Grand Simulacrum" the benefits of any levels you have attained since the last casting of this spell.

If you cast the spell simulacrum while you have a "Grand Simulacrum" active, your "Grand Simulacrum" is destroyed, but you needn't provide the material components for the simulacrum spell so long as your "Grand Simulacrum" is within 5 feet of you, as your "Grand Simulacrum's" body is used as the component cost for the spell.

Any castings of this spell while you have a "Grand Simulacrum" active only require the 50,000 GP worth of powdered ruby to cast.

Finally, this spell may never be cast by a simulacrum or "Grand Simulacrum", nor can a "Grand Simulacrum" cast the simulacrum spell.

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