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These are the user submitted Base Effective Character Level 3 Races on D&D Wiki. See also 3.5e Races.

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ECL 3 races without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.
Race Name ECL Type (Subtypes) Ability Adjustments Size Favored Class Racial Description
A.N.G.E.L 1 Humanoid +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Int, +2 Wis, -4 Cha Medium Psychic Warrior The A.N.G.E.Ls (Adverse necromantic genetically engineered lifeform) are a race born from a Necromancer's tampering with life itself in an attempt to create the perfect weapon. They are stronger, faster, and smarter than the sum of their parts, but they are despised as abominations for their origins.
Aegis Hands 3 Construct +2 Strength, Constitution -, −2 Wisdom, −2 Charisma Medium Fighter Powerful golems designed for war, they were given sentience as an attempt to create more powerful, strategic tool for destruction.
Aetherguards 3rd Humanoid (Psionic) +2 Str, +2 Wis, -2 Cha Medium Psychic Warrior
Arashi no ōkami 3 Humanoid (Canine, Shapechanger) +2 Str, -3 Cha Medium Feral_Warrior_(3.5e_Class) A lighting fast wolf that strikes from above.
B'er'den 3 Aberration −4 Str Medium Any Magical Human/Eye Tyrant hybrids.
B'er'den Variant 3 Aberration -4 Strength, -2 Constitution Medium Wizard B'er'den were the slaves of Beholders.
Batfolk 2, 3 Humanoid, Shapechanger −2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom/+2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, −2 Wisdom Medium Cleric, Fighter, Druid Some race
Bonarell 3 Monstrous Humanoid (Subtype: Arctic) Strength +2, Dexterity +4, Constitution +2, Intelligence +2, Wisdom -6, Charisma +2 Medium Any non-divine. Faced with extinction arctic predators merged spiritually into one animal filled with their desire to survive.
Botanans 3 Humanoid (Plant) +2 Con, −2 Int Medium Druid Human-like Plants. Natural retractable weapons.
Cait-Sith 3 Fey +4 Dex, +2 Cha, -4 Str, -2 Con Small Any Feline Fey
Catfolk 3 Humanoid (Feline, Shapechanger) -2 Wis, +2 Cha Small Bard A variant to the race in Races of the Wild ; Lovable but mischievious feline people.
Chasers, Albion
Children of Green 3 Monstrous Humanoid (Psionic)-> +2 Dex, +2 Cha Medium N/A Children of Green are associated with light and evolution.
Chiropteran Queen 3 Humanoid (Chiropteran) +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con Medium Any
Chromatic Dwarf  ? Humanoid Variable Medium Variable An elementally influenced race of Dwarves
Consu 3 Humanoid (Consu) +4 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Cha. Large Monk Consu are strong, durable, intuitive and intelligent. However, they are rather sluggish and lack a refined social grace.
Cærel Draconians
Daeijine Illithids 3 Aberration −2 Str, −2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Cha Medium Wizard A weaker variant of the illithid race. Also contains a LA 2 version.
Deceivers 3 Construct (living construct) Type +2 Constitution, −2 Charisma Medium Any Deceivers are generally metallic skeletal constructs which are created to carry out simplistic and usually monotonous tasks.
Demi-Vamp 3 Humaniod +2 Con, +2 Cha Medium Any Demi-Vampires, or "half vamps", are the spawn of a Vampire and a Human.
Diamond Dog 3 Monstrous Humanoid +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, -4 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma Medium Barbarian A beastial race of cave dwellers.
Diclonii 3 Monstrous Humanoid +4 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Cha Medium Any Human mutation after infection with Vector Virus from Elfen Lied.
Dragonblood 2 dragon +4 to STR and CHA in dragon form, & -2 to STR and CHA in human form Medium Any Some race
Dragonborn 3 Humanoid (Reptilian) +2 Charisma Medium Sorcerer, Fighter or paladin Some race
Dragoon 3 Dragon +2 Str, −2 Wis Medium Fighter Version of Half-Dragons.
Drakenbred, Fang 4 Humaniod(Dragonblooded) +4 Str, +2 Con, +2 Int −2 Dex Medium Rogue, Sorcerer Descendants of the ancient spined dragons. They are great fighters and intelligent thinkers.
Dryads, Ardanian
Dweomerling (3.5e Creature)
Einherjar 3 Outsider (Native) +6 Str, +2 Dex, +4 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha Medium Any Brave warriors reborn of the valorous dead.
Elves, Aether 3 Fey Variable Medium Variable A varied and colorful race of elves.
Elves, High, 2nd Variant 1st Humanoid (Elf) +2 to this stat, −2 to that one Medium Any Some race
Elves, High, 5th Variant <+3> Humanoid, Elven Subtype +4 Int, +4 Wisdom, +2 Charisma <Medium> <Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid, Cleric, Paladin> A magical race of the elvenkind, making powerful wielders of magic, great leaders, diplomats, craftsmen, and soldiers. Though condescending, the High Elves normally can back up their claims with true skill and mastery over their crafts, professions, positions, and magical and technical abilities. Loved and hated, wealthy, powerful, and mystic are descriptors normally pasted to the High Elven name.
Elves, Salvator 3rd Aberration (Augmented Elf) +2 Dex, +2 Int, +2 Wis, −2 Cha Medium Rogue or Cleric Elves cursed by exposure to a great and powerful force, they possess unnatural powers beyond any normal elf.
Elves, Sky <!-#-> <!-Types and (Subtypes, Subtypes)-> +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -4 Intelligence Medium Bard <!-around 25 word introduction and overview of race; displayed elsewhere.->
Emopire 3 Humanoid +2 cha,-2 con Medium Rogue Emopires are Psychic predators that feed on emotion. They can make mental slaves of any humanoid. Being Psychic predators they have low health.
Equans 3 Monstrous Humanoid +4 STR, +2 CHA, +2 CON, -2 DEX, -2 INT large Fighter, Paladin Equans are the horse-men of the plains. They are strong and brave but not very agile or studious in the arts of magic. But what they lack in dexterous ability and intellect, they gain in combat ability. They are the sworn enemies of Gnolls and Hobgoblins and frequently hunt them down wherever they live. For this, Equans are known by travellers as "Field Guardians" and are usually welcomed by traveling caravans.
Fairies 3 + Class Levels Fey -2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Cha Medium Any A Fey creature, "cousin" to the Dryad and Nymph.
Fallen, Albion
Foxphyre 3 Humanoid (Canine) +2 Int, +4 Dex, +4 Str Medium Any A race of fire loving fox-like humanoids
Gibis 3 Monstrous Humanoid (Gibis) +2 Str,+2 Dex, −2 Con, +4 Int, +2 Wis Medium Any Intelligent but vicious world-traveling creatures.
Gigas 3 Giant +4 Str, +2 Con, −2 Dex, −2 Int, −2 Cha Large Fighter Simple, hardworking giants that live off the lands.
Gloomborn 3 Humanoid (Gloomborn) +2 to Strength and Intelligence, −2 to Constitution and Charisma Medium Wizard, specialising in Necromancer. A race of disturbing humanoids, descended from undead ancestors. They live their lives on the brink of undeath.
Gnoll, Mountain Variant 3 Humanoid (Monstrous Humanoid) +2 Str, +3 Con, -2 Wis, +2 Cha Medium to Large Rogue A breed of Gnoll that lives in the mountains.
Gremlins, Albion
Gritaur 3 Monstrous humanoid +2 DEX, +2 CON Medium Ranger Small winged griffon-centaurs. Independent tribal hunters.
Half-Bugbears 3 Humanoid (Goblinoid) +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma Medium Fighter The offspring of a human and a bugbear. Combines their goblinoid parent's strength with the intelligence of their human half.
Half-Minotaur 3 Humanoid (Minotaur) +6 Str, +2 Con, -4 Int Medium Barbarian Half-Minotaurs are usually hot-headed and stubborn. They're mistrustful people in general, typically because they have had troubled childhoods and/or have been chased out of towns and scorned by people for their appearance/race. Due to this they tend to be wanderers of sorts and live in the wilderness.
Halfling Gnome 3 Humanoid (Gnome) +2 Str, +2 Con, +2 Int, −2 Wis Small Rogue or Monk A shorter variety of gnome. Extremely tough and enjoy precious things and animals.
Humans, Albion,Warborn
Kiegon 3 Monstrous Humanoid, Dragon +4 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Con,-2 Int, -2 Wis, −2 Cha Medium Any Some race
Kiiroshan 3 Monstrous Humanoid Con +2, Str +2, Wis +2 Large Vilathian Warder standing at 8-13ft (average), the Kiiroshan is a nomadic bestial race, they are strong and wise, created by two gods, one of light and one of war, they are very attune to nature.
Kitsune-bito  ? Monstrous Humanoid +4 Dex, –4 Con, +2 Int, +2 Cha Medium Any A kitsune-bito resembles a fox that stands on its hind legs, with humanoid arms with 1-9 tail.
Kitsune (Variant) 3 Monstrous Humanoid (shape shifter) <!-+2 <!-Stat->, −2 <!-Stat->, etc-> Medium Sorcerer, Rogue A Kitsune is from Japanese mythology and has become a popular species to many people. As Such I have made a version that I hope people will enjoy and use. Anyway If you like being playful while having a fluffy tail and blowing stuff up, I think you will like this. Enjoy.
Lesser Dragons, Lunar <!-#-> <!-Types and (Subtypes, Subtypes)-> <!-+2 <!-Stat->, −2 <!-Stat->, etc-> <!-Size: Pick (Medium) <!-Class. Add a link if it's a class found here.-> <!-around 25 word introduction and overview of race; displayed elsewhere.->
Lion-Man 1 Humanoid +2 Str, +2 Dex Medium Paladin or Crusader (1st class chosen counts as Favored) A hybrid of a lion and a human. Lion-men are zealous and (perhaps overly) righteous.
Lionfolk 3 Humanoid (Shapechanger, Feline) +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom Medium Barbarian A proud race of lionlike creatures.
Lizardfolk, Arctic 3 Humanoid (Reptillian) +4Str, +6Con, -2Int <!-Size: Medium Ranger or Druid Lizardfolk that were seperated from a tribe thousands of years ago, and were forced to adapt to the new, harsh enviroments.
Lizardfolk, Twilight 3 Humanoid (reptilian) +2 wis, +2 dex, −4 str, −2 con Tiny Sorcerer or Druid These tiny lizardfolk have a powerful bond with the magic lifeforce of the planet.
Masterforged 3 Construct (living construct) +4 Con, +4 Int, -2 dex, -2 Cha Medium Wizard A race created prior to the warforged who have a great knowledge and a clock-work body.
Metal Humanoid  ? Humanoid (Metal) +6 Int, +4 Str Medium Monk Metal Humanoids are made of metallic alloys and have the ability to change their bodies to their advantage, like chaning arms to weapons, etc.
Mind Flayers, MoFS 2 Aberration −2 Str, −4 Con, +4 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha Medium Wizard Otherwise known as illithids, these creatures are amazingly intelligent.
Minotaur, Aldune 3 Humanoid (Minotaur) +8 Strength, +4 Constitution, -4 Intelligence, -4 Charisma Large Barbarian
Minotaur, Rockland 1 Humanoid +2 Str, −2 Mental Ability Score of choice Medium Barbarian A smaller subrace of minotaur.
Na'vi 3 Humanoid +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -4 Intelligence Large Rangers, Druids, Shamans
Naiads 1 or 3 Fey (Aquatic) ( −2 Str, +2 Dex, −2 Con, +2 Cha) or (−2 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Wis, +4 Cha) Medium Any A kind of nymph, typically found around water.
Nymphs # Nymphs of the Tree have the fey subtype +4 Dexterity, +4 charisma, +2 Wisdom Medium Druid, Ranger, or Sorcerer Not quite elves, Not quite nature spirits, the female Nymphs of the Tree are beautiful and agile, with powerful nature magic.
Ork, Feral 3 Monstrous Humanoid (Orc) +8 Str, +6 Con, -4 Int, -2 Dex, -2 Cha Medium Barbarian Hulking war-driven Orks. They live for the fight and war, growing stronger and stronger from battle. The feral orks shun those who are not "Orkish" enough for them and wage war against EVERYTHING (including themselves).
Orochi-bito 5 Monstrous Humanoid (Reptilian) +4 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Wis, −4 Cha Medium Ranger Slender and snakelike. They value cunning and riddles, not strength.
Orog 3rd Humanoid (Goblinoid) +6 Str, -2 Dex, -2 Wis, +2 Cha Medium Fighter Orc/Ogre
Pangali 3rd. Humanoid. +4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -4 Intelligence. Medium. Ranger. Descendents from primates, Pangali are animalistic creatures with ape-like complexion.
Pegasus Pony 3 Magical Beast +4 STR, +4 DEX, -4 CON, -2 WIS, + 2 CHA Small Fighter One of the three diminutive pony races, Pegasi are the fastest of the bunch and can fly at insane speeds.
Phalanx Agents 3 Humanoid (Program) +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, +10 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha Medium Prime Program <!-around 25 word introduction and overview of race; displayed elsewhere.->
Poladar  ? Humanoid (Ursine) +6 Str, +2 Wis, −2 Cha Large Warrior A polar-bear like race that act very much like primitive humans.
Pterasaurian 2 Humanoid (Dinor) −4 Strength, +6 Dexterity, −2 Constitution, +2 Charisma Small or Tiny Rogue or Spellthief Little winged tricksters that swoop in and steal things.
Raion-sha 3 Humanoid +6 Strength, +8 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom, +4 Charisma Large Barbarian
Riekling (The Elder Scrolls Supplement) <!-#-> <!-Types and (Subtypes, Subtypes)-> <!-+2 <!-Stat->, −2 <!-Stat->, etc-> <!-Size: Pick (Small, Medium, Large, Huge, etc)-> <!-Class. Add a link if it's a class found here.-> <!-around 25 word introduction and overview of race; displayed elsewhere.->
Selkies 3 Humanoid (Aquatic) +2 Dexterity, −2 Constitution, minus;2 Intelligence, +4 Charisma Medium Any The Selkies, a race of sea-dwelling humanoid found on the coastal area of Ascyria. Able to take a humanoid form outside water and a Siren-like form inside water.
Shadar-Kai 3 Outsider (Extraplanar, Chaotic) +2 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Wis Medium any A love of battle that knows no bounds, it tells them they are alive.
Shokan 3 Giant +6 Str, +4 Con, -2 Dex, -2 Int, -4 Cha Large Monk 4 armed warrior with great strength know for their skills in unarmed combat
Spike Lords 3 Outsider (Extraplanar, Earth) +4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +4 Intelligence, -4 Wisdom, -4 Charisma Medium Any Outsiders from the elemental plane of earth who migrated over to the material plane.
Sword Elf 3 Humanoid (Elf) +2 Dexterity Medium Fighter Taken at a young age to the fabled Monastery of the Snow-Kissed Petals, they undergo a lifetime of extensive training in the use of swords and armor in order to defend and protect their people from the many dangers that loom in the darkness.
Tortugan 3 Humanoid (Reptilian) +6 Str, +4 Con, -4 Dex, -4 Int, -2 Cha Large Fighter, Ranger, Barbarian (Choose One at first level as favored class.) Turtle-Like humanoid.
Tricinoids 3 Monstrous Humanoid (Reptilian) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 Wis, −2 Int Large Any I'm still thinking
Vorpal Elder +2 Giant +2 Str, +2 Con, +4 Int, +2 Wis, -4 Cha Large Wizard The final word in Vorpalan society. No one is sure where they came from.
Vraaden 3 Humanoid −2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis, +4 Cha Medium Bard Human-like race that feeds off of nearby energy.
Warbeast +3 Monstrous Humanoid (Beast) N/A Medium Cleric/Fighter/Barbarian A race of demi-humans mixed with the traits of various animals
Warforged Centaur 3 Construct +8 Strength, +4 Dexterity, +6 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma Large Druid A rare form of Warforged Druid that was created by accident.
Wendego, The Silver Lands
Werepyre 3 Humanoid +4 Str,+2 Con, -4 Int,+2 Cha Medium Druid
Wisplings 4 Humanoid +2 CHA, +2 DEX, −2 CON Small sorcerer Creatures of pure solidified energy. Sorcerer's magic runs through their ichor. While peaceful as a race they were obviously not created with that in mind.
Wolf-Man 3 Humanoid (Canine) +-2 Str, +2 Int, +2 Wis Medium Monk A hybrid of a wolf and a human. Wise and strong of mind, wolf-men believe strongly in family.
Wolfborn 1 Humanoid +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma Medium Any A fantasy race of bipeds which have wolf like attributes and faintly human qualities.
Wraiths, Albion
Yousts 1 plant +4 STR +2Int +2 Wis -4Dex -2Cha Large Fighter Bear looking plant
ECL 3 races with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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