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Name Market Price Weight CL Aura School
Absolute Ruin 110,000 GP 15 lb 15 Weak Enchantment
Agamar's Returner 64,980 gp 4 6th
Ajaal's Iron Hand 70,350 gp 8 10th
Ameerk's War Blade 50,309 gp 12 9th
Anav's Wrath 38,301 gp 3 8th
Angevine 110,310 gp 2 10th
Anti-magic Blade +4 18th Strong Adjuration
Arcane Palm
Arcane Peacekeeper
Arrow of Penetration 18,361 gp 10th
Artificer's Bolt-Action Rifle
Artificer's Grenade Launcher
Artificer's Semi-Auto Rifle
Artificer Airbow 16,000gp 4lbs 5th Weak evocation
Balashoff Hammer
Bane of the Deep
Beam Sabre
Beaver's Tooth 9,704gp 11 Moderate transmutation
Beshero's Sling of Thunderstones
Binding Dart
Biorel’s Frost Dart
Black Fang 10000 2 15 Weak Necromancy
Black Weapons 50.000 GM 0 20 no aura; conjuration, transmutation
Blackadder Bow 32,700 GP 1 6 Moderate necromancy
Blade of the Necromancer
Blood Blade 0 10 lbs 4 Strong <Conjuration
Bow of the Amazons
Bow of the Virtuoso
Brenthar's Hammer
Buchalarn’s Dire Blade
Bulwark of the North
Chaotic Lump Weapon
Chef's Frying Pan
Chihuetotl’s Coil
Cursed Grass Sword 2 lb 10 Weak Enchantment
Cursed Greatsword of Man's End 1,000,000 8 pounds 18 Strong Necromancy
Dagger of Falling Ash
Danivall's Starblades
Dark Harvest
Das Reaper
Deepfarer's Might
Degran's Red Blade
Demon's Maw
Demon Dagger of Falling Ash Price 16,302 gp 6th Moderate evocation and necromancy
Derran's Delights
Dethan’s Heartbreak
Doomstalker <!-Caster level for creation-->
Door Buster
Dusk and Dawn 40,802 gp 13th Moderate necromancy; (DC 19)
Dwarven Eye of Power
Electric Mandolin 19,905 gp 9th Moderate evocation
Epic Sword of Badassitude 0 lbs, 20 lbs 0 Strong, weak Evocation, illusion
Eviscerators 8,725gp (pair) 8 Moderate Transmutation
Farrel's Blade ("Fool's Escape")
Fists of Fury
Flarup’s Backup
Flicker Dagger 2,302 GP 6th Weak Universal
Forge Destroyer 11,115 gp 8th Moderate Conjuration & Transmutation
Fried Frying Pan
Fright Bringer
Golden Bow
Grave Grappler
Graviton Hammer
Greased Blade 8,315 gp 6th Moderate Conjuration
Greater Dagger of Venom 18,000 1 lb 8 Weak necromancy
Halfmoon Ninja Fan
Hand Cannon
Hargrid's White Axe
Head Cleaver 98,350 gp 18th Strong Necromancy and Transmutation
Healing Staff
Heavy Chains
Hellfire Gauntlet
Impact Shield 16,320 gp 11th Moderate abjuration
Interrogator's Toothpick 2 6 Moderate Enchantment
Ironthorn Flayer 15 lbs 5 Weak Abjuration
Judge and Jury 5000 10 Moderate Necromancy
Ki Knuckles
Kiss of the North Wind
Kusanagi, Sword of Snake - Legacy Item
Light Crossbow of Acid Arrow
Lightning Halberd
Lightning Splitter
Lightning and Thunder
Lion’s Tail
Living Whip of Binding 72,601 GP 2 14 moderate transmutation
Magic Baseball Bat 70700 gp 3 10 strong abjuration
Magic Stone Sling
Magical Keyblade
Magnifying Glass
Mana Blades
Master Demon Dagger of Falling Ash 72,302 gp 6th Moderate evocation, necromancy and enchantment
Misslefruit Bow
Molten Hammer of the Forge 5,312 15 Lbs. 10th Moderate Evocation
Morsblade 72,375 gp 15th
Nerve Sever
Net of the Huntress
Orc Cactus Club 15 lbs 5 Weak Transmutation
Power Beam Saber Equipemnt)
Rapier of Electrical Blast
Runic Blade
Scepter of the Necromancer
Scorpion Stinger
Scythe of the Necromancer
Shark Fang
Shepherd’s Nails
Shortsword of Soul Stealing
Shuriken of Arc Lightning
Sithyrr d' Zsatri'har
Skeleton Crowbar 3,110 gp 5 6th Faint Conjuration
Skiprock Dagger
Skull Sniper
Soul-Essence Dagger
Spear of Sharp Magic Missile
Stealth Dagger
Sweet Sting
Switch Blade
Sword of Frost and Flame
Tapper's Sap of Speed
The End of All Goodness
The Golden Palm 10,957 gp 15th
The Hammer of Amon’Fehr
The Scythe of the Reaper
The Twins of Peace
Tri-staff of Majere
Trophy of Battle
True Companion
True Death
Trust In Fate
Undead Combat Shovel
Ven’s Sickle of Harvesting
Voraxia, Heaven's fangs - Legacy Item
Wand/Dojre Rifle varies 5lb(body) + 2lb per Physical Upgrade 1 varies none
Weapons of Sin
Weeping Isis 8,335 gp 5th Faint Enchantment
Were-Claw Covers -- 9th moderate enchantment, transmutation
Witchslap 7,700 gp 5th Faint abjuration
Wyvern's Gale
Zaggon Blade
Zokusho's Greatsword (Quest Item)
Zyash's Rifle

Incomplete Magic Weapons

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