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Fright Bringer: This +2 keen thundering bastard sword is made of glistening mithral. The center of its guard is adorned with a smiling cherubic dwarven face whose goldchased beard braids trail down to form a long hilt. The sword’s pommel nut is made of the same mithral metal as the guard and blade. It is formed as a large beard-ring that looks as if it hangs from the end of the dwarf’s beard braids. The blade is etched with three dwarven runes that signify “Adventure,” “Friendship,” and “Laughter.” As with other thundering weapons, upon a successful critical hit, a crack of thunder issues forth from the blade. In addition to this thunder, Fright Bringer emits a harmless deep laughter for the following 3 rounds. The weapon sheds pale blue light (20-foot radius of illumination equivalent to torch) automatically when wielded.

Thorgi Runeforge, the dwarven adventurer and weaponsmith, created Fright Bringer nearly a hundred years ago as a gift for his elven friend and adventuring partner, Rennick Ari. Known for his sense of humor, teasing, and practical jokes, Thorgi’s inspiration to create Fright Bringer came to him after noticing during their adventures together that Rennick feared thunderstorms. Since Thorgi also thought his foppish elven friend should be using a bigger “real” weapon, he decided to create a bastard sword for his friend. Fortunately, Thorgi wasn’t a mean-spirited dwarf, so he forged Fright Bringer out of mithral so that it wasn’t so heavy that it impeded his skinny elven ally. Rennick took a liking to the weapon despite its noise and promised his friend that he would carry it until the end of his days.

Fright Bringer was last seen wielded by an elf in a southern forest, but no one knows whether this elf is the original elven wielder, Rennick, or someone who inherited it after his passing.

Caster Level: 10th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, blindness/deafness, keen edge; Market Price: 52,535 gp; Cost to Create: 25,535 gp + 2,000 XP.

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