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Grave Grappler: Before the end of the last century, a cleric named Torias visited the home village of his comrade. This friend was a monk (whose name has been lost over time) and the two old adventuring companions reveled in the stories of their party’s past deeds, unaware that an old nemesis was also enjoying the reunion. This foe, a necromancer of no minor ability, gave the duo a day to let their guard down before unleashing a squad of skeletal warriors on the village.

By the time Torias and the monk realized that danger was upon them, the powerful undead had slain many villagers. The companions snapped into action, defeating many of the powerful skeletons before the necromancer himself appeared to finish off his weakened foes. The monk engaged him first and their melee lasted for several minutes before Torias could destroy the last of the undead and rush to join him.

The aged monk was not able to see through all of the necromancer’s arcane tricks. As Torias ran to his friend’s aid, the wizard produced a magic sickle from his robes and sliced through the monk’s exposed right hand at the wrist. When the monk fell, the necromancer took but a moment to gloat at the victory. This was all the time Torias needed to strike a killing blow on the already-injured wizard. The monk’s injuries also proved fatal, the sickle’s magic preventing magical healing. The monk died in Torias’ arms.

It was a week later that Torias returned to his temple and fashioned (with the aid of a druid of his faith) the Grave Grappler, a +1 ghost touch shock spiked gauntlet. He then gave it to the monk’s order to use as they saw fit. This item holds a one inch square piece of skin taken from the monk’s severed hand, held fast between the forearm and inner padding. The whole of the spiked gauntlet is painted midnight blue, its spikes the sheen of moonlight. It is said that the soul of the monk awakens each time the shock power is activated, battling evil from beyond the grave.

CL 9th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, plane shift, call lightning/lightning bolt; Cost 9,305 gp + 720 XP; Market Price: 18,305 gp

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