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Sweet Sting: Many years ago, a cleric named Sevreric preached that the path to humility and grace came only through hard work and suffering. She viewed herself, and all clerics, as the backbone of the adventuring party, responsible for keeping the others alive and wellprepared to fight against evil. She stressed organization and planning as necessary precursors to action. During combat, she adopted a supportive role, focusing on turning undead and spellcasting. She primarily used spells to neutralize enemy spellcasters and to heal her fellow party members.

Sometimes, however, being able to reach her allies in order to heal them proved problematic. She faced two major difficulties in this task. First, she had an overly enthusiastic companion. Lancette, the fighter in her adventuring group, would charge anything that moved, often putting herself well ahead of the rest of the party. Sevreric, clad in plate mail, would have a difficult time keeping up close enough to cast healing spells on Lancette.

Second, Sevreric put herself at risk whenever she tried to help her allies. Standing next to Lancette often meant standing within a monster’s reach. Losing spells from distractions and attacks in melee grew tiresome. To solve her problems, Sevreric drew inspiration from her philosophical beliefs and created a +1 spellstoring whip, naming it Sweet Sting. Typically, she would store a healing spell such as Cure Moderate Wounds in the weapon. In combat, when an ally needed healing, she’d lash her companion and bestow the spell upon him. This odd procedure worked rather well, with the whip’s 15-ft. reach allowing Sevreric to get healing spells to companions in dangerous places without risking losing the spell.

Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be at least 12th level; Market Price: 8,301 gp; Cost to Create: 4,301 gp + 320 XP.

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