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Ameerk’s War Blade: Ameerk’s War Blade: This +3 chaotic guisarme has served numerous masters over the centuries. Scholars have long debated the origins of the weapon, and most agree that it is Abyssal in design. The polearm’s lengthy haft is solid wood of a unidentified tree. The hardwood has a natural ruddy coloration, resembling coagulating blood. The curving blade is forged from a single piece of silvery steel. Along its length are engraved mystical symbols that glow continuously, shedding bright green light of torch brightness.

The first record of the weapon comes from an account of a battle between armies of devils and demons. The general of the devils, a powerful pit fiend, challenged the leader of the demonic army to a duel. This demon, rumored to be a baron, wielded the War Blade in the fight. The powerful weapon opened grievous wounds in the pit fiend’s hide. Still, the crafty devil eventually got the upper hand and slew the demon. Seeing the demon fall, the devil army charged into the ranks of the demons, sparking a battle that took seventeen months to resolve. During the battle, the polearm disappeared, and none could say who or what came to possess it.

Centuries later the weapon appeared in the hands of a vrock summoned by Eloshim of Tual, a human wizard of some power. Seeing the gleaming blade, Eloshim immediately coveted it, and eventually managed to trick the demon out of its prize. After lengthy study, he succeeded in crafting a similar but inferior weapon.

Eloshim had a reputation for dealings with fiends, and in time he was assaulted by the Sun Rising, a dedicated cadre of paladins. Although three perished in the attack, the holy warriors killed Eloshim and brought his tower tumbling to the ground. The surviving paladins claimed Eloshim’s treasure and sold the War Blade to the planetraveling Ameerk, a half-elf dedicated to slaying devils. His daring exploits made him famous, and gave the weapon its name. Tragically, Ameerk’s last expedition to the Nine Hells was apparently unsuccessful, and neither he nor his weapon have been seen in years.

CL 9th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, chaos hammer, creator must be chaotic; Cost 25,309 gp + 2,000 XP; Weight: 12 lb.; Market Price: 50,309 gp

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