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Trophy of Battle: Although they were scattered years ago and only a handful remain, at one time the orcs and half-orcs of the Grunn tribe were greatly feared as raiders, murderers, and followers of dark gods. Never a particularly large tribe, they managed to achieve a position of power among other tribes because of their sheer ruthlessness and the skill of their warriors. One of their greatest victories was against a tribe of elf sorcerers. Protected by unholy power and strong mail, the Grunn defeated the elves and captured their king, who they tortured for months. When they grew tired of their bloodsport, they killed and ate him. Jakarm, the leader of the Grunn, took the elf king’s skull and thighbones and commanded his shaman to make a weapon from them. The shaman fused the bones together and dipped them in iron, then crafted them with profane magic. The result is Trophy of Battle, a grisly reminder of the hatred orcs bear for elves. Jakarm used the weapon in his battles for the next several years. The weapon was lost when the church of Yaheine attacked the Grunn, slew Jakarm, and nearly wiped out the rest of the tribe.

The item is easily recognizable as being made of bone, although the thin layer of iron mutes the features somewhat. In some places the iron has been chipped or filed off, revealing elven bone.

Trophy of Battle is a mace of terror that also has the elf lesserbane* property. When it strikes an elf, the eyes glow green, and it emits a horrible scream like the dead king in the midst of torture (this has no additional effect but is unnerving). This effect also manifests when the wielder uses its terror property. Trophy of Battle is an evil item; while it does not inflict negative levels in the manner of an unholy weapon, a good person feels uncomfortable touching it.

CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Fear, Hold Person, Summon Monster I; Cost 14,062 gp + 1,100 XP; Market Price: 27,812 gp

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