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Living Whip of Binding: This medium +6 crystal whip is made out of a black onyx processed to be useful in being able to fight, and capture. The whip of the longest possible design. The spells listed in the prerequisites are imbued into markings that were carved into the handle. A total of 6 lines stretch vertically from the bottom of the handle to where the handle ends.

+7 to hardness of a crystal whip, +6 to use rope checks when using the whip to bind someone.

moderate transmutation;CL 14; Weapon Proficiency(Whip), Craft Magic Arms and Armor, animate rope, rope trick, snare, animate objects, hardening, permanency; Cost A black onyx whip (601GP), 3000 XP for the permanancy spell, 2880 XP, 36,000 GP; Weight: 2 lb.; Market Price: 72,601 GP

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