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The Balashoff Hammer: The Balashoff Hammer was originally dwarven forged, then augmented by a human sorcerer. A silvered steel warhammer, the thin frame and lean head of the weapon belie its great power. An unfortunate few have mistaken the hammer for an elven weapon, but its strike force leaves little doubt to its true origins. The hand is tailor-gripped for one hand, making it more comfortable for those who use two weapons or a shield. The haft is thin dwarven steel with slight bumps representing gems and jewels. The head is a symmetrical smooth cylinder, with two tiers leading down to a flat striking surface. No seams or welds appear on this magnificently forged piece.

Early in her career, the paladin Anna Balashoff discovered the hammer deep in the dwarven fortress of Skaridune. Legends tell that an orc horde invaded the stronghold of the dwarves of Skaridune. They died to the last in defense of their home. Centuries later, Balashoff and her adventuring companions reclaimed the fortress for the dwarven people. Dwarf queen Khali Mothergem allowed Anna to keep the hammer as a gift from a grateful people.

Originally crafted with a +2 enhancement bonus, Balashoff commissioned her traveling companion Samuel McClod to empower it further. During the exploration of the Melancholy Castle, Balashoff used the hammer to slay several ogres in the lower level. At the Elvin Library of Avenshol, both Red and Blue Slaad in the Tree of Philosophy were vanquished by the hammer. It also slew the mind flayer guardian of the Well of Revealing. In one of Balashoff’s last missions, the weapon helped slay an overwhelming horde of northern berserkers during the defense of the ancient ruins of Quasqueton. After the passing of its namesake, the hammer was returned to the dwarven community that forged it. They have taken to lending the hammer to worthy paladins who pass through their lands. It is a +3 holy, shock, throwing, returning warhammer and bears a continual flame.

Caster Level: 9th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, holy smite, call lightning or lightning bolt, magic stone, continual flame, telekinesis, creator must be good; Market Price: 128,410 gp; Cost to Create: 64,410 gp + 6,120 XP.

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