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Voraxia, Heaven's Fangs are a pair of large Serrated Snake Rings that look like two snakes biting their own tail, with small silver and black spikes on their thin, sharpened backs and two tiny diamonds for eyes.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: A pair of +1 Balanced, Serrated Snake rings; Cost 4,450gp (One Handed, Large Exotic weapon –can be wielded by medium creatures without penalty-, piercing/slashing. 1d8, crit 19-20/2). (Finessable)

Omen: Whenever a baatezu or tanar´ri is within 60 feet of one of Voraxia´s blades, the eyes of the vipers glow with a cold white light and they hiss and agitate slightly.


Cara hadn't thought this was a day to remember, dreary as it were. The day was just not being kind. Through the window, she sees a sudden flash of light, the thunder coming after being unnaturally loud... It seemed to be getting darker in Cara's eyes and everything was becoming old as well as black and white, as the thunderbolt slows down unnaturally. To her, the entire world had become a single haze, dilluting and combining all that she saw into mist. She reached out to touch the window, and on the other side a dark figure clad in a black cloak, with no visible features suddenly came into view, his hand touching the other side of the window. He seemed to be carrying 2 rings that looked like snakes. The dark figure came through the wall, silently as it were. Nothing but a low murmering was heard by Cara's ears, as the dark figure raised a aing, which upon she could see a glinting, serrated blade over her. The figure towered over the 13 year old Cara, starting to grow in height as she noticed the fact of his height more and more. As of now, the only things that weren't either black or white were those 2 snake rings, or so she thought they were called, glinting in invisible light. Nothing besides the murmering was heard as the figure took the other ring from his side and swung sideways, seemingly at Cara's head. It took an eternity before the Ring stopped over her head. Slowly, she turned her head, which, in this world as of then, was almost non-moving.

Behind her, a red glint came from the snake rings' eye in this black and white world as it dug into the flesh of a monstrous, winged creature that barely looked human. The figure in darkness then lept over Cara, spinning over her and swiping the creature in the throat in a world where nanoseconds would have taken minutes...

The figure, still on the creature, was now athletically maneuvering all over the monstrosity, somehow staying on top of this creature and attacking him with both foot and ring. Both the figure and the monstrosity fell to the floor, whilst a single man, whispering to himself was playing in Cara's ears. Only the dark figure rose again. He then slowed done once again, turning towards Cara. He rose his hand, no snake ring in sight, extended his forefingerrr, and then bid Cara to follow him. The black and white living area of the mansion was becoming darker as Cara struggled to hear the whispers of the man. "Follow... Me..." was all she heard from him. The figures' hand reached towards Cara's as he clasped it in utter silence, besides the whispers. He then let go, moving forward into the hallways of the large mansion. Cara seemed to be not moving, or even trying, she thought, but she somehow moved without using her legs, gliding slowly behind the figure...

In the hallway, former servants lay on the floor, intermingled with family members as well as close faimly friends. Pools and spatters of blood coated both the walls and the floor, some of the bodies mutilated. It seemed to be getting darker still. In front was a creature in a humanoid shape, with elephantine features, his tusks still gored over. He was bleeding all over his body by thousands of cuts as he held in his hands a windmill blade (Fuuma Shuriken). The dark figure charged the elephant-man, blades cryptically finding targets in the world of dreeeams. He seemed to be trying to dance as if before an audience as he was attacking the beast. The skirmish lasted for 500 blows, the figure being possibly hit, though he didn't heed their calls of pain. Even in this world, the fight was quick.

Personal Costs:[edit]

Wielder Level Attack Penalty Skill Check Penalty Hit Point Loss Skill Point Loss Abilities
5 Devourer of Fiends
6 2 4 Fangs of the celestial viper
7 -1 Eyes of the Viper
8 -1 Soul of the Viper
10 2 Fangs of the celestial viper
11 Awakening of Heaven’s Viper
12 2 2 Demon Hunter
13 -2 Senses of the Viper
14 2 Fangs of the celestial viper
15 2 Step of heaven
16 -2 Demon Seeker
17 Banishment
18 2 2 Fangs of the celestial viper
19 -3 2 Call of the celestial viper
20 2 Body of the celestial viper

Wielder Requirements:[edit]

Rangers who specialize both in fighting with a weapon on each hand and in tracking and slaying demons and fiends are the ones to find this weapons the most useful.

Voraxia, Heaven Fangs Wielder Requirements:

  • Non Evil Alignment
  • Base Attack Bonus +3
  • Track Feat
  • Animal companion class feature

Legacy Rituals:[edit]

Three rituals are needed to unlock all the abilities of Voraxia, Heaven fangs.

The defeat of the profane: You must defeat by yourself a creature of the baatezu or tanar´ri subtype with a CR not inferior to your character level, using Voraxia´s blades as your only weapons, even though you can still use any spells, abilities or other magical items that you posses.

Cost: 1,625gp.
Feat Granted: Least Voraxia (DnD Feat).

Fiends in unexpected places: You must track and destroy, by yourself alone, and only using Voraxia as your only weapon, plus any spells, abilities or other magical items that you posses, a group of evil outsiders of a combined CR not inferior to your character level, none of which can be of a CR inferior to six.

Cost: 13,500gp.
Feat Granted: Lesser Voraxia (DnD Feat).

Rescue of Heaven’s emissary: You must slay and send back to the Abyss an evil outsider of a CR no inferior to your character level, by yourself and using Voraxia as your only weapon, but you can use any spells, abilities or other magical items that you posses.

Cost: 38,000gp.
Feat Granted: Greater Voraxia (DnD Feat).

Legacy Items Abilities:[edit]

All of the following are legacy abilities of Voraxia, Heaven’s Fangs:

Devourer of Fiends (Su): While holding or wielding Voraxia, you can detect any creature with the baatezu or tanar´ri subtype within 60 feet, but you must concentrate (a standard action) to do so. You ignore any damage reduction of any creature with the baatezu or tanar´ri subtype when attacking them (either with Voraxia itself, any natural weapon, or any other weapon you may also be wielding, as long as you also wield both of Voraxia´s blades)

Fangs of the celestial viper: Starting at 6th level and every four levels thereafter, Voraxia´s blades gain a +1 enhancement, becoming a +2 weapon at 6th level, +3 at 10th level, +4 at 14th level and a +5 weapon at 18th level.

Eyes of the Viper (Sp): While holding or wielding Voraxia, you can use detect magic, read magic, or arcane mark at will as the spells, using a different command word for each effect. (Caster lvl 5)

Soul of the Viper (Su): Your link with Voraxia takes on a supernatural level, and you can sense the iron will of the blade infusing your own. You receive a +2 enhancement to charisma.

Awakening of heaven’s viper (Su): Your soul acts as a beacon to the long lost mind of Voraxia, calling it back from wherever it had been exiled to. Voraxia is now able to communicate with you trough a telepathic link and speaks Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial and Undercommon. Voraxia has an Intelligence and Charisma of 18 and Wisdom of 10 and is Neutral Good. It perceives its surroundings within 120 feet with darkvision, blindsense and hearing. Voraxia´s Ego score is 13 + its enhancement bonus. If any greater abilities are awakened, the Ego increases to 17 + enhancement bonus.

Demon Hunter (Su): In order to better conceal its approach towards its hated enemies, Voraxia is continuously affected by an obscure object spell

Senses of the Viper (Su): Your link with Voraxia takes on a supernatural level, and you can sense the swift wits and instincts of the blade infusing your own. You receive a +2 enhancement to wisdom.

Step of Heaven (Sp): While you are wielding or holding Voraxia, you can activate Haste for 1 round as a swift action, as though wearing boots of speed. You can use this ability up to five times per day. (Caster level 10)

Demon Seeker (Su): While you are wielding or holding Voraxia, you are continuously affected by a see invisibility spell.

Banishment (Sp): Once per day, when you issue the command word and gesture with Voraxia, you force demons and fiends out of your home plane, as the banishment spell. The save DC is 24 or 21 + your charisma modifier, whichever is higher. (Voraxia counts as an item especially hated by fiends and demons, its +4 bonus to the DC of the banishment is already calculated in) (Caster level 15)

Call of the celestial viper (Sp): Once per day, when you issue the command word and gesture with Voraxia, the weapon, you can call Voraxia, the Couatl, to perform a task for you, as the planar ally spell. You must still pay any gold piece cost required by the task. If slain, Voraxia returns to the upper planes and you can’t summon her again for at least 24 hours, when it appears completely unharmed. Voraxia is an advanced Couatl with 12HD. You can choose to call other good aligned outside instead, as long as the creature doesn’t have over 12HD.

Body of the Celestial Viper (Su): Your link with Voraxia takes on a supernatural level, and you receive a boon of health as part of your ally essence fuses with you. You receive a +6 enhancement to constitution.

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