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Lightning and Thunder: The wizard Alander of Stonehaven created the paired hammers Lightning and Thunder for Thalgar Stonecleaver, a dwarven ranger of some repute. They were created to help Thalgar defend the city of Stonehaven (an important trade entrance into the undercaves) from frequent hill giant attacks. For many years, Thalgar wielded Lightning and Thunder in defense of Stonehaven from both the giants on the surface and the dark elves down below. The last time the hammers were seen, were in Thalgar’s hands as he was charging at a tribe of hill giants as a landslide he caused swallowed up the entire valley he was in. The giants were slain and the city of Stonehaven has not had any giant problems since.

Thunder is a large, heavily built warhammer, while Lightning is a smaller light hammer. Both have wooden shafts with interwoven leather grips and a loop. The mithral heads are decorated with a number of symbols, most of which are simply fanciful illustrations, but two on each weapon are actually dwarven runes that serve a purpose. One rune represents the command word for the weapon’s secondary power, the other is half of the command word for their combined tertiary power (the first half of the word is on Lightning, the second on Thunder).

Lightning is a +2 shocking burst light hammer. Once per day the wielder may speak a command word to cast lightning bolt. Thunder is a +2 thundering warhammer. Once per day the wielder may speak a command word to cast the deafness version of blindness/deafness. If the two weapons are held by a single wielder he may speak a command word once per day to create chain lightning.


Caster Level: 11th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, call lightning/lightning bolt, chain lightning; Market Price: 80,301 gp; Cost to Create: 40,301 gp + 3,200 XP.


Caster Level: 11th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, blindness/deafness, chain lightning; Market Price: 80,312 gp; Cost to Create: 40,312 gp + 3,200 XP.

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