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Ajaal’s Iron Hand: The ogre mage Ajaal was infamous in far lands for his cruelty, his many devout followers, and his skill as a martial artist. Ajaal carved a small kingdom for himself out of the remote territories of the emperor. When his monastery-fortress was finally breached, he fled to other lands with his most trusted servants. Bearing the greatsword he called Iron Hand, Ajaal began to dominate the creatures around his new home, forming alliances and slaying inferiors who would not bow down to him. Ajaal’s minions terrorized nearby peoples for a dozen years, funneling their ill-gotten gains into building a new fortress high in the mountains. When a titanic battle between a young godling and a lich brought an early and severe winter to the land, Ajaal’s fortress was beset by four White Dragon siblings desiring to expand their territory. The ogre mage and his followers were slain in battle, and it is believed that the Iron Hand was taken back to one of the dragon lairs. One dwarven adventurer claims to have recently seen the sword in the hands of a half-dragon barbarian, but the barbarian is the spawn of a blue dragon and since blues and whites have very different territories it is unlikely that it is the same weapon.

The sword is made of shining steel and carved with hundreds of delicate runes (the glyph-based writing system of Ajaal’s homeland). The translated runes are in a variant of the Giant language and tell of the greatness of Ajaal, his proud lineage, and curses that will fall upon any who dare defy him. Interspersed among the glyphs are images of coiled dragons, blossoming trees, and monstrous but beautiful faces. The hilt is of polished bronze and studded with large gems, all wrapped in layers of black cloth strips that cover all but the gems. The crossguard is bronze and has an ornate dragon spiraling around its length. The end of the hilt is plain, little more than a rounding of the main length.

Ajaal’s Iron Hand is a +1 speed greatsword. It counts as a monk weapon for the purpose of using a monk’s favorable attack rate. When the hilt is grasped, the wearer’s skin on that hand assumes a metallic hue, although this is purely cosmetic and fades if the weapon is released.

CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Cat's Grace, Haste; Cost 35,350 gp + 2,800 XP; Weight: 8 lb.; Market Price: 70,350 gp

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