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Eviscerators: These were first created by the were-wolf ranger, Tirandir. During his travels, he uncovered a den of were-rats in the underground of a large city. Being neutral, he was ill-received, and they swarmed him. After a long battle (nobody had any silver weapons) he managed to kill several and scatter the rest. The encounter left him with an appreciation for the value of silver weaponry. However, being vulnerable to silver himself, he wanted a weapon which could not be turned against him. These were his solution.

Tirandir is now the leader of a small band of non-evil lycanthropes, with the goal of building a separate lycanthropic society where they need not hide. Presently, they have their base in a captured hobgoblin castle; its treasury is what finances their endeavor. Given the adversity this group faces, he freely gives Eviscerators to anybody who joins. However, it is strictly forbidden to give them to anyone else.


He is quite choosy about who may join. First, they must be a lycanthrope (of any sort, natural or afflicted); they must prove this by changing to hybrid form. Second, they are brought before the nearest cleric and must submit to a Detect Evil spell. If they are found to be evil, they are killed; if they refuse to be tested, they are rejected out of hand. Afflicted lycanthropes who are cured are immediately cast out (and their Eviscerators are confiscated).

It may be difficult for characters to acquire these: in short, they must be non-evil, lycanthropic, and, hardest of all, must pledge their support to the aforementioned lycanthropic society, which may interfere with party members (unless they are all lycanthropes).


Eviscerators appear as a pair of boiled-leather gauntlets that end in 2-centimetre-long silver blades on the fingertips. When worn, they meld with the wielder's hands, leaving only the blades. To the outside observer, it appears that their hands end in claws instead of fingernails.


They allow the wearer to make claw attacks as a lycanthrope (hybrid form) of appropriate size with the Improved Claw feat and a +2 enhancement bonus. This stacks with the actual Improved Claw feat. They overcome damage reduction /silver and /magic. The wielder is not automatically proficient with these attacks, so they must have claw proficiency from an outside source in order to avoid taking an attack penalty.

Additionally, they increase their wearer's base land speed and offers protection from heat and cold as the spells Longstrider and Endure Elements. The speed increase stacks with the Longstrider spell.

Moderate Transmutation;CL 8; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Longstrider, Endure Elements, Greater Magic Fang, Animal Growth; Market Price: 8,725gp (pair)

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