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Absolute Ruin: A large gun, it appears to be a mix in-between a shotgun and a revolver, it has a large, short barrel almost as that of a sawn-off shotgun, an even larger chamber of a revolver, that appears to spin, a lever on the side with several different categories to switch to, a cockable back and a single handle with a trigger. The gun takes 6 shells. The gun works by splitting the back off, loading in all six shells. You then click it back on, cock the gun, spin the chamber to a bullet and then flick the lever. The lever has three options: Flame, Electric, Explosive and Arcane. Once you pick an option, you shoot the gun, and then cock it and shoot again, etc. Loading the gun takes 2 rounds. Cocking it and spinning the chamber is a free action. The gun deals 3d12 damage per shot. When on the Flame option, it deals an additional 3d12 fire damage. When on electric, it deals an additional 3d12 electric damage. When on explosive, it deals an additional 2d10 explosive damage, and causes an explosion upon contact, causing 5 squares knockback (The 2d10 damage affects anyone within the blast radius). When on arcane, it deals an additional 8d4 magic damage, and the bullets cannot miss.

Weak Enchantment;CL 15; Mechanically Enclined; Cost 65,000 GP, 25,000 XP; Weight: 15 lb.; Market Price: 110,000 GP

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