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Blood Blade: The blood blade can not be bought only created. Once one has heard about this blade he/she may concentrate for 1d10 rounds to create it. In order to create the blood blade you must take 1d20 permanent hp damage per blade created. These blades are One handed weapons jagged and curved along the edges and are a deep red color. The damage on these weapons is 1d10 for small creatures, 2d10 for medium creatures, 6d6 for large creatures, and 10d8 for Huge creatures. It has a crit range of 18-20x4. Once created the owner may never lose it they must only wish for it to be in their hands and it will be. These may be upgraded and enchanted like normal swords. When you strike an enemy with this sword it deals 1d10 damage and stores that amount within the blade, once per turn the player may activate its ability to heal equal to the amount of "Blood" stored in the sword.

Strong <Conjuration;CL 4; ; Cost hp; Weight: 10 lb.; Market Price: 0

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