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Hargrid's White Axe: Hargrid was a barbarian living deep in the Spine of the World mountains on the Junbe continent, his tribe lived on an icy plateau in the summer months and moved into a near by cave in the winter months, they were hunters mostly and lived off the shaggy mountain cows that migrated through the area and they stored their winter meats in the caves during the migration season. Hargrid was a master of the hunt and as strong as any in his tribe, he lived for the hunt and would often take men out in the winter months to hunt whatever they could find, which was always stronger game then the mountain cows. When the migration season began Hargrid was eager to battle as he had found little game in the winter months and so he went immediately to hunt even before the camp was fully moved to the plateau, he brought many of the strongest men with him and left the rest. That night Hargrid brought back more meat then the tribe had had all the previous winter and their cave stores were full however this wasn't the boon Hargrid thought it was, in these mountains lived the eldest living white dragon, the smell of the cooking and drying meat and the slaughter Hargrid brought attracted the attentions of the beast. After the meat was stored and sealed away the white wyrm crept into to caves and began gorging itself on the meats, she had planned to feast then wipe out the tribe when she thought she might be able to get another free meal, using her magics the wyrm made the cave deeper and sealed herself off in a cavern.

The next day Hargrid found the store emptied and immediately set off to find the culprit, he hunted for days out on the icy tundra finding nothing but the mountain cow herds and sparse wolf packs, nothing with the capability to eat the tribes entire store. Hargrid returned half a week later, his tribe had been hunting the mountain cows as Hargrid searched for the thief and when he returned his tribe was starving and near too weak to hunt. They told Hargrid how they would each day hunt many cows and hide the meats in the cave, each morning the cave was empty, they had searched the cave, placed guards at its entrance and day after day the same thing happened. Hargrid told them to no long put the meat in the cave, that they would store it in the village and Hargrid would protect the tent from the scavengers of the night. That day Hargrid and a few of the healthiest men went for a final hunt, the mountain cows were sparse as over hunting had taken its toll, they brought back as much meat as they could and stored it in the center of the village, Hargrid was beginning to feel weary and slept with the store.

That night the wyrm had no meal yet she could smell the fresh slaughter and became enraged. Dispelling her illusion she burst form the cave snapping up the remaining night watchmen. She could smell the meat in the village but she was too enraged to narrow in on the correct tent, so she circled the village swallowing whole tents. One by one a family was lost, over and over she would dart in from the darkness and rip the tent away and retreat, she was silent and merciless. Soon only Hargrid's tent remained, the wyrm at finally finding her meat let out a deep bellowing roar alerting Hargrid to the attack, he escaped the tent just as the wyrm snapped up the store. Hargrid looked around in shock, his village was gone, he knew immediately what had transpired and raised his axe screaming and running at the wyrm in a fit of rage, his first swing missed the beast and she took flight to avoid him, Hargrid over swung on his strike and near flipped himself but he turned the attack around using the inertia to fling his axe at the flying dragon, his blade swung through the air and in a single stroke decapitated the wyrm. When he retrieved his weapon he found it was stark white and felt easier to maneuver and wield.

Hargrid eventually left the Spine of the World and traveled south into Orz lands, from there the axe was lost, most likely in Aaqa.

Hargrid's White Axe is a +2 Throwing Greataxe of Bane: Dragons.

It originated from a character I played with, on his first session this event was meant to drive him out of the mountains however he rolled a series of natural 20's and slayed the dragon.

CL 8; Craft Magic Weapons, summon monster 1, magic stone, +2; Cost See text.; Weight: 12 lb.; Market Price: 16,640 gp

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