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Skull Sniper
Price: 22,000 gp
Body Slot: — (Held)
Caster Level: 12th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 17) transmutation & conjuration
Activation: See Text
Weight: 3 lb.

This black bolt-action rifle has the symbol of a skull and crossbones on the barrel as well has the holy symbol of the Sovereign Host (Eberron) on the moonstone encrusted handle. It glows a silvery light whenever undead approach.

The Skull Sniper functions as a +1 Undead Fiercebane (Damage per shot is 6d6 and bullet costs 5non-leathal damage to conjure)Bolt-Action Rifle. In addition, 1/day you can fire a holy burst shot that explodes and deals holy damage in a burst. Once the shot hits an Undead, it deals normal damage and then explodes dealing 2d6+3 Damage in a 15 ft Burst to all Undead (and only undead) within the area except the one that was shot; the shot explodes regardless of whether it hit or not.

Lore: Rykar, a good friend of Zyash that adventured with him, asked Zyash to create him a bolt-action rifle that could easily kill undead and could do a last ditch shot like his could. Zyash created the Skull Sniper which he gave to Rykar and the gun and Rykar became a legend as an Undead killer.

Note: To create a bolt-action rifle, you need Craft Wondrous Item. To enchant the rifle with weapon bonuses and such, you need Craft Magic Arms & Armor.

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