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Bane of the Deep: This +2 aquatic humanoid bane shortspear is the Griffonsmane family legacy. Its shaft is made of pale rattan, which has been smoothed and beautifully detailed. The weapon’s blade is rather large for a shortspear, and appears unwieldy though it is not. The edges of the blade curve in and out, like a wave, and its surface has been polished to a mirror-like sheen. The spear’s wielder is treated as unarmored when making swim checks and is immune to pressure damage from deep water. It also grants its bearer the abilities to breathe underwater and to communicate with any water-breathing race. These effects are constant and require no activation.

This spear was not always a weapon; rather, it was fashioned into one from remains of a suit of plate armor of the deep belonging to Brehnt Griffonsmane. Brehnt, who was a renowned ranger and friend of the merfolk, was slaughtered by sahuagin during a swim with his teenage son Gaehnt. Upon being attacked, the elder Griffonsmane instructed his son to get to the beach’s safety, promising to follow later. Ghaent waited all night for his father’s return, but with the sun came no sign of Brehnt. Enlisting the help of local fisherman, Gaehnt searched frantically for his father day after day. All he ever found was a large piece of the Brehnt’s armor.

Gaehnt grew up fast. He followed in his father’s footsteps and chose the ranger’s path, dedicating his life to hunting sahuagin and other evil, aquatic humanoids. He took the remains of his father’s armor to the famed artificer Auryn, who restored the armor’s original magic properties and added a +2 enhancement and the bane property to the resulting spear. The weapon served Gaehnt well during his long life, and eventually he nearly single-handedly wiped out all sahuagin in the region where his father died. He finally retired to a small coastal village, where he is buried. His spear remains in the family; an heirloom kept ready in case the sahuagin ever return.

CL 11; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, freedom of movement, water breathing, tongues, summon monster I; Cost 31,032 gp + 2,480 XP; Market Price: 62,302 gp

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