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Net of the Huntress: This +1 distance returning net is made of a finely woven silk made from a magical flying worm from the southern jungles. It is attached to a 50 ft. cord, and the net is so aerodynamic and light that it can be thrown up to that distance, suffering normal range penalties for every 10 ft. beyond the normal 10 ft. range of a net. Because of the returning property, the net automatically returns to the hand of its wielder and folds itself properly if it misses.

The net was wielded by a very protective druid or ranger of the jungles, who disliked foreigners entering her lands but lacked the will to kill them outright. She used her net to navigate through the trees, disable opponents (often with the aid of plant poisons), and leave them helpless for their friends to find them. The net can magically expand to capture up to Colossal size creatures, taking an attack penalty for every size class above Large (a -2 for Huge, -4 for Gargantuan, and -8 for Colossal).

The net also has the unusual property of being able to soften its wielder’s fall in the manner of a feather fall spell. The wielder must have the net in hand at the time of the fall, and can activate this ability as a free action. When activated, the net unfurls itself and acts like a gliding wing, causing the wielder to fall safely. If the net cannot unfurl to at least a 10 ft. square, it cannot slow the wielder’s fall.

Because it has a long cord, the net can also be used in lieu of a grappling hook by throwing it at an appropriate target (rock outcropping, parapet, and so on), which causes it to entangle the object and hold firm. The wielder (or anyone else) can then climb the attached cord.

Because a creature flying with wings cannot fly while entangled, the net (with its greater range) is often used to great effect against flying opponents. Such an entangled creature plummets to the ground on its turn if it cannot break free and suffers normal falling damage.

CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, feather fall, telekinesis; Cost 9,301 gp + 720 XP; Market Price: 18,301 gp

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