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Angevine: Angevine: This intelligent short sword was forged by a group of gnome metalworkers. It was so well crafted that the god of gnomes gave it cunning intelligence and a dark, crafty sense of humor.

The handle is dark red steel with twisted knotwork that seems to meld to the user’s hand. The hilt guard has thin tendrils on either side reaching the base of the hilt. The blade is thin and long for a short sword, made of a steel only slightly lighter red than the hilt and swirled with different shades of orange that reveal themselves only when the blade is turned into the light.

Originally crafted for the gnome hero Thaine Leah, Angevine was dedicated and single-minded in driving back a horde of northern goblins. As time wore on, Angevine’s ego began asserting itself. It started by making frequent false claims of danger. Leah would embarrass himself by springing up from bar stool or warm bed, certain that a horde of goblins were about.

Soon, Angevine’s pranks became more sophisticated. Leah grew increasingly frustrated at being duped, and after a particularly harrowing adventure in a dark elf catacomb (where Angevine pulled no fewer than four pranks at very inopportune times), Leah reluctantly gave the sword up. This rejection hit the sword hard, and it was much crueler to its second master. Since being abandoned again the sword has became remorseful. Left behind in the haunted ship Winsome Foam, Angevine has spent the last ten years reflecting. It has decided to treat its next master with the respect he or she deserves... and use only a few jokes to liven things up.

Angevine is a chaotic good +2 keen wounding short sword with Int 14, Wis 7, Cha 17, ego 20. It can speak Common and Gnome and communicates telepathically. Its abilities allow its wielder the free use of the feats Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, and to avoid sleep without debilitation. It has the extraordinary power to grant its wielder haste for 10 rounds once per day, and has the special purpose of slaying goblins. Angevine’s ego is massive, but usually playful. Its jokes are embarrassing, but usually not dangerous or inflicted during actual combat.

CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, keen edge, mords sword; Cost 55,310 gp + 4,400 XP; Weight: 2 lb.; Market Price: 110,310 gp

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