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Artificer's Airbow: Attack +1, Damage 3d6+3 (6d6+6 vs undead), Crit 20/x2, Range Increment 60ft, Ammo 3, Special- If within 60ft small targets are knocked over and medium targets have to stop moving (fort dc15 negates). Appearance: Looks like a triple barrelled pirate pistol with an extended grip (allows anyone proficient with light crossbow to use) and can be fired 1 handed. Made from mithril and darkwood for lightness it is engraved with the insignia of a rising phoenix on the hilt. You fit a 'bullet' into the back of each barrel, and simply rotate the barrels to bring the next bullet into position for shooting, thus the airbow can fire 3 shots before needing reloading (reloading takes a full round action). To buy the bullets it costs 1sp each (or simply save the casings after each shot and refill with three small pellets/stones)

Weak evocation;CL 5th; Craft Weapon Feat, Spells: Magic Stone, Gust of Wind; Cost 8,000gp 640xp; Weight: 4 lb.; Market Price: 16,000gp

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