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Garnigroth: The Garnigroth is a +2 Spellstoring Ghost-touched Mundane-Crystal Scythe

Among the Vampire clans, a powerful weapon above all others is still held supreme. An ancient scythe that was once held as their ancestors' greatest ally against the hordes of hunters and priests that came to abolish their kind: The Garnigroth.

An exotic scythe, forged of crystalline rock and imposing with it's dark legacy in appearance, Garnigroth is rumored to have been the very bane of angels, having been created by an abyssal god in order to aid his servants against the denizens of the Upper Planes during the wars fought between the two. Lost to the material plane, the mighty vampire clans took the weapon in, drawn by it's dark power as a source of comfort and dominion.

CL ; ; Market Price: 32,318 gp

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