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Magic Baseball Bat: A club that adds a +3 bonus to all attack and damage rolls, and grants the wielder the armed deflect feat benefit. Additionally, it allows you to hit a projectile, as an attack of opportunity with a -3 penalty, against anyone in an 180 degree spread from where it was thrown for 200 feet. This increases by 40 ft. if it misses its intended target. You can deflect any mobile, unattended, or inanimate object with a perceivable speed. Examples include: arrows, bullets, bolts, baseballs, fire ball beads, grenades, baseballs, or anything else that has a speed of mach 4 or less, but, it must be a solid or a thick fluid. It cannot be a liquid, a gas or pure energy.

strong abjuration;CL 10; craft magic arms and armor, Deflect Arrows or Armed Deflect Arrows, suggestion, shield; Cost 35,350 gp + 2,800 XP; Weight: 3 lb.; Market Price: 70700 gp

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