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Agamar's Returner: This +2 ghost touch holy longsword was forged for Agamar of Riverwall several centuries ago. Since then, it has been wielded by a line of paladins dedicated to the destruction of the undead. The name, “Returner,” was coined by Agamar to signal his intent that the blade be used to “return those who mock life to the grave from which they arose.”
The blade is crafted of an odd, stone-like substance, similar to alabaster but as hard as the finest steel. It is dimly translucent and has a very faint luminescence when exposed to any light. This light is not enough to see by, but enough to make the blade glimmer oddly in starlight or call attention to itself in a room lit only by a single candle. The hilt is made of ivory around a steel core, and is carved with various icons representing gods of life, justice, and light. There is no scabbard specifically associated with the blade, but any scabbard used regularly slowly fades in color, becoming in time the same translucent white hue as the blade. If the Returner is wielded by a paladin, the weapon also acts as an amulet of undead turning.
When placed on an altar dedicated to any god of life, the blade changes slightly. Bright lines of energy crackle along it, and the name of each free-willed undead it has slain can be seen, written in Common, along the surface of the blade. No matter how many names appear, more may be added. The existing writing shifts, shrinks, or moves to make room for any new name to appear.
Agamar’s Returner is well known by intelligent freewilled undead. Anyone seen wielding it is immediately judged an enemy by such creatures, and a competent one at that—blades of this power rarely remain with the weak or incompetent for long. The free-willed undead carefully studies anyone bearing the Returner prior to attack. “You shall be another name on the Returner” is a common threat or warning among the undead.

CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, Plane Shift, holy smite, caster must be good and a 10th level cleric; Cost 32,648 gp + 2,587 XP; Weight: 4 lb.; Market Price: 64,980 gp

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