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Shuriken of Arc lightning
Price: 18,900 gp
Body Slot: weapon
Caster Level: 12th
Aura: Strong; (DC 19) enchantment
Activation: Swift (verbal)
Weight: .25 lb. each

19,000 GP (for pair of 2)

These 2 pristine shuriken are inlaid with exquisite designs of gold and ivory lightning bolts on their surfaces. They function as normal adamantine +1 shuriken, except as follows...

3 times per day, a powerful lightning bolt can travel between the two shuriken. Upon saying a command word, lightning in the form of "Arc of Lightning" (3.5 spell compendium) jumps between the two shuriken. Anyone in the path of the lightning or possessing one of the two shuriken is subject to electrical damage. A creature successfully hit with one of the shuriken is stuck with the weapon lodged in its body and that creature gets no reflex save from the lightning. A dc 10 escape artist check is needed to dislodged a shuriken (at DM's discretion, some creatures may not be able to grasp it). The two shuriken can lodge into to any surface when thrown because of their adamantine material. They can even be stuck into other adamantine surfaces like armor. The spell does not function if the shuriken are more than 70 feet apart or if there is no line of site between them. They also do not form a bolt if the distance between them is shorter than 5 feet. The Arc of Lightning is that of a 8th lvl caster, but only does 3d6, 18dc reflex save, (ref 1/2), no spell resistance, conjuration magic.

Upon being thrown, these shuriken are not damaged as normal ammunition and retain all of their magical and material qualities. It can be found with a search check based on the current environment.

If 3 or more of these magical shuriken ever come within 10 feet of each other they all go off with a bright flash of sparks (dealing no damage) and lose all magical qualities, essentially they are destroyed. But they remain +1 adamantine shuriken.

If a player holds any of these shuriken in a lightning storm without shelter they are in grave danger. All natural (non magical) bolts of lightning within a 1/2 mile radius have a 10% chance of connecting with a shuriken of arc lightning. Reflex saves are not applicable to dodge the natural bolt while holding the lightning shuriken. Any type of indoor enclosure (house, cave, etc) prevents natural lightning from connecting with the lightning shuriken.

prerequisites to create: CL 10, craft wondrous item, chain lightning spell known. 8,000 GP base price for enchantment, + 3,000 GP for adamantine weapon.

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