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Flicker Dagger: Named for one of the common magic tricks that these daggers can be used to perform, these light knives were designed for more than just parlour tricks. Double edged and balanced for throwing, these knives can be an impressive weapon in the hands of an expert knife fighter with a little bit of magical talent. Whenever an arcane spellcaster has the prestidigitation spell active they can channel effects through the knife in a variety of ways. Activating an effect is a move equivalent action and effects last until dismissed or the prestidigitation spell ends.

Spellcaster Level 1+
  • Perfect Balance: The dagger gains +1 to hit when used to make a ranged attack. This effect stacks with any magical bonuses the flicker dagger may have, i.e. a +2 flicker dagger with this effect active is +3 to hit for ranged attacks.
  • Summon/Dismiss: The dagger can be teleported to any location within 10 feet of the mage, including safely into the mages hand.
  • Glow: Causes the dagger to shine with a light in the mages choice of color that illuminates up to a 30' radius (caster's choice)
  • Elemental infusion: The mage can infuse the blade with a power of his choice (Fire, Cold, Electric, Acid, Sonic, Force) this causes the blade to do an additional 1d4 points of damage of the chosen type.
Spellcaster Level 3+
  • Duplicate: When the mage makes a ranged attack, the original dagger stays in their hand and a duplicate instead flies out to strike the target and then dissolves away.
Spellcaster Level 5+
  • Double: The caster can cause two effects to affect the flicker dagger simultaneously (i.e. Perfect Balance and Elemental Infusion). Activating each effect is a separate move action. These effects can occur in defiance of logic, i.e. a dagger that inflicts both fire and cold damage at once.

Weak Universal;CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, prestidigitation; Cost 1,151 and 47 XP; Market Price: 2,302 GP

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