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The End of All Goodness: Syr Paley Moore, a paladin of the god of law, quickly rose to a prominent position in the church hierarchy. Handsome, he virtually shone with brightness and goodness, and he was the soul of courtesy, diplomacy, and honor. Everyone respected him and knew that if he gave his word, the deed was all but done. He gave his heart to a ranger named Yorthor, and the two were inseparable.

When his realm went to war, the church leaders appointed Syr Paley as a battlefield general. In the final battle of the campaign, he and Yorthor fought side by side. The day was one of victory. The forces of the realm broke those of the enemy. The enemy surrendered, and the two countries signed a peace treaty. But many on both sides died that day on the field, Yorthor among them. As the clerics were busy tending to the living, weeks passed before they could attempt to resurrect the paladin’s love. Despite their attempts, her soul did not return to her body.

Devastated by the loss of his love, Syr Paley withdrew in mourning. Unable to accept that Yorthor may simply have not wanted to return from the peace of the dead, Syr Paley attributed her failed resurrection to the church’s delay in attempting to raise his beloved. He focused all his grief and anger on the church he had served, for he felt it was the church’s fault she had died and would not return. He wanted recompense for his loss, but the peace treaty that the realm had signed left him no lawful options. He turned from the deity of law to the deity of revenge. He became a vengeful blackguard.

He now lives with two goals: execute every living member of the platoon that slew Yorthor, and kill every paladin in service to the god of law. To these ends, he commissioned the construction of a special heavy mace. He named this +1 chaotic returning throwing unholy heavy mace The End of All Goodness. His aim is to efficiently kill those he has set as his targets. He feels no need to alert a target, to soliloquize, or to even let his victim see him attack. He often throws the weapon once and then leaves the victim to die.

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be chaotic evil, magic stone, chaos hammer, unholy blight, telekinesis; Market Price: 98,312 gp; Cost to Create: 49,312 gp + 3,920 XP.

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