Shortsword of Soul Stealing (3.5e Equipment)

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15,000 GP

This short sword has faces of ghosts and souls all across it surfaces. Its bladed edges are dreadfully serrated, and incredibly powerful. This short sword can be very dangerous in the hands of a skilled rogue, but at great risk. It functions as a +1 masterwork short sword except as follows...

You are able to steal a small part of your opponents soul and add it to your own. Each time the sword successfully deals sneak attack damage the wielder can choose to ignore 1d6 of sneak damage and steal one of the following bonuses (bellow) from his opponent. The stolen bonuses last for 1 minute per rogue level. Multiple stolen bonuses can be stolen from the same opponent and from the same attack. If the weapon deals no sneak damage then no bonuses are received from the weapon. A rogue can have any number of stolen bonuses at once. It is important to keep track of how many bonuses you currently have though.

Speed Sap Gain a 10ft movement bonus and opponent loses 5 ft of movement. No opponent can ever be reduced to a speed lower than 15. You can continue to gain the speed bonus even if your opponent is already reduced to 15 ft movement.

Health Vortex Add a +2 points to your constitution score and subtract -1 from your opponent's.

Reflex Consume Gain a +2 bonus to your dexterity score and your opponent is penalized with a -1 to his dexterity score.

Strength Vacuum Gain a +2 bonus to your strength and your opponent loses -1 to his strength.

Magic Empty Remove a spell at random from the opponent's daily spells or spell like abilities, starting at their lowest level and working your way up. You receive temporary immunity from that spell as well.

Debilitate Attack Gain a +1 to your attack base attack bonus and remove -1 from your opponents.

Defensive Fatigue Gain +1 deflection bonus to your AC and remove -1 from your opponent's AC.

If an opponent deals you any damage from whom you have stolen a bonus from, you are dealt extra damage and lose all your current stolen bonuses. This damage is dealt to you from your very own vengeful sword (no saves, no attack rolls apply). The extra damage is equal to 1d6 for each bonus that you had, and it is applied after the stolen bonuses are taken away. For example, if you had 3 stolen bonuses one of which boosted your con, you receive an extra 3d6 damage after your HP score returns to normal. All opponents regain any bonuses that you stole and their stats return to normal, if they're still living. If an opponent deals you damage from whom you have no stolen bonuses from, you receive no ill effects from the sword.

Prerequisites: CL 12. Craft Wondrous Item. Vampiric Touch. 300XP. 10,000 GP in raw materials.

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