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Biorel's Frost Dart: This +1 distance, icy burst, returning dart appears upon first inspection to be an ornament of some sort. The shaft is fashioned from purest silver, with a tip carved from a perfectly clear white sapphire. Ancient runes of ice, snow, sleet and frost are engraved all along its length, as well as on the razor-sharp blade. The weapon is cold to the touch, in even the hottest climates.

Biorel, who crafted the Frost Dart and thereby made his name immortal, worshipped a winter god. From the frigid bite of his frosty appearance to the blasting cold of his battle magics, Biorel sought in all ways to make the world a colder place. The Frost Dart is actually one of his minor weapons, in his words, “forged from the cold as a permanent icicle to thrust into the summer of the world.” Like others of his make, it has found its way into many hands, and left the gray mark of its bite in each. Biorel was of course the first owner, using the Frost Dart in unexpected weapon attacks in his arcane duels. More than fifty years after his demise, the Frost Dart was discovered in the hoard of Fridgwher the White Wyrm and used to great effect against the efreeti holding hostage the town of Corlingen. Soon after, an avalanche of ice mephits swarmed down out of the freezing north to snatch up the prized dart and take it back to their frosty lairs. The elemental creatures were intercepted by the elite military forces of Baron Narkspur, who coveted the perfect sapphire that formed the weapon’s tip as a gift for his new wife. Within a month, however, the Baron lay dead, slain in his sleep by a deep puncture wound. His wife disappeared, along with her new trinket and a few other ancestral Narkspur treasures. The Frost Dart remains missing to this day.

CL 10; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, clairaudience/clairvoyance, chill metal/ice storm, telekinesis; Cost 25,301 gp + 2,000 XP; Market Price: 50,301 gp

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