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Wand/Dojre Rifle: What is a WD Rifle?. A WD Rifle is a rifle that uses Wands/Dojres and casts spells/powers from them as a standard action. It also takes a standard action to reload the rifle. The upside of this rifle is that you don't loose any charges from the wand(s)/dojre(s) when casting/manifesting the spells/powers. The WD Rifle Has limitations to what it can manifest/cast but these limitations can be reduced as you upgrade the WD Rifle. The WD Rifle is designed to be customizable basically giving each of them their own separate personalities which reflects their owners (the rifle is a concept and visual/verbal fluff can easily be applied).

Before going on you may want to look at the template before reading the more in-depth rules. File:Wand Rifle3.pdf

So why use the WD Rifle when I can just use a wand/Enchant my weapon with the spell outright? The WD Rifle allows for enhancements to be applied and instead of buying these spells/powers outright you make smaller investments(wand/dojre)and you can plug it in as if you invested more than what you really have. It's also a useful Mid to late game item that your party caster/psion would use if they don't want to expend their spells/skills per day as often. Later on you can upgrade the rifle to allow the attack rates to be significantly more frequent like any other player could with their weapons.

Using the WD Rifle. The WD Rifle has compartments (depends on version) for the wands/dojre so it's a standard action to load/unload/replace a wand/dojre in these compartments. It then takes a standard action to use the gun to copy the spell from the wand in preparation of casting it. After the power is copied it's a standard action to activate the power/spell and back to step 2 [another standard action to copy the spell/power]. This is done by the Blank Casting gem which is covered in the next paragraph.

The Wand/Dojre Rifle (WD Rifle for short) Is created using numerous interchangeable parts. Main component is the Blank Casting Gem. The Blank casting gem is made to copy a spell/power from a source and cast/manifest it, The source has to be a fully charged Wand/Dojre. The gem is created with 2 properties. Caster/Manifester Level [CML] and Power/Spell Level [PSL]. These properties determine what the maximum [CML] and [PSL] a power/spell can be copied from a source. If the source has a property superior to the gem, it can't copy it until it's upgraded. The gem's pricing is [CML]*[PSL]*2,000gp, upgrading the gem you pay the difference so for example a [CML=1]*[PSL=0.5]*2,000gp = 1,000gp and if you want to upgrade it to [CML=2]*[PSL=2]then the price is 8,000gp. Paying the difference means the upgrade cost is 7,000gp. If the upgrade is crafted by hand using craft magic/universal arms and armour the upgrade price is half for materials only. Take note it's upto DM wether a WD Rifle may posses both psion and magic abilities, usually can only have 1 or the other.

Second part of the WD Rifle is the Wand/Dojre Compartments. Each Compartment is 600gp each and a maximum of 3 compartments are allowed to be installed into the Rifle at once. Each compartment adds 2 pounds to the rifle. These compartments are in the stock of the rifle and it takes a standard action to switch wands/dojres in the compartments around.

Third part, Enhancements. Enhancements on the WD Rifle directly affect the rays that are shot so Enhancement Distance would double the distance. Few exceptions to enhancements apply so see below.

Fourth part, Physical Modifications. Physical modifications are modifications that occur by implementing Meta[magic/psion] rods and feats to the rifle. For example of Metamagic, a Silencer emulates Silent spell but instead of silencing the wielder it silence the weapon making the ray(s) fired inaudible. The Silencer is double the price of silent rod but has infinite uses per day, This means it has to be upgraded from Lesser -> Normal -> Greater if you want it to apply to more powerful rays. Example of Feats, Proficient is one that allows the wielder to be automatically proficient with the weapon. Attached will be a template sheet of the rifle to cover the Physical Modifications.

Exceptions for enhancements and Meta[Magic/Psionic] Feats are where they would stack. For example enlarge [Spell/Power] Would stack with Distance Enhancement. The Meta[Magic/Psionic] modification can't be applied but the enhancement can be taken twice increasing the enhancement pricing rate. Another wild exception for Distance is there's a Far Shot feat which makes the Range Attack Distance unlimited. This is the third and last enhancement for the Distance Enhancement totalling at +3. Restriction for Distance 3 means that the wielder needs to be epic level.

Feat General cost is 10k +5k per pre-requisite + another 10k if epic. The General cost is a guide and it's upto DM's decision to decline or adjust pricing.

The final pricing of the WD Rifle is an additional 300gp for masterwork rifle body. (Adjustments can be made e.g. mithril to half the weight, adjustments also only apply to the physical part that has been adjusted so a mithril body does not half the weight of a masterwork scope with Greater Weapon Focus).

Physical Parts that replaces inferior parts e.g. [Epic Weapon Focus] is 1lb heavier than it's inferior counter part so Epic WF would be 4lb, Greater WF would be 3lb and Weapon Focus would be 2lb. You don't need to apply the weights as you're essentially upgrading WF -> GWF -> EWF in steps cumulating the costs.

WD Rifle Template:File:Wand Rifle3.pdf

varies none;CL 1; Bab +1; Cost varies; Weight: 5 lb.; Market Price: varies

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