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5th-Level Spells Summary
10cc of Time Stop Stop time and take a half-turn as a reaction to anything.
8 Sauce Supreme By Speaking “8 Sauce Supreme!” And ringing the bell once, a single sauce will appear in an unoccupied space within 5 feet of you. It may not immediately obvious where it is.
Accelerate Self Uttering the Astral words for time and accelerate, you feel yourself speed up, to you the world seems to be moving at a snail's pace.
Acid Rain Create a magical cloud of acid rain to cause damage over large amounts of area
Aetheric Aura Infuse the air around you with quintessential energy, boosting the strength of your allies.
Anchor Howl A shout that draws in and damages enemies.
Ancient Dragon's Lightning Spear A more volatile version of the traditional lightning spear, for the more experienced members of the Dragon Cult in the Lands Between.
Animal Mind Switch You touch a creature you can see to alter their mind.
Arcane Fusion You weave two spells together in your mind and release them in a single burst of magic.
Army of the Dead
Aspect Of the Fallen One You call upon the power of a fallen angel to bolster yourself and attack your enemies.
Astral Entity You close your eyes and focus on the Astral Energy around you as your form slowly starts to dissipate in blue flashes until you completely leave the material plane.
Astral Release Harness the planar disruption caused by the severing of a soul for a last-ditch effort to destroy your enemies.
Astromancy By studying the patterns of the stars, you are granted cosmic insight and gain knowledge of the locale and its people.
Atlantean Weapon You imbue a weapon you touch with the elemental power of the deep blue sea.
Aura Pulse You create an explosive energy sphere with your soul.
Awaken Self Awaken yourself from loss of intelligence, volition, or consciousness, or resume sleep.
Awaken Warforged This spell works similarly to awaken, except that the target is a Warforged.
Bakudo26 Bakudō # 26:Kyokkō (曲光, Bent Light) is a Kidō spell.
Bakudo58 Bakudō # 58: Kakushitsuijaku (摑趾追雀, Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows) is a Kidō spell.
Bakudo62 Bakudō # 62: Hyapporankan (百歩欄干, Hundred Steps Fence) is a Kidō spell.
Baleful Polymorph Transform an enemy into a harmless animal
Ballistakinesis You gain the ability to manipulate the trajectory and force of physical projectiles by thought.
Bhahoozun's Maddening Gale Use the power of wind to make your opponents go insane
Blasting Beam A thin, blindingly bright sliver of light instantly streaks from your fingertips to any creature or surface, exploding at the point of contact.
Blinding Flash A creature within range is subjected to a blinding flash before its eyes.
Blood Rain Rains blood in an area that inflicts necrotic damage, but rejuvenates undead
Bone Telling Throw bones and see what you get!
Bound Dead Bind an undead servant to an object to be summoned at a later date.
Call of Crusaders Raise your weapon high as you call forth spectral Paladins from your deity.
Camel's Drink You fill an open container within range with up to 5 gallons of magically cool and refreshing drinking water.
Carrion Beetles Conjure beetles to eat away at your opponents
Cerg's Icy Gambit Creates an incredibly tough icy barrier around you, which is dangerous to everyone, including you.
Chaos Storm You pound an area with blasts of chaotic energy.
Chastise You unleash the power of your convictions to smite your enemies, based on your alignment, and theirs.
Chromatic Explosion You gesture to a point you can see within range, and an explosion of energy that erupts from that point.
Chronos Field Create a sphere of distorted time that affects creatures in different ways.
Circle of Magic Resistance You create a 15-foot radius sphere of protective energy, centered on you, shielding yourself and nonhostile creatures in this area from the effects of harmful spells.
Compel Suicide You compel a creature to kill itself.
Conjure Dream Creature You call forth a servant being from The Dream.
Conjure Ordinance Create an artillery piece, which rains hell upon your enemies.
Conjure Skeletons You call forth a group of skeletons.
Conjurer Joke
Control Person You control the mind of a humanoid, which can only resist with the force of its personality.
Control Plants You attempt to beguile a plant creature that you can see within range.
Create Ghost
Create Guardian Using your own essence you create a loyal guardian and companion that will serve you for life... or longer...
Create Horror Knight Summon an undead knight to bring terror to your enemies.
Create Minor Helm You touch a Chair or similar object, creating temporary minor helm.
Create Portal Creates a portal in a crystal shell for a ship to pass through.
Curtain of Shadow Antimagic Field for divination
Dalamars Arm of Fire Deamon The caster touches a creatures arm and it becomes wreathed in flame and is the likeness of a fire demon.
Dark Air or Water You reach into the Plane of Shadows, manipulating the environment there to enact change in the Material plane.
Dark Transformation You infuse and undead creature within range with power, transforming it into an unstoppable monstrosity
Darkbolt With a quick invocation you call forth a nimbus of jet-black night around your hands, from which you shoot black bolts of power that trail wisps of terrible darkness.
Decrepit Hands Cripple one of your hands to cripple the hand of your target.
Deep Forest Emergence Summon vines to attack enemies and enhance them with plant growth
Deep Identification identify the characteristics of a creature.
Defibrillate You bring the newly dead back to life
Dellmudes Hammer You create a massive hammer of glowing red force in an unoccupied space you can see within range.
Delta Divide Two copies of yourself are created to fight for you
Diluvian Wave You strike the ground, causing flood waters of old to surge from the ground and sweep away your enemies.
Din's Fire You thrust your palm into the ground, and from that point a sphere of magical flame arises and rapidly expands outward.
Direct Strike You gain insight into the target's defenses, making it easier to land critical hits.
Disintegrating Smite The next time you hit a target with a weapon attack before this spell ends, your weapon crackles with force.
Disrupting Weapon Make a melee weapon deadly to undead, destroying them utterly if struck in combat with this weapon.
Doppelganger Create a phantom clone of yourself, capable of mirroring you movements to deadly effectiveness.
Dragon Meteor You leap into the air and then fire a modified version of the master spark downward, sacrificing range for width and firepower.
Dragon Rage For the duration of the spell, your melee prowess grows exponentially.
Dragon Rage, Variant For the duration of the spell, your melee prowess grows exponentially.
Dragon Rage, Variant 2
Drain Make a melee spell attack against one creature.
Drive the Battlefield Crazy Calling on your divinity you drive targets around the battlefield crazy and they become your slaves.
Durnash's Flames The creature that took damage is wracked with flames of intensity proportional to its pain.
Earthen Prison You conjure a grasping vine from the earth that snatches your target and drags the creature beneath the earth.
Echo Spell You call upon the echo of a spell just cast.
Eldritch Strike Powerful strike of pure cosmic energy.
Elemental Maelstrom Unleash an elemental blast, dealing moderate damage in four different types.
Energy Immunity Give a willing creature immunity to one type of elemental damage
Enervation, Variant You fire a ray of necrotic energy at a creature within range and attempt to drain its life away.
Enigma's Paper Seal A spell designed to use the fears of a target to aid in sealing them away in paper.
Enlighten Undead A spell that brings the soul back to an undead creature.
Enraged Enhancement Your form balloons, as does your rage.
Essence of Lifespark
Eternal-Force Blizzard You unleash magic emulating eternal cold, solidifying the very air itself momentarily, threatening to deep-freeze even the souls of creatures caught within.
Exploding Spaghetti Meteor You summon a giant flaming bowl of spaghetti from the heavens, which explodes into a burst of radiance when it strikes the ground.
Explosive Arrow
Eye of the Euryale Invoke the power of a Gorgan sister through a heart-piercing strike.
Fallen Meteor A bright streak of light appears in the sky: a meteorite heated to incandescence in the atmosphere, which you direct to a point within range.
Far Jaunt Teleport a very large distance.
Feign Life Shadow infuses objects which come to life under your command
Field of Vineyards A field of vines emerge around you, striking nearby targets.
Fiery Dance Cloak yourself in flames and shoot three puddles of flames that damage creatures and leave damaging difficult terrain behind.
Final Move Fall unconscious to protect allies, or to destroy enemies.
Find Omega Conjure the spirit of a great beast to accompany you along your journeys.
Firaga IV
Fire Enchantment You infuse a nonmagical weapon with elemental fire.
Fire Flow A stroke of flowing fire forming a line 100 feet long and 15 feet wide blasts out from you in a direction you choose.
Fire Volley For the duration of the spell, you can repeatedly shoot bolts of fire.
Fires of Entanglement An entangle spell that burns.
Firestaff You transmute a normal wooden staff into a shaft of fire.
Five Sided Shelter 'By completing The Trial of the Green Lion from the Five Faced King, you are granted a space to seek refuge from the elements and rest peacefully'
Fleeing Spirits
Flesh Clone Using a sample of blood, you create a temporary clone of a dead or unconscious creature.
Flesh Mending You help mend organic flesh that is or has been damaged.
Flesh to Jelly You attempt to turn one creature that you can see within range into jelly.
Force Wave
Forced Movement You meld your hand to the forces of space, forcefully moving your opponent
Forceful Smite The next time you hit a creature with a weapon attack before this spell ends, your weapon crackles with force, and the attack deals an extra 5d10 force damage to the target.
Frozen Defenses You become a statue of ice for a few seconds, nullifying oncoming attacks and chilling nearby creatures to the core.
Gaseous Death Childish, but very effective.
Ghoul Touch You touch a living creature to imbue a minor magical strain of undeath, paralyzing it.
Giant Size You cause a willing creature within range to grow to a much larger size.
Glass Canon boom boom lore cannon
Gliding Light
Glitterdust Choose a point within range. A cloud of golden particles covers everyone and everything within a 10-foot radius of that point, blinding creatures.
Glomi's Quick Friends You create partly visible clones of yourself to fight for you.
Gloom Walk Wreathed in your own shadow, your quiet movements allows you to move with haste through darkness.
Glyph of Oath-binding You inscribe a glyph on one or more willing person to enforce an oath or contract.
God Hammer You make a swift motion with your index and middle fingers, creating a hammer of lightning which falls on a creature or object within range.
Goldweaver's Ray You charge for a few seconds, and release a massive swarm of force bolts.
Grater Restoration You restore an ailment of a grater.
Gravitational Anomaly You distort spacetime in a 5-foot cubed unoccupied space.
Great Chaos Fireball Hurl a clump of searing, flaming lava at a foe.
Greater Darkness Magical darkness spreads to fill a vast area.
Greater Gentle Repose A spell which not only stops decay but reverses it.
Greater Moment Creates a picture in a view style of your choice.
Greater Polymorph
Gruff's Radical Rebirth Don't die when you are killed.
Grum's Lesser Mojo Transfer This lesser version of a higher level spell transfers a soul from a character to an object.
Hado 90 You summon a large black box made of spiritual pressure, and hurt anything that was caught inside of it
Hallowed Ground You create an aura of negative energy, which stifles most spells.
Hallowed Rain Rains holy water in an area inflicting radiant damage to undead and healing allies.
Healer of Multitudes You overflow with positive energy, able to restore those you touch to perfect health.
Healing Fire Transmute magic fire into healing
Heaven's Door A spell that allows one to look at the honest life experiences and truths a person knows.
Hell Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack during this spell's duraion, you literally send it to hell.
Hellfire Wisps of gel-like flame encompass your arm and coalesce in your hand, quickly arching along a curved path towards a creature you can see within range.
Hellfire Sphere
Helotry Channel magical energies through an ally, allowing them to cast spells using it
Hermit's Sanctum You create a doorway to a magical sanctum of your creation, taking shelter and gaining respite from the world outside.
Hindering Light A beam of light shines from the heavens, protecting you from the effect of a non-damaging spell.
Ice Beam You cast a chilling blue-white light in a line 60 feet long and 5 feet wide.
Imbue Harmlessness
Imbuing Ritual A ritual, that imbues your body with certain properties of the creature that you sacrifice.
Improved Magic Missile An improved version of the Magic Missile spell.
Infernal Law You invoke the Pact Primeval, the oldest rules governing the cosmos, and the bonds of infernal law descend upon whomever your gaze lands upon.
Inflict Exhaustion A port of 3.5's ray of exhaustion with a different name
Iron Flesh This spell turns your flesh to an iron-like substance for protection.
Iron Maiden You conjure an iron maiden, dealing heavy piercing damage to one target.
Judgment You cause a ray of magical light to strike a creature within range, leaving it extremely vulnerable to magic.
Kerrhylon’s Magic Missile An improved version of the Magic Missile spell, created by Kerrhylon Sora-Ghesh, an Archmage of Evocation.
Kinetic Redistribution Create a magical barrier which absorbs the impacts of damage, and can transform into a weapon.
Languor You manipulate the weight of your opponents shadow, pinning them down
Lanky's Long Arm You conjure a spectral being which envelops your body, granting you otherwordly punch range.
Last Stand Through positive necromantic energies, you give the soul of a specific creature a last stand in battle.
Lightning Rain When using his powers an insane lightning storm begins to fall from the sky and hit several targets causing lightning and thunder damage
Lightning Rush Like a bolt of lightning, you rush in and impose yourself between an attack and its target.
Lolth's Bloodline You transform your body, gaining powerful spider-like abilities and features, depending on level this spell was cast at.
Lucent Singularity Summon a spinning anomaly of twisted light that detonates.
Magic (Mobius)
Magic Missile Barrage A more potent form of Magic Missile aimed at targeting multiple targets at once.
Magic Missile Storm You summon a devastating swarm of magic missiles in a designated area
Mark of Syrix You place the mark of the dragon Syrix on your foes, searing their flesh.
Marvin's Gutterball Conjure a massive ball of explosives, which smashes through cover with ease.
Mass Arcane Cure With the power of the arcane arts of a Magister you can heal more than 1 creature at a time
Mass Dodgeball You give a whole bunch of creatures the power to dodge balls.
Mass Inflict Wounds A wave of negative energy washes out from a point you choose within range.
Mass Transcription Copy the contents of a book to another book, or more.
Massive Magic Missile The most powerful form of magic missiles that has damage of multiple types (force, thunder, cold, Lightning, fire, radiant, necrotic, poison or acid)
Master of the Four Winds
Mind Fog You fill a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on a point within range with a thin, otherworldly fog bank that weakens the mental resistance of those caught in it.
Monolith You create a stone pillar and imbue it with restorative nature magic.
Moonblast You conjure a pillar of moonlight to strike your foes with lunar power.
Mourning Mist You evoke a cloud of gray mist, which horrifically transforms any creature it comes in contact with.
Mùspelflame You summon a comet from the heavens, which explodes into a burst of radiance when it strikes the ground.
Nathaniel's Undead Army Project your soul and drain your blood to raise your personal army of undeath.
Necromancer's Flames Only necromancers can know how to use this spell.
Necromancer's Mask
Nexus Weapon You imbue a weapon you touch with psychic power.
Noro's Siphon Scythe Draw forth the power of The Dark Arts and create a spectral Image of yourself that leeches life.
O'Bannon's Siege Missiles You fire a barrage of oversized magic missiles capable of battering down castle walls.
One with Nature Turns yourself into a tree to absorb nutrients from the planet and heal.
Pass into Shadow You step deeply into the shadows, emerging in another realm
Perfect Cube Conjure an invincible cube.
Permanency, Variant A spell cast with another spell causing to become permanent.
Petty Wish Cast a petty wish to fill some small desire of yours
Phase, Variant
Phoenix Dash Take to the skies in a burst of flames!
Plumbophoresis You magick a 5 foot cube of lead into existence.
Positive/Negative Energy Zone A spell that interferes with the natural course of positive and negative energy. It could have been created by a Lich or a powerful demon, or even a cleric. Regardless of who created it, its usefulness for both healing and wounding.
Power Word Recharge Oh, the only way to regain expended charges is by waiting it out, you say?
Prismatic Bow A magical Longbow appears in your hands.
Prying Eyes
Quintessa's Dweomerdrain With but a touch you drain a pool of energy from a magic item and retain it for the purpose of casting spells that have a consumable material component cost.
Radiant Chains Using a divine power, you bind an otherworldly being with glowing chains of light, which burn into the creature's body.
Rain of Fiery Blades Massacre your enemies with a storm of swords that are on fire!
Random Spell Cast a random spell from your class spell list
Random Walk Haphazardly teleport a creature away.
Rapture, Variant
Realistic Defibrillate You try using a televised method of reviving someone to much less effect than is expected.
Realistic Explosion A surprisingly realistic explosion.
Redemption Restores an undead creature to life.
Reincarnate Skeleton Provided that the creature which had the skeleton has been dead no longer than 2 weeks, the spell forms a new adult body for it and then calls the soul to enter that body.
Remorseless Winter Release an icy storm around you.
Remote Casting Cast a 'Self', 'Touch', or 'Variant touch' range spell on a target anywhere in the world for which you have constructed a Doll Avatar.
Repair/Raze Manipulate the age of a certain area, either turning back time or advancing it to dust.
Resonant Shockwave Fire an ultrasonic projectile that creates a deadly explosion of sound.
Reverse Morality Flips the target's alignment.
Riddle You call upon an extraplanar entity, an alien intellect or devious fiend, becoming a conduit for its power as you speak out a complex riddle.
Riddle’s Ridiculous Routine
Righteous Might
Righteous Storm Three pillars of fire erupt on a place of your choosing.
Road Roller summon the almighty road roller to flatten your enemies
Sand Tornado A great tornado of sand causes chaos and devastation at your whim.
Sanguine Mantle A deathly air of sanguine mist protects your ward.
Seamless Space Connect two nearby points in space seamlessly.
Sehanine's Blessing Illuminated by the moon's rays, you create a cold environment where your allies receive a high level healing
Self-Sufficient Dead Create several somewhat intelligent undead, who do not require command.
Shadow Walk
Shape Flesh Permanently change a creature's physical appearance
Shock Coil Emit a powerful field of electricity surrounding you.
Siphoning Conduit Turn yourself or another into a conduit, draining the life from all nearby enemies.
Six Paths, Five Rings: Kurikara Divine Blade Create a divine manifestation of Nioh Kulika.
Slogo's Shotgun You conjure a large shotgun made of pure force energy to blast your opponents.
Smile of the Stheno Invoke the power of a Gorgan sister through a disarming smile.
Sorrel's Magic Lance Sorrel Glintwing thought why stop at darts? Lances are bigger RIP Winkin Redberries.
Sorrel's Superior Magic Missile Sorrel Glintwing's Even Stronger Magic Missile
Sorrel's Warding Missile Sorrel Glintwing's Modified missile spell that grants greater protection against attacks.
Soul Field makes an aura of souls rise from the ground around the user
Soul Tap You tap a creature's soul, causing physical and mental disorientation.
Sphere of Simulated Antimagic Within this sphere you create, the effects of anti-magic are simulated through magic.
Spike Storm You fire hundreds of needles, daggers and other small blades from your hand, ripping at everything in their way.
Spirit Rush The caster emits an ephemeral aura allowing high-speed dashes.
Stamp The study of negative energy has allowed you to understand how to share it's affects with others
Stardown Part the sky itself!
Stone Drill This spell allows you to bore through natural rock.
Strands of Life You create a thread of positive energy connecting three creatures of your choice that you can see within range, none of which can be more than 30 feet from the first creature.
Stun Monster A creature in range must succeed on a Strength saving throw to break through, or be paralyzed for the duration.
Suffocation Suck the air and the life out of your foe
Summon Hutijin Summon the mighty archdevil Hutijin. He does not take nicely to being interrupted by mortals.
Summon Plant Call forth an ally of flora to assist you.
Summon Wight Summon one Wight, which can, in turn, control ghouls.
Sunbeam, Variant Raising your arms, the sun lights concentrate at your hands and pointing to a enemy you can throw a ray and cause a lot of radiant damage, as a sequence of this, you heal all allies in a 15 ft.
Sunlight Spear One of the ancient original miracles, that launches a spear of sunlight.
Super Duplex Barrier Create a barrier to damage and repel enemies.
Superspeed Spheres Finally go fast!
Swift Blade Bane A slashing force that powers your blade, infusing it with magical power.
Swirling Storm
Tabrīs’ Holy Fire Blast an opponent with the power of good and flames
Teuful's Fireball An all-or-nothing fireball.
Thaumic Irridiation Blast a line of magical radiation that disintegrates its unfortunate victims.
Time Control You gain control of the passage of time of the environment in an area around you.
Time Trap
Traitorous Blood "I can make you dance like a puppet, your very blood eager to obey."
Transform the Landscape
Traumatic Teleport You teleport a creature within range into a solid object.
True Dispell
Undead Artisans You create an undead only capable of craftsmanship
Unmoored Ego
Unnerve Turn your fighter into an unfeeling juggernaut of pain. With minor side effects.
Unravel Dweomer You drain harmful magical energy away from a target
Vampiric Cloak You cloak yourself in energy that saps the life of those around you and bolsters your health.
Vanishing Trick You cause one creature to vanish, as if they were disintegrated.
Vankodek's Black Widow Sprout several spider-esc limbs, which greatly enhance your combat capabilities.
War Song You breathe in, and begin a chant which can make any man a willing fighter.
Warrior's Armor
Water Volley For the duration of the spell, you can repeatedly shoot bolts of water.
Wave of Obliteration
Wild Fire Surge You take a ruby in your hand, and hold it between your hand as if you were praying. Your hand starts emitting red light and sparks appears around you. Your eyes turn into a pool of red.
Witchfire You conjure a mysterious screaming purple flame which burns the body and soul.
Withering/Burning A terrible curse that inflicts mortal dependence on light or mortal aversion to light.
Wizzro's Blast
Xenae's Bubble Prison You trap a Huge or smaller creature within range in a suffocating mass of water.
Zealousy Willing creature permanently becomes obsessed with your best interests and cannot defy you.
Zeno's Grim Reaping Invoke the visage of death itself to reap your foes.
Zero One cannot achieve true power and protect their own life
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