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Feat Prerequisites Benefit
3.5e General Feats

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A Monk's Power This feat grants you good unarmed damage progression for your fists.

A Step Ahead The Adventurer is a little bit faster than everyone else.

Aberrant Binding Allows a Binder to bind Aberrations.

SRD:Ability Focus

Ability Surge Your training in an ability unlocks surges of power

Absolute Brilliance Improves your Cunning Brilliance to even higher levels.

Abyssal Supernatural Linguist (3.5e Feat) Grants the ability to speak with and understand demons.

Accelerated Balancing You are adept at moving quickly while balancing.

Accelerated Climbing You are adept at moving quickly while climbing.

Accomplished <!-A short summary of the feat->

Accurate Attack You can sacrifice one attack for greater accuracy on the next.

Acolyte of Learning Initiate of Learning (3.5e Feat)

Acrobatic Attack You can use acrobatic maneuvers to get around an opponent's defenses.

Acrobatic Charge Your unexpected attacks have great effect.

Acrobatic Defense You are an expert at defending yourself from attacks.

Acrobatic Strike You may use your acrobatic skill to catch your enemy off guard.

Active Shield Defense

Actor Smooth Talker (3.5e Feat), Improved Disguise (3.5e Feat) By applying your skills of deception, you become a more capable actor

Additional Combat Style

Additonal Skill Training You have received training in one skill which is not usual for your class, and you seem to be good at it.

Adrenaline Surge

Aerobatics You are at home in the air. You understand the properties of wind resistance and aerodynamics and how to optimize your situation in the air.

Aesthetic Adept

Agile Climber You are not as vulnerable to attack while climbing.

Agile Performer Viewers appreciate your performance more for your feats of physical agility and prowess than your ability to emotionally connect with them.

Agile Shield Fighter Similar to two-weapon fighting but this is for shields.

Agile Strike Your fast reflexes and dexterous movement srpass your insight.

Alcohol Resistance Some people in the world have the almost supernatural ability to take in large amounts of alcohol before falling to the ground. This feat makes that possible.

All-Out Attack You ability to shift your focus from defense to offense is greatly improved.

Altered Unarmed Strike You can inflict different types of damage with your unarmed strikes.

Alternate Strikes You may alternate attacks between two weapons.

Always Ready When it's time to fight you can always draw upon your full potential.

Ambidextrous You can use both hands equally well.

Ambitious Leader You have focused on leading a small band or a large body of troops.

Ameliorated Burden Through odd & extreme muscular development, you are able to carry a great deal more than you normally would be able to.

Amphibious You were born capable of breathing and living both on land and in water

Animal Companion You are befriended by an animal companion.

Animal Ken You have an innate ability to handle animals.

Another Slice of Shade You summon the night within to guide your blade.

Anything Goes Combat In your hands almost anything is a dangerous weapon

Anything Goes Long You can throw nearly anything - ale tankards, rocks, bags of coins - and make it hurt.


Applied Scholastics Your scholarly knowledge is helpful in nearly every situation.

Apprenticeship New Mentor Types for the Lower Planes.

Arcane Adept

Arcane Leadership Your great knowledge of magic draws lesser arcanists to you.

Arcane Renewal Your Arcane power allows you to focus your mind on combat and use your most devastating maneuvers more frequently.

Arcane Warrior It has taken years, but you have finally mastered the art of armored spellcasting, letting you wear even the heaviest of armor without fear of ruining your spells.

Arcanist Buckler Speciality Sometimes even one point of AC can mean life or death

Archaic Binder Allows a Binder to bind creatures of Law to a greater extend.

Archon Binder Allows a Binder to bind Archon's to a greater extent.

Armor Born You are strong enough that armor does not restrict your movements.

Armor Manipulation You may activate the special abilities of any armor or shield that you wear.

Armor Penetration You are skilled at seeking out weak points in your opponent’s armor.

Armored Casting Whoever takes this feat can ignore arcane spell failure induced by armor to a maximum of 50%.

Armored Vigilance You can hastily don and remove armor.

Artisan Your apprenticeship to an artisan has made you more capable in your craft.

Ascetic Artist

Ascetic Fighter Combine Fighter and Monk levels to determine Unarmed Strike damage, Fighter level and bonus feats

Ascetic Leadership Your wisdom attracts those seeking insight into the way of the monk.

Ascetic Priest

Ascetic Savage You have gone beyond your monastic training to learn to channel your pent up rage and fury to deliver devastating blows to your enemies and remain standing through the worst punishment.

Astonishing Leap

Attack Focus You may sacrifice mobility and attacks to increase your ability to hit.

Attentive Stormbow The Stormbow's Center of the Storm ability has it's range doubled.

Attune Domain You incorporate the workings of a divine domain into your magic.

Augment Shadow Your Shadow spells are stronger.

SRD:Augment Summoning

Augmented Aura The power of your personality gives you a commanding presence on the battlefield. Your allies see your gallant efforts worthy of recognition- your enemies fear you equally so. You have a lasting effect on all who see you in action.

Aura Chameleon You may fool divination spells, or powers, in the same way as you can deceive magic items.

Automail Limb This feat allows you to replace a lost limb

Avalanche Charge When you charge, you've learned to strike hard and fast while flowing through your enemy's ranks.

Avatar of Learning (3.5e Epic Feat) Master of Learning (3.5e Feat)

Awaken Core The Zonder Core is active, making you difficult to kill.

Awareness By intuitively predicting your opponent’s next move, you can get the jump on them.

SRD:Awesome Blow

Awesome Body Your sense of self-worth is so great that it bolsters your ability to withstand damage.

Axe Frenzy You can strike exceptionally fast with axes.

Axe Hurling You can throw any axe.

Balance Drills

Barber-Surgeon Your training as a barber includes various medical techniques.


Bastardized Divinity You may not be divine, but you've co-opted (some might say stolen) some very useful divine spells, and can use them as your own!

Batter Up! Take a baseball swing to trade accuracy for a better chance at a critical.

Battle Cry Your voice inspires greatness in battle.

Battle Leader Your banner or standard inspires your followers and cohorts in battle

Battle Mage Combat Casting (3.5e Feat), Combat Reflexes (3.5e Feat) You are an experienced battle mage, skilled not only at defending yourself while casting spells against your opponents, but in maneuvering the battlefield as you do so.

Battle Sense You see a battle coming, just before it happens.

Beast Cleave Your animal companion wastes no time in finishing one opponent and immediately engaging the next, going so far as to tear a trail cross the field of battle.

Beast Tongues You can speak despite your form.

Beat 'Em With The Wet Part You nasty, nasty beast.

Beloved of Deity You are special to your Deity and they allow you to use limited set of spells.

Bestial Grants the ability to speak with and understand animals.

Bestial Regression You are slowly becoming more like a creature of the wild.

Better Lucky than Good You've never been the best, but that hasn't stopped you from having an uncanny amount of success.

Binder of Evil Allows a Binder to bind creatures of Evil to a greater extend.

Binder of Flame Allows a Binder to bind creatures of the water to a greater extent.

Binder of Frost Allows a Binder to bind creatures of the cold to a greater extent.

Binder of Good Allows a Binder to bind creatures of Good to a greater extend.

Binder of the Gods Allows a Binder to bind Angels to a greater extend.

Binder of the Mountain Allows a Binder to bind creatures of the earth to a greater extent.

Binder of the Sea Allows a Binder to bind creatures of the water to a greater extent.

Binder of the Sky Allows a Binder to bind creates of the Air to a greater extent.

Black Medicine

Blade Snap Juttejutsu (3.5e Feat) After you catch the blade of your opponent's sword in the prongs of your jutte, you can apply pressure to the sword until it breaks.

Bladesong Symmetry Allows you to use part of your Bladesong AC bonus when two-weapon fighting, with certain conditions.

Bleeding Critical Your strikes can cause someone to bleed to death.

Blind Being blind, you have developed other senses to compensate.


Blindeye It is harder to be seen by construct beings


Blindsight You get blindsight out to 60 ft. against every creature you pinpoint with a Listen check.

Blood Craft You learn to infuse items with your blood.

Blood Spit When taking a big hit, you can spit the blood that you cough up into your opponents eyes and blind them.

Blood Splattered You wear your enemy's blood proudly.

Blood War Sorcerer As a battle magician in the blood War, you’ve learned killing arts that would amaze common spellcasters.

Blooded Metamagic You power your spells with your own essence

Bloodletting Your strikes can cause someone to bleed to death.

Bloodline You manifest a minor bloodline.

Bloodline, Greater Bloodline (3.5e Feat), Bloodline, Improved (3.5e Feat) Your bloodline reach the pinnacle ot it power.

Bloodline, Improved Bloodline (3.5e Feat) Your bloodline improved.

Bludfrost Endurance

Blunt Trauma Hit harder with blunt weapons against creatures with damage reduction.


Bojutsu You are trained in Bojutsu, the art of staff fighting, and can use a number of staves to trip the enemy and block attacks

Bonded Weapon You have used a single weapon so much that you have formed an almost spiritual bond with that specific weapon.

Bondsman You are a master of ropes and manacles, which helps both when you’re trying to escape and when you’re binding an opponent.

Bone Barbs You are accustomed to shaping ridges and spikes into your armor.

Bonus Feat You gain a bonus feat.

Bookworm You seem to have a knack for locating information needed when performing research

Bootlicker With sweet words you can trick people into liking you.

Born a Villian You are stronger than most, but your arrogance leaves it harder to learn more.

Born at Sea You were born and raised on a boat and it shows

Born by the Forge

Bottoms Up You can drink potion or apply an oil safely as a move equivalent action.

Bow Mastery You are adept with either bows or crossbows.

Bow Sniper You are skilled at using a bow to strike vulnerable spots

Brachiation Through extensive time spent in and around trees, you have grown capable of moving through them like a monkey.

Bracing Strike (3.5e feat) You can deal deal devastating damage to any opponent foolish enough to charge you.

Brawn Brute (3.5e Feat) You have improved your striking power.

Breathe that Foul Air

Brew Potion Batch You can brew several of the same potion at the same time.

Broker of the Infernal Through your study of the Infernal laws, you have learned to harness the power of True Names in your summoning magic.

Brutal Finesse You've learn to combine agility and raw physical might to make your attack hit home.

Brute You have improved your striking strength.

Butterfly Flank Your skill with a blade distracts and intimidates your opponent, catching them off balance and unaware.

Byakugan You have inherited the vast visual powers hidden deep in your family's blood.

Called Shot You do more damage with pinpoint attacks.

Camouflage You have mastered the art of concealing objects and other creatures.

Campaigner You sleep well under any circumstances.

Cannibalize Item Choose either arcane, divine or psionic. You can draw the energies from an item of that type to offset the XP cost of creating a new item of the same general type.

Careful Listener You have a talent for studying expressions and reading the true thoughts of a speaker.

Careful Planner You always seem to have the right equipment on hand.

Cast-Iron Stomach You can consume the most unpleasant fare without so much as a second thought.

Caustic Blood Your magics allow you to make your blood highly corrosive.

Celestial Grants the ability to speak with and understand celestials.

Celestial Binder Allows a Binder to bind creatures of good to a greater extent.

Chain Bikini Chick Your stunning looks distract the enemy.

Changeling blood This feat is in need of a summary

SRD:Chaotic Mind

Chariot Archery Charioteering (3.5e Feat) You are able to shoot while riding in a chariot.

Charioteering You have learned how to drive a chariot, and know how to use its full potential.

Charmed You lead a charmed existence.

Chekov's Animal Companion You gain an Animal Companion to assist you in your adventures.

Child Necromancer

Child of Feat This feat gives a bonus to a character who has been favored by a particular deity.

Child of the Sea You have inherited the affinity for the sea of an ancestor (perhaps an aquatic elf).

Chilling Bones Turning the very marrow of your bones to ice allows you assail your foes with stinging cold while protecting you from similar attacks.

Chosen Carrier You have chosen to carry around a certain disease in a mutualistic relationship. The disease does not damage you, but it does give you any positive effects of it.

Chosen of the Varuuts Your loyalty toward the Eternal Ones is rewarded with power over death..

Clawed Tornado You deal a devastating blow to the enemies around you.


Cleave Asunder Your Sunder attacks are usually more effective. You are trained in following through when you break an opponent's weapon or shield

Cleaving Rampage You charge forward cutting through all in your path.

Clever Ricochet You know how to bounce ranged attacks to get around an enemy's cover.

Clinch You have mastered the art of fighting at very close quarters.

Clinging Breath Your energy-based breath weapon clings to creatures and continues to affect them on the round after you breathe.

Close Order Combat You are trained to fight in a close-order unit.


Combat Barrage Combat Focus (3.5e Feat) When in Combat Focus, you gain extra attacks.

Combat Brutality Combat Focus (3.5e Feat) When in Combat Focus, you deal extra damage.

Combat Concentration You can use your psychic skills in combat.

SRD:Combat Expertise

Combat Focus Paying little heed to distractions and other threats, you may focus your attacks on one opponent, leaving yourself open to others.

Combat Improvisation Combat Focus (3.5e Feat) When in a Combat Focus, you can feint faster with a bonus.

Combat Intimidation You are capable of intimidating others more easily in combat.

Combat Precision You can sacrifice power for accuracy.

Combat Presence Your skill at arms strikes fear into the hearts of your foes.

SRD:Combat Reflexes

Combat School (3.5e Variant Rule) You are a member of a completely arbitrary fighting school that has a number of recognizable signature fighting moves., Improve your attacks against inanimate objects and possibly destroy force effects., You can sacrifice accuracy for power with composite bows., You can use a shield to deflect touch attacks.

Combat Surge You can rush an action in combat at the cost of presenting opportunities to your opponents

Command Geass The Command Geass is the power to give a command to any creature and they will follow it no matter what, but it only works once per creature. (This is based on the anime "Code Geass")

Concentrated Summoning You can maintain the duration of a Conjuration (Summoning) spell through concentration.

Concentration Mastery You can maintain your concentration even under stress or amidst distraction.

Concerted Attack You are well trained in directing the efforts of others during a coordinated attack

Concrete Armor Proficiency Concrete Shield Proficiency (3.5e Feat) Grants proficiency with concrete armours.

Concrete Shield Proficiency Grants proficiency with concrete shields.

Confident Strike Your attacks are so cool they won't miss; in your opinion.

Confounding Shot You may draw an enemies attention solely to you with a shot.

Confused Turtle You choose to wield two shields in place of a weapon in order to better protect yourself. But like a turtle with a rounded shell on top and bottom, this choice makes you look a little confused.

Conservative Casting You can preserve a spell even when you fail to cast it.

Consuming Brain Psionic Body (3.5e Feat) Boosts your intelligence with the penalty of other stats.

Corellon's Mysteries Combat Expertise (3.5e Feat) You've been trained in the combat style of the Fellowship of the Forgotten Flower, elven knights and warriors who were dedicated to Corellon Larethian and the recovery of the lost relics of the Tel'Quessir.

Counter Charge You may step forward and meet a charging opponent, using his momentum to make your own attack more effective.

Counter Throw You are able to throw a charging opponent.

Create Opportunity Just when you thought you were as slippery as slippery can be, here comes somebody just a little bit quicker.

Crippling Arm Hold Each grapple check you win while pinning your opponent, you can attempt to cripple your opponent.

Crippling Leg Hold Each grapple check you win while pinning your opponent, you can attempt to cripple your opponent.

Critical Resilience This feat needs a summary

Critter Supernatural Linguist (3.5e Feat) Grants the ability to speak with and understand vermin.

Cross-Class Experience

Cross-Class Learning Two selected skills become class skills for all your classes.

Cunning Dodge

Cunning Feint Cunning Dodge (3.5e Feat)

Cunning Rage You can focus your mind while in a rage.

Cunning Strike Cunning Dodge (3.5e Feat)

Cure Boost

Dakmaa Of Alethros You are a Dakmaa of Alethros, a mighty warrior with flames of the lord of fire running in your veins.

Dakmaa Of Loskel'le You are a Dakmaa of Loskel'le, a dark warrior of the night who uses the shadows to bring justice to Faltharis.

Dakmaa Of Namat Through great trial you have been accepted to join the Dakmaa of Namat, the great general of the tribal wars.

Dakmaa Of Sekatas You are a member of the Dakmaae of Sekatas, the grey-clad explorers.

Dakmaa Of Tlasius You are one of the feared Dakmaae of Tlasius, hunter of spellcasters and slayer of creatures arcane.

Dancing Dodge You can dance your way around your opponents attacks.

Darkwood Body (Warforged) For warforged druids and such.

Darshul's Surge Opponents who target you with magical effects risk sparking your ire

Deadly Herbalist Allows any nature based character the ability to harvest and use poisons from Nature herself.

Dedicated Steed

Defensive Expertise You are well-practised at defending others during combat by parrying blows aimed at them.

Defensive Study

Defensive Sunder When attacked with a weapon, you may attempt to break the weapon.

Defensive Trip You can maintain your defense when making a trip attempt.

Deflect Attack You can be more aggressive when Fighting Defensively.

Deflecting Move

Deflecting Shield You can use a shield to deflect touch attacks.

Deft Lunge You are trained to take advantage of openings in an opponent's defenses

Delay Potion You can drink a potion and postpone its effects.

Demolitions The character can arm explosives and create explosive traps for the purpose of demolition.

Demon Binder Allows a Binder to bind Demons to a greater extent.

Dense Fists

Destined Leader You can lead people of all races and walks of life, not just NPC classes and playable races.

Determined Soul Through your will alone, you can increase your resilience

Determined Soul, Variant by Aarnott Through your will alone, you can increase your resilience.

Devil Binder Allows a Binder to bind Devils to a greater extent.

Devil Bringer Gives User Intense Power, And Begins the "Devil Bringer" Ability Tree.

Devil Buster Devil Bringer (3.5e Feat), Devil Snatch (3.5e Feat) Unleash The True Power Of The Devil Bringer.

Devil Snatch Devil Bringer (3.5e Feat) Grab An Enemy From A Distance.

Devolution Bestial Regression (3.5e Feat) You’re nothing but an animal!

Devoted Knight Your faithful service to your patron deity involves both a strong focus on melee fighting, and spell-casting.

Devoted Magi Your devotion to the righteous path harmonizes with your innate arcane abilities.

Dexterous Attack You utilize your eye-hand coordination to make your attacks more deadly.

Dexterous Dodge You are skilled at dodging attacks.

Dexterous Fighting You attack using dexterity with a one handed melee weapon of your choice that you are proficient with.

Disordered Law Law in all Chaos, Chaos in all Law...

Disrupting Attack You are exceptionally good at distracting creatures.

Distracting Cleavage Chain Bikini Chick (3.5e Feat) Are you listening to me? My eyes are up here!

Divetongue Casting Those who speak Divetongue can vocalize, but not cast, underwater. This feat allows Divetongue to be the vocal components for spells, and thus permit underwater casting.

Divine Leadership Your firm belief in your faith causes others to rally around you.


Dodge, Variant You are skilled at dodging attacks.

Dolphin Leap You can hurl yourself out of the water with ease

Dominions of the Infernal When you call, armies of those you have defeated are forced to answer in service.

Double Cantrips You cast minor effects with ease.

Double Kick

Double Step You can safely step further in combat.

Double Uses Extra Uses (3.5e Feat) You can use one of your abilities twice as often.

Down And Dirty Style You are the master of the cheap shot against fallen foes.

Draconic Supernatural Linguist (3.5e Feat) Grants the ability to speak with and understand dragons.

Draconic Bloodline The blood of Dragons truly runs through your veins.

Draconic Nature You have unlocked the full power of the dragon within you.

Draconic Pulse There are many who wish to have the power of a mighty beast. There are even fewer who have lived to drink it's infamous blood.

Dragon Binder Allows a Binder to bind Dragons

Dragon Slayer You've had enough experience fighting dragons to gain an advantage against them.

Dragon's Rage The rage of a furious dragon lays inside you

Dragonborn You carry a trace of draconian power as a result of dragons in your ancestral or spiritual heritage.

Dragoncrafter You can make special weapons, armor, and other items using parts of dragons as materials.

Druidic Binding Allows a Binder to bind Animals and Plants

Dual Stance Use 2 martial stances (Tome of Battle) simultaneously for a limited amount of time.

Ducking Shot You are skilled at dodging while using your ranged weapon.

Duskmage Combines Duskmage/ other arcane spellcaster abilites

Earthshock You channel the innate strength of a bear and slam the ground with so much force that you create jagged rocks and an indented crater.

Easy Peasy Archery Double your attribute bonus on ranged to hit rolls.

Ecologic Necromancy Can animate destroyed undead

Educated Healthcare General cleanliness and grooming go a long way in a wizard's college, but also inadvertently extends the health of the wizards involved.

Eldrich Focus Slight boost to Eldrich Blast

Eldrich Specialization More Damage dealt through spell-like ability.

Eldritch Blood The power of warlocks boils within your blood and soul, giving stronger than normal magic powers.

Eldritch Break Eldritch Blood (3.5e Feat) Your ray spells carry extra power in them, allowing you to break through the enemy resistance.

Eldritch Flurry Eldritch Blood (3.5e Feat) Your ability to fire eldritch blasts increases, allowing you rapid fire.

Eldritch Hexer Your have learned to mingle the arcane power of your hexblade's curse with the power of your eldritch blast, making your spells and invocations more powerful.

Eldritch Power Eldritch Blood (3.5e Feat) Your power over eldritch magic manifests in additional power for your rays.

Eldritch Skin Eldritch Blood (3.5e Feat) Your damage reduction increases, now empowered with the energy of magic.

Eldritch Warrior

Elemental Supernatural Linguist (3.5e Feat) Grants the ability to speak with and understand all types of elementals.

Elemental Spellcasting Choose an element (air, earth, fire or water). You cast spells with that descriptor more effectively than normal.

Elite Training You manage to achieve more than anyone thought possible.

Elusive Dodge You know how to use an enemy's tactics against them and dodge their attacks.

Elusive Reflexes You've mastered evasive defenses.

Empty Quiver You darken the sky, as you empty your quiver.

Enable Criticals You have learned to score critical hits on unusual creature types.

Endure Sunlight You have learned to endure the day that so pains others of your kind.

Enemy Spell Focus Your spells are deadly against a particular type of creature.

Energy Deflection

Energy Strike

Enhanced Companions

Enhanced Turning You are blessed by your god to destroy undead, wherever they lie.

Entropic Binder Allows a Binder to bind creatures of Chaos to a greater extend.

Epic Elite Training You manage to achieve more than even the gods thought possible.

Epic Invoking Gain invocations.

Eschew Divine Focus Your faith in your god allows you forgo the use of your holy symbol.

Eternal Shikai Though sheer spiritual pressure, a harmonic connection, or other feat, it seems that you are always in shikai state even when relaxed.

Euthanize With special cares, such as poison, needles or similar method. You may peacefully kill a helpless creature.

Even the Guys Want Him Your character is so good-looking and unintentionally charming that he becomes a babe and stud magnet.

Exercise Regime

SRD:Exotic Weapon Proficiency

Exotic Weapon Training

Expanded Caster Stamina You gain extra uses of your spells.

Expanded Spell Knowledge The character's knowledge of the arcane expands, and they learn new spells.

Expert Aim You may attack with exacting precision, resulting in extra damage.

Expert Demolitions Demolitions (3.5e Feat) The explosives the character prepares pack more power.

Expert Healing You can use a healing kit to heal damage.

Expert Learning You are a master of many skills, which need not be in your field.

Extend Empowerment The power granted to you by the animal soul to fuel your attacks lasts longer than that of others.

Extra Additional Attacks Even the toughest foes cannot take that many blows.

Extra Clawed Tornado Clawed Tornado (3.5e Feat) You can use Clawed Tornado more times per day.

Extra Domain Power Allows additional uses of a daily domain power.

Extra Force Blast You gain an extra Force Blast per day.

Extra Immediate Action You are particularly adept at avoiding threats

Extra Maneuvers You know more maneuvers

Extra Mind Blade Shape Add extra options to Shape Mind Blade

SRD:Extra Music

Extra Summons You may use your Fiend Summoning ability two extra times each day.

Extra Uses You can use one of your abilities more often.

Faeries Secret of Mysteries You mastered the timeless secrets & rituals of the Faerie Mysteries, so that you can Initiate in Solitude

Fairy Eater By consuming the flesh of fairies, you have absorbed a fraction of their magic.

Fake Spell You can mimic the casting of spells

Falcon Punch Your character can hit people with amazing force. The punch creates a field of flame around your fist that is shaped like a falcon. Your fist is protected from this flame but it is harmful to others around you.

Fall Guy You know how to take a fall.

Familiar Fortitude You do not physically suffer from the loss of a familiar.

Familiar Subtype Any new familiars gained by the spellcaster have the option of gaining a subtype.

SRD:Far Shot

Farsight Your penalties due to range are halved.

Fast Drinker You can drink potions and similar items faster than normal.

Fast Mover You can move faster than normal

Fast-on-feet You have developed faster-than-average speed.

Fateful Strike Indomitable (3.5e Feat) You can channel the essence of your spirit into your attacks, at a cost.

Fateful Strike Variant Indomitable (3.5e Feat) You can channel the essence of your spirit into your attacks, at a cost.

Favor the Fang and Claw You cannot help but favor the natural gifts of your beast heritage, something those of your mortal kin lack.

Favored Class You can select one class not normally associated with your race and consider it a favored class

Favored Weapon Character expertly wields his favorite weapon.

Favored of Deity Your Deity favors you more than others and grants you abilities you would other wise never be able to have.

Fear Cause fear in your enemies.

Fearsome Display You can use an impressive display of weapon prowess to intimidate.

Feeding Frenzy Missing Link (3.5e Feat), Devolution (3.5e Feat) You are very hungry.

Fell Power From Within Unlike most warlocks, much of your power is drawn from magical stores from deep within your body.

Fencing Stance You defend well with a single light weapon.

Ferocious Parry With a shift in your stance and an adjustment to your grip, you ready yourself to deflect attacks and strike back with far more conviction to your blows than your enemies.

Fiend Cabalist You were trained in the mystic arts by a powerful fiend, and your magical power stems from a dark source.

Fiendish Binder Allows a Binder to bind creatures of Evil to a greater extent.

Fiendish Blood Casting Improved Blood Component (3.5e Feat) The darkness in your blood shows in your spells.

Fiendish Pact You have willingly given yourself to the service of an Evil deity or cause, denying yourself an ordinary life to better serve your highest ideals.

Find the Weak Spot You are able to find the weak spot on non-living entity allowing you to critically damage it.

Find the Weak Spot, Greater You are able to find the weak spot on non-living entity allowing you to critically damage it.

Find the Weak Spot, Improved You are able to find the weak spot on non-living entity allowing you to critically damage it.

Fire Arrows Point Blank Shot (3.5e Feat) -2 on attack and damage rolls of ranged weapon for ability to light target on fire.

Firearm Sniper You are adept in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your gun.

Fixated You gain the ability to apply your Favored Enemy bonuses onto three skills that would not normally benefit from Favored Enemy.

Flashes of Brilliance You are brilliant but erratic with a specific skill.

Flashy Attack You are able to use an impressive display of prowess to catch your opponents off guard

Fleet-Footed Two-Weapon Fighting

Flip Prone-Fight (3.5e Feat) You can flip back up on your feet from a prone position.

Flurry of Blades You can strike exceptionally fast with light weapons.

Focused Caster A caster has spent so much time training in casting and neglecting other aspects of combat that the skills of the spellcasting have improved greatly.

Follow Up You can push through enemy lines to create a breach.

Force Against Force Improve your attacks against inanimate objects and possibly destroy force effects.

Forgefire Reserve By having a special reservoir built into your body, you have an extra reserve of forgefire to tap into.

Forger You are an accomplished forger.

Formation Expert Allows you to make Shield Formation Tactial maneuvers.

Formation Fighter You are skilled at fighting alongside other men in close formation.

Fortune You have unusually good luck

Fortune's Favor You can force the hand of fate to move in your favour.

Fortune's Favour You can force the hand of fate to move in your favour.

Fracture You are skilled at exploiting weaknesses in objects.

Frantic Swings Anyone can swing like a madman, but you've learned how to make sure the blows actually connect.

Free Cantrips Cast a 0-level spell 1/day

Frenzied Ally When your animal companion believes itself outnumbered, outmaneuvered, or cornered it fights with unmatched aggression and brutality.

Frenzied Attack You may attack your foe with wild abandon, allowing you to rain many inaccurate blows upon them.

From the Jaws of Defeat Charmed (3.5e Feat), Fortune (3.5e Feat) Your worst breaks often turn into lucky breaks.

Frorestone Fighting

Frostfrail Adaptation Your body adapts quickly to changes in altitude, preventing you from suffering as much from altitude sickness.

Fruitful Extracurricular Studies Because you are highly bright & highly motivated, you have gleaned some experience & techniques outside of your normal sphere.

Furious Presence When enraged, the character is truly a frightening presence on the feild of battle.

Gain Combat Style You gain the use of a combat style as developed by Rangers.

Gain New Mindblade Form Gain one or more mindblade forms by class/race or with practice with your mindblade ability

Gambling Cast Allows you to take a risk to possibly increase the maximum power of a non-variable effect from a spell.

Gentle palm Your unarmed strikes are but a gentle touch that devastates even the most protected enemy.

Gestalt Training Reduce or eliminate multiclassing penalties associated with one class.

Ghost Cut Technique Whispers of the Otherworld (3.5e Feat) Study of the ephemeral essence of incorporeal undead has taught you combat techniques that transcend the limitations of the flesh.

Gift of the Animal Soul By entering a trance, you place your mind closer to the animal soul, learning from its seemingly infinite reserves of savage wisdom. Upon returning to your regular state of mind, you feel and behave more akin to the very things you witnessed.

Gigantic Weapon You are proficient at wielding extremely large weapons.

Gloom Strike (4e Feat)

Go Hungry You are able to go without food and water for six days before suffering any ill effects.

Go Team Each member of the team stuck a hand into the center of the group and the cleric released the spell healing everyone at once.

Godsbane You are better able to resist divine magics than normal.

Golden Spoon You have been born with not just a silver spoon in your mouth but a golden one and therefore you may multiply your starting gold by ten.

Grace Gatherer Each different Abjuration spell cast on you increases your ability scores, scaling by spell level.

Graceful Mount You can bestow your special mount with a holy blessing.

Great Alchemist You have a knack for alchemy.

Great Blow You can strike mighty blows with mighty weapons.

SRD:Great Cleave

Great Leader You are a particularly inspiring leader of men.

Greater Additional Attacks Additional attacks are more precise.

Greater Ameliorated Burden Ameliorated Burden (3.5e Feat) Even among those who train to carry heavy loads, your prowess is noteworthy!

Greater Blindsense Improved Blindsense (3.5e Feat) This feat improves Blindsense to 150ft and improves Blindsight to 50ft.

Greater Control Undead You gain the ability to control more undead than before.

Greater Critical Choose one type of weapon.

Greater Diehard You refuse to die.

Greater Disease Resistance Disease Resistance (3.5e Feat) You are even more resistant to disease.

Greater Eldrich Focus Better odds of hitting even moreso

Greater Eldrich Specialization Further Specialization, doing more damage

Greater Endurance

Greater Grapple Character receives an additional +4 to all grapple checks.

Greater Heavy Armor Optimization You become much better at using heavy armor

SRD:Greater Manyshot

Greater Monkey Beats the Gong Monkey Beats the Gong (3.5e Feat) Allows you to make more attacks of opportunity if all your Flurry of Blows and Monkey Beats the Gong strikes hit.

Greater Overrun You can overrun multiple targets.

Greater Poison Resistance Poison Resistance (3.5e Feat)

Greater Snap Reflexes Your opponent's strike misses, but yours does not.

Greater Spell Toughness Spell Toughness (3.5e Feat) You are incredibly resistant to spells cast from a chosen school.

Greater Spell-Lore Master of Spellcasting (3.5e Feat) This feat needs a summary

SRD:Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

SRD:Greater Weapon Focus

Greater Weapon Material Focus Choose one type of material for which you have already selected Weapon Material Focus.

SRD:Greater Weapon Specialization

Greatweapon Quickness Your mastery of this style reflects strengthened wrist muscles and honed reflexes, allowing blindingly fast strikes with the largest of weapons.

Grim Determination Adversity only increases your determination.

Grimoire User As an academic, you are compelled to make use of a gimoire to keep track of your spells instead of depending on pure intuition.

Grounded Push Grounded Stance (3.5e Feat)

Grounded Stance Trained Stance (3.5e Feat)

Grounded Strike Your so skilled at grappling you cause your opponents damage.

Group Tactics You have trained in group tactics; you have learned to coordinate your attacks and create openings and opportunities when ganging up against a single target.

Grudge You have a grudge against a group or organization and won’t rest until they are all dead.

Gruff but Inspiring While your general demeanor may be cold or abrasive, you are an inspiring leader on the battlefield.

Gun for an Arm

Half-Dragon Companion You have shown yourself to be an ally of all nature's dragon creatures

Hammer of Mollarok

Hanbojutsu You are trained in Hanbojutsu, the art of (shorter) staff fighting, and can use a number of staves to trip the enemy and block attacks

Hand-To-Hand Weapons? Who needs weapons?

Handy You don’t depend on book-smarts when fixing things, making things, or dismantling things.

Hard Knock Life

Hardened Warrior A different approach to improved saves.

Hardy Brawler You really know how to take a punch

Hate Your hate for a specific creature allows you to be more proficient at killing them.

Heavenly Desserts By gorging on the sweet flesh of angels, you have digested a portion of their divine essence.

Heavy Armor Dash You are able to move at speeds that most would think impossible while in heavy armor

Heavy Armor Optimization You become much better at using heavy armor

Heavy Infantryman You are skilled at spear and shield combat.

Heavy Power Attack

Heightend Truespeak Increase the DC of your utterances

Heirloom You have inherited a family heirloom of great value with which to begin your career. Your family expects you to guard this heirloom above all other things, of course, and eventually hand it down to your own child...

Hellscarred Having had your mind or body twisted by the essence of a fiend, you have gained some sensitivity and immunity to their power.

Herculean Effort You can temporarily perform great acts of strength.

Hide Tracks You can conceal signs of passage.

High Metabolism Healing I feel so much better after that bite to eat.

Hobbling Attack Your attacks can slow down an opponent.

Hoof Smite

Hook Hold

Hot-Blooded With your passion and fury, you sacrifice accuracy (and the chance at a critical hit) to roll extra damage dice!

Human Blood Humanity dominates your ancestry.

Hunter's Eyes Keen eyes follow through to keen strikes; when you loose claw and fang, you strike with unmatched lethal precision.

Immediate Dodge You may spontaneously elect to dodge incoming attacks that you are aware of.

Impenetrable Callouses Gain a natural AC bonus

Improved Additional Attacks Make additional attacks with higher accuracy.

Improved Aid Another You are especially adept at helping others.

Improved Armored Monk Allows monks to wear heavy armor and have there ability's.

Improved Base Attack Bonus Base Attack Bonus Increases by +1.

Improved Blindsense Your acute senses allow access to blindsight

Improved Blood Component When infused with your blood, your magic is far more powerful.

Improved Blood Craft Blood Craft (3.5e Feat) Your blood becomes even stronger.

Improved Bow Sniper Bow Sniper (3.5e Feat) Your ability to line up accurate and deadly shots with your bow improves.

Improved Brawn Brute (3.5e Feat), Brawn (3.5e Feat), Improved Brute (3.5e Feat) You have greatly improved your striking power.

Improved Breath Weapon (3.5 Feat) You can use your breath weapon more times per day

Improved Brute Brute (3.5e Feat), Brawn (3.5e Feat) You have greatly improved your striking strength.

Improved Buckler Proficiency

SRD:Improved Bull Rush

Improved Chain Attack The character can use his chain to trip the opponent and make suffer him with spikes

Improved Combat Casting You can endure pain to finish your spell.

Improved Combat Focus Combat Focus (3.5e Feat) You have practiced the art of two-on-one combat, enhancing your Combat Focus.

SRD:Improved Critical

Improved Crossbow Sniper Your ability to line up accurate and deadly shots with your crossbow improves.

Improved Death Attack Death Attack (3.5e Feat) Assassinate your enemies with speed

Improved Deflect Arrows You can deflect arrows several times in a round.

Improved Deflect Attack Deflect Attack (3.5e Feat) You expertly block many incoming attacks.

SRD:Improved Disarm

Improved Disguise You can create a disguise very quickly.

Improved Dodge Your Dodge feat bonus applies against all attackers.

Improved Draconic Familiar Allows you to keep Dragon Familiars longer than normal, as well as opening access to other dragons

SRD:Improved Familiar
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