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Ascetic Leadership [General][edit]

Your wisdom attracts those seeking insight into the way of the monk.
Prerequisite: Character level 6th, monk or ninja level 1st.
Benefit: You attract followers and a cohort as if you had taken the Leadership feat. Your leadership score is treated as 2 higher than it otherwise would be for the purposes of attracting monk and ninja followers and treated as 4 lower than it otherwise would be for the purposes of attracting other followers.
Special: Your Wisdom modifier is added to your leadership score instead of your Charisma modifier.

Your GM may decide whether a character who does not have levels in the monk or ninja classes are considered monks or ninjas for the purposes of this feat. For example, an expert who is pupil in a monastic order, or a rogue who is described as having training similar to that of a ninja may be included in the leadership score bonus this feat provides.

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