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Clothesline (3.5e Feat)

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Clothesline [General, Maneuver][edit]

[[3e Summary::You can charge past your foe and render him prone.]]
Prerequisite: Improved Overrun, base attack bonus +6
Benefit: When in a charge, you may extend your arm to attempt to 'clothesline' a creature in a square adjacent to the line of your charge. This attack is an unarmed strike at the usual +2 bonus to attack for charging, and deals damage like such, as well as an overrun attempt. At success, the target of the clothesline falls prone. An attempt to clothesline a creature fails if he manages to make a successful attack of opportunity against you. It is possible to use either your Tumble skill or a Feint during a clothesline. At a successful clothesline attempt, you continue on in your charge for at least 5 more feet.
Special: A ruffian may choose Clothesline as one of his Ruffian brawling maneuvers.

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