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Weapon Tricks [General, Fighter]

You can change the type of damage you do with melee weapons.


Weapon Focus


Many types of melee weapons can conceivably do different types of damage. Examples are swords (could do slashing and bludgeoning, even piercing), picks (could do bludgeoning or piercing) and single-edged or bludgeon-backed axes (could do slashing and bludgeoning). When wielding such a weapon that you have Weapon Focus with, you can opt to alter its damage type without penalty. For example, you can choose to attack zombies with the flat of a sword in order to do bludgeoning damage, avoiding their damage reduction versus slashing weapons.


The DM is the final arbiter on what types of damage a weapon can do, based on the illustration, common sense and knowledge on how these weapons are used in real life. If in doubt, go with your gut feeling. Many weapons are already listed as doing two or even all three types of damage and so do not require this feat.

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