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Parlour Tricks [General][edit]

I've cowed entire tribes of barbarians using only my simplest magic!
—- Daniven the Daring

You are permanently under the effects of the prestidigitation spell and may weave it into other spells as they are cast.

Prerequisites: Int (if a Wizard) or Cha (if a Sorceror) 13+, Ability to cast prestidigitation

Benefit: You are constantly under the effects of the prestidigitation spell. You may use this ability to alter the color, sound, smell, and look of a spell as you cast it. You could change the color of your magic missiles, have music accompany your floating disk, or have mage armor that smells of roses. These changes are unable to alter the effective level of the spell or increase or decrease the effects of a spell. These changes do make it more difficult for another mage to identify a spell as it is being cast which raises the DC of this task by 5.

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