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These are the D&D Wiki pages in Category:Stub. You are encouraged to go in and fix them. If the issues are resolved, please remove the "stub" template from the article.

If the balance issues of an article are irresolvable, substitute the "stub" template for a "delete" template.

Adding the Stub Template[edit]

To request a page gets fixed please and add the code below to the top of that page. Please do not remove any content from the page when adding this template. The discussion about its incompletion should take place on its talk page.

{{stub|<!--Insert why this article is not complete here.-->}}

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Articles with a "Stub" template.
Page Name Notes
102mm HE Rocket (Fallout Supplement) Needs categories, breadcrumb, description, etc
3e System Reference Document Vastly incomplete. This can be treated like the 3.5e SRD when it is more complete.
5e Background Design Guide As a community guideline, this page will forever be incomplete. Feel free to jump in and add your wisdom and insight to the community's standards!!
5e Class Design Guide As a community guideline, this page will forever be incomplete. Feel free to jump in and add your wisdom and insight to the community's standards!!
5e Classes (The Painted World Supplement) WIP
5e Classes Reimagined Incomplete by design. Feel free to add your own reimaginings!
5e Creature Design Guide As a community guideline, this page will forever be incomplete. Feel free to jump in and add your wisdom and insight to the community's standards!!
5e Epic Boon Design Guide As a community guideline, this page will forever be incomplete. Feel free to jump in and add your wisdom and insight to the community's standards!!
5e Equipment (The Painted World Supplement) A pretty massive work in progress. There's a lot of equipment that still needs to be created. Currently, most of the descriptions are just adaptations of the weapon's abilities, and some will be changed to keep them from being like other magic items.
5e Monsters Reimagined Incomplete by design. Feel free to add your own reimaginings!
5e Race Design Guide As a community guideline, this page will forever be incomplete. Feel free to jump in and add your wisdom and insight to the community's standards!!
5e Races Reimagined Incomplete by design. Feel free to add your own reimaginings!
5e Spell Design Guide As a community guideline, this page will forever be incomplete. Feel free to jump in and add your wisdom and insight to the community's standards!
ARCHANIA HUMNCINIA Incomplete. Is anything happening with this?
Abandoners (3.5e Race) Barely any description
Abduction (3.5e Encounter) Will need to provide stats for the creatures and equipment (there isn't a "mechanical horror" in the monster manual.), wikilinks are needed for the wiki material. As a combat encounter, provide information on the terrain and how to stage the combat.
Abhorsen (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information; section on Religion needs to be rewritten to be compliant with standard D&D cosmology. Terminology needs fixing throughout.
Abola How does this work? Is it magical? Is it campaign specific?
Abrazim (3.5e Deity) Missing plane and domains
Abyssal Alchemist (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing flavor text all over.
Abyssal Knight (5e Class) Missing features on a few levels and questions about a abyssal knight. Multiclassing also needs to be completed.
Accursed (5e Class) Incomplete
Acolyte of the Scythe (3.5e Prestige Class) Needs fluff, but is about 15 minutes from complete
Adamantine Golem (3.5e Creature) Nothing beyond base table
Adamantine Skeleton (D20 Modern Feat) Please use Template:D20 Modern Feat, categories, ability prerequisites are always odd-numbered
Adapter (3.5e Race) Not much description, x0 fields empty
Adapter Necklace (3.5e Equipment) If it's not buyable, what happens if I make one and try to sell it?
Adapting Adventures: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Incomplete by design. Feel free to add your own alterations!
Adapting Adventures: Out of the Abyss Incomplete by design. Feel free to add your own alterations!
Adapting Adventures: Storm King's Thunder Incomplete by design. Feel free to add your own alterations!
Adonai (3.5e Deity) portfolio and domains are incorrect.
Adult Dune Worm (4e Creature) Needs more actions - perhaps "devour whole", "fling" and "regurgitate" like the purple worm.
Advancing Mind (3.5e Template) Doesn't explain what this template is supposed to represent. Is it acquired or inhereted? CR doesn't scale correctly. If I apply it to a SRD:Shrieker, it doesn't make a CR 6 creature.
Aegis Bracers (3.5e Equipment) Porrly formatted and other issues
Aetas (3.5e Deity) Very little information
Aether (3.5e Environment) More needs to be added what can be found in the plane.
Aether Touched (5e Feat) Needs rewriting so that it has 1) some context, 2) is for 5th edition D&D
Afterlife (5e Variant Rule)
Work In Progress
Air Elementalist (5e Class) Incomplete.
Air Removal (5e Spell) Incomplete targeting information, presumably this works against one creature within range, and not creatures that don't need to breathe. You don't need to specify that it's the spell DC: it's assumed. When are the subsequent Strength saves made (and why are the made? Is something pushing them?). Why doesn't this tie in with the existing rules for suffocation (PHB p. 183)? This also doesn't belong to any classes.
Airuzhar (5e Creature) Still WIP.
Ajin (5e Creature) The CR needs recalculating; the creature is currently overvalued at CR 13.
Akanissoku Islands Incomplete. Needs information on inhabitants, economy, notable locations and people, adventure hooks and encounters, etc.
Alakazam (3.5e Spell) I have trouble understanding how the spell works. Material Components for spoons, inconsistent damage, etc.
Alchemist (5e Class) Incomplete.
Alchemist of nonmagic (5e Class) Missing features at several levels, class questions, multiclassing, and archetypes.
Alcoholic (5e Class) Incomplete.
Alicorn (4e Race) Racial powers need duplicating here
Aligned Warrior (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Aligrine Incomplete
Alloprax (5e Race) Improper formatting, the race traits template is missing
Almiut (3.5e Race) Missing vital statistics.
Alsine Incomplete
Amalgam (Ranged) (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions and epic levels missing.
Amalgam (Speed) (3.5e Prestige Class) Description missing.
Amazonians (3.5e Race) Incomplete descriptions. "Strength and constitution cannot be under 16" should be moved from traits into the general description. That a amazonian child has less that 16 in Strength could be a driver for roleplaying - maybe she was abducted as a child and raised by humans, or something went wrong with the ritual, or there was divine intervention - it shouldn't be enforced in the traits.
Among the Ashes (5e Campaign Setting) Has had no edits since last September
Amulet of Draconic Dominance (3.5e Equipment) with cleanup it might be useful
An Old Widow's Fortune (5e Quest)
Work In Progress
Anansi (5e Race) Most of these traits are not quite right. Unsure why egg-laying is a trait. Other races don't have traits describing how they make babies. Why is the climbing a spell-like effect instead of a spider climb trait?
Ancient Bard (5e Class) Incomplete.
Ancient Wanderer Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Ancient abyss watcher dragon (5e Creature) Large creatures don't have d20 hit dice, they have d10. Consider reading the 5e Creature Design Guide.
Andalites (3.5e Race) vital stats not filled out; some mechanics are missing
Andaran Pantheon (3.5e Pantheon) Incomplete.
Andresin (5e Race) Not much description, height/weight table and categories incomplete
Android (5e Race) Incomplete
Android (5e Subrace) Requires formatting and wikification.
Angels, Keran (3.5e Creature) Incomplete entry.
Angus Stafford (Moons Of Saturn Doom Supplement) Work In Progress
Anik, Takeshi Variant (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling; "fire increment" needs moving to separate trait, Ex/Su/Sp needed for traits.
Animator (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Anime Girl (3.5e Class) Campaign information needs filling out and formatting correctly (remove comment markers)
Animorph (3.5e Class) Missing epic levels and campaign information
Annihilating Grip (3.5e Epic Spell) No spell DC, costs to develop, hard to comprehend.
Anomaly (5e Class) Seems to be incomplete. At 2nd level, Light Feet is not explained. and Force Method is empty.
Another Warlock Class (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Ant-Kind (4e Race) Missing history, attitudes and beliefs, and adventurers. Roleplaying an Aeroforged should be expanded upon per the preload.
Antaure (3.5e Race) In progress
Anthropomorphic Ape (3.5e Race) Missing a whole buncha stuff. See Race preload
Anthropomorphous Wind (Windmen) (5e Race) Incomplete, writing needs significantly improving.
Anu (3.5e Deity) Barely any information, no domains
Anusteri (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling
Talk:Apofficon (5e Race) Incomplete
Arachnia (3.5e Race) Needs more description, x0 template needs filling
Aragami (5e Race) Incomplete
Araxian (5e Class) Missing full description, summary, subraces
Arbor Qui (5e Race) no summary line. no history.
Arcane Anarchist (5e Class) Incomplete.
Arcane Blacksmith(5e Class) Incomplete.
Arcane Bounty Hunter (5e Class) Incomplete.
Arcane Card Master (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Arcane Fist (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Arcane Mentalist (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing epic & NPC information.
Arcane Pistoleer (3.5e Prestige Class) No description
Arcane Summoner (3.5e Class) Campaign Information missing
Arcane engineer Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Arcane mind (3.5e Feat) Mechanics are not clear, what does stacking levels mean? How does progression work for either class? Possibly overpowered, then again Theurges exist so it might be okay
Arcanii (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Arch Soul (3.5e Class) missing epic information & starting package
Archangel (5e Race) Incomplete
Archcleric (5e Class Prestige) Working on it! ConcealedLight (talk) 08:35, 3 September 2017 (MDT)
Archeologist's Tools (5e Equipment) Doesn't say what the proficiency bonus is applied to.
Archer Line (3.5e Other) How was the guild formed, where is it, how do you join, what are their tenets, how are they funded, who are they allied with, what kinds of quests do they go on, where is all the information is what I'm asking.
Archivist (5e Background) How does Lorekeeper differ from the normal way of being paid to sing in taverns and/or earning a living? I'm also not getting the connection between Archvist and Unassuming. I'm really sure what this background is actually. Are they actually archiving anything, or are they an Entertainer?
Archon, Lunar (3.5e Race) No LA, formatting needs repairing
Archonite (3.5e Race) Inadequate information
Argon (4e Race) Missing adequate fluff and adventurers. Also, rename this race. "Argon" is the name of a noble gas, and the word is derived from the Greek, meaning "lazy". That's the opposite of what you want to call this race.
Arioch, Fallen General of Hell (3.5e NPC)
Arkana Handgun (3.5e Equipment) An enhancement table would complement this.
Arkurus prairoti Not much information.
Arm Blade (5e Weapon) "Dis is coolness thingy" is not an adequate description for any item.
Armadillo-Kin Missing history, society, and random height and weight table.
Armament Mage (5e Class) Incomplete
Armor of the Gods If these are artifacts, they are missing information, please see the DMG. It also doesn't get the mechanics right. Armor gives you a fixed AC, not a bonus to AC. Is the chest plate supposed to be AC 14? The effect is the same as adamantine armor from the DMG, so why not just use that?
Armored Pilot (5e Class) Incomplete.
Armsbearer (3.5e Class) Campaign information needs completing; infobox type and desc needs filling
Arsenasite (5e Race) Incomplete
Artificer (4e Class) Incomplete
Asabi (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Asgardian (5e Race) Missing summary and names. The race also is lacking a adequate description for physical description, and society.
Ashanai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to be not reliant on decommissioned campaign setting.
Ashen One (5e Creature) Is this meant to have Multiattack? Because at the moment, its nowhere near CR 10.
Ashlang (5e Race) Incomplete, Being Playtested.
Aspect (5e Class) Incomplete
Assassin, Best Variant (3.5e Class) several blank sections and potential balancing issues
Assassin, Tome (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information.
Assassin (3.5e Class) No campaign information
Assassin Dagger (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Assassin Devil (4e Race) Missing two adventurers.
Astral Angels (5e Race) Race is missing a adequate description for physical description and society.
Astromide (5e Race) Incomplete. What is the actual game effect of the gravity vision?
Asura demigod (5e Race) Incomplete
Atlantean (5e Race) Missing height/weight table and some categories. What does "instantly adapt to the temperature change without adverse effects" mean mechanically? "advantage on all swim checks" should be "advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks made to swim. Water dependancy [sic] means this PC might be screwed on many types of campaign.
Auguran (5e Race) Incomplete
Aura Guardian (3.5e Class) This page has a good start but is missing multiple items from the standard format for classes, it requires a sample NPC and starting package
Aurloch (4e Race) Missing an adventurer
Aururmar (3.5e Deity) Very little information.
Autoplate Pilot (3.5e Class) The following problems have been left resolved for over two years. This page hasn't had a constructive edit in over a year. Much information is still missing. Added in-document links, epic progression, several SRD references, & started reorganized information. What else needs work?
Avadim (3.5e Race) Incomplete.
Avali (5e Race) Incomplete
Avatar (5e Class) Incomplete.
Avian (5e Race) Incomplete: Need names, physical description, age requirements, et cetera.
Avoki (4e Race) Missing history, attitudes and beliefs, communities, and adventurers. Roleplaying an Avoki should be expanded upon per the preload.
Avrens' Tavern (3.5e Environment) Incomplete.
Awakened Owl Bear (5e Race) Incomplete
Awoken (4e Creature) missing basic melee and some stats on Ancient awoken
Aycienti (3.5e Race)
Azara (5e Campaign Setting) Lots of empty pages at the moment.
Azara (5e Race) Missing height/weight table, some categories. Bite needs better defintion (e.g. presumably it's a melee weapon attack and not just an automatic 1d8 damage)
Azer-Kai (4e Race) Missing two adventurers. Should this race have the shadow origin or the elemental origin?
Baba Yaga's Mortar and Pestle (5e Equipment) What kind of hags do you summon?
Babau (4e Creature) Missing tactics, lore, and encounter groups.
Bacca (3.5e Race) Needs fuller descriptions
Backup Qualf Categories need filling; characteristics either need filling or removing.
Baeron Humans do not have subraces, so this should be converted to a race variant or a standalone race. You should also not call racial traits "feats", as feats are something else. Shapeshifter is not well written, it's just an unbalanced rehash of a druid's wild shape
Bahari-Samaki (5e Race) Incomplete
Bal-Staff (3.5e Equipment) Needs to make at least a little sense.
Balatium (3.5e Equipment) Materials that do harder / more damage / more AC, etc have already been done to death, this needs to do something unique. It mentions "temporary magical enhancement" but doesn't describe what this is.
Banjo (3.5e Deity) Missing a lot of information.
Banker (5e Background)
Work In Progress
Barbarian, "Old School" Variant (5e Class) Incomplete.
Barbarian, Keran (3.5e Class) missing epic information
Barber (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Bard (Graatel) work in progress
Barrho Hilltop (3.5e NPC) No fluff buddo
Barrier Mage (3.5e Class) Missing infobox
Basitin (4e Race) Missing descriptions
Battle Born (5e Race) Incomplete
Battle Mage, Leafmender Variant (3.5e Class) Missing "Battle Mages in the Game" and infobox description
Battle Mage (3.5e Class) Missing "Battle Mages in the Game" and infobox description
Battlemind (5e Class) The table says "aspect improvements" for 18th, but it's not described anywhere. One archetype gets a feature at 18th but the other doesn't.
Battlesmith What is this and what is it for?
Bearborn (4e Race) Missing fluff and adventurers.
Beast-Borne (5e Race) Overpowered and lacks formatting rules. The real issue here is the stat increases and the huge number of traits this race receives. Also, the language bestial isn't defined anywhere
Beast Master (3.5e Class) Missing epic levels, campaign information, infobox fields
Beast Men (5e Race) Missing info from the random height and weight table.
Beastfolk, Cat (4e Race) Two more adventurers needed
Beastfolk, Lapids (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template
Beastfolk, Lutrin (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template
Beastfolk, Rippers (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template
Beastfolk, Ursa (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template
Beastfolk, Wolf (4e Race) Two more adventurers needed
Beastkin (3.5e Race) x0 template needs completing
Beastkin (5e Race) Incomplete, wording on the traits is a bit rough, and I assume there is more to come with the subraces.
Beastlord (5e Class) Incomplete
Beastmaster (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Beastmaster Psion (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Beastmen, Variant (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template
BeeHolder (5e Race) Traits are not to usable standards.
Beefforged (5e Race) Very little description.
Beggar (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Begone Thot *thunder* A bit rough. Firstly, how does the spell in the game know how many players there are in real life? Secondly, the "at higher levels" says the bolts come from the sky. This isn't mentioned previously. Do you need to be outside for it to work? Finally, the spell's role is a bit dubious. I would want to push things away if they are too close: 5e SRD:Thunderwave does this better. If I'm striking at range, 5e SRD:Magic Missile does this better.
Beguiler (5e Class) Incomplete.
Bells of the Necromancer (3.5e Equipment)
Bellum Magus (3.5e Class) Missing in the game.
Ben-Abbas (4e Race) Missing fluff and adventures.
Bender, Air, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Bender, Earth (4/4) (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Berserker (5e Class) This class is not complete and is subject to change. Most the class is still going through its final testing and DM's are advised to use this at your own risk. This classes 20th level feature is still being worked on but a general idea is visible of what it will be like until it is done.
Bestiary (Chanbara Setting) Monster's still WIP
Billore (3.5e Race)
Bilzzaro, Takeshi Variant (3.5e Race) Traits are ill-formed, ages need formatting, x0 template needs completing
Binel Draconians (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Biomage (3.5e Class) Infobox type/desc needs filling
Black Blooded (5e Class) Missing multiclassing prereqs and proficiencies. Fluff is extremely minimal.
Black Flame Evocator (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Black Lion (4e Class) I've noticed that a lot of the powers don't quite use the right terminology (e.g. "You lose one negative condition"). Need to go through them all and correct.
Black Magician (4e Paragon Path) Missing fluff and class feature names.
Black Warden (3.5e Class) does not follow the preload
Black plague mini Incomplete, formatting needs repairing, needs to use 3.5e rules if this is for 3.5e
Blackadder Bow (3.5e Equipment) Needs creation costs and CL
Blacklight Mutator (5e Class) I've removed the deletion proposal. If it's been " modifed to a point where its beyond feasible and went crazy op" then can't it simply be reverted to an earlier revision?
BladeMaster (5e Class) Incomplete
Blade Dancer (3.5e Class) 16:58, 15 May 2015 (MDT)
Blade Singer (5e Class) Incomplete quick build, summary, class features, multiclassing
Blade of the Ashen Hills (5e Equipment) How does this weapon get into arguments with its wielder? This weapon needs to have a link to a katana, or be changed to another weapon type. Also if this weapon does not use the option madness rules in 5e, what does it use?
Blade of the Wuju Bladesman (5e Equipment) What is Wuju blade arts? The weapon also needs a personality, ability scores, and everything else that comes with a sentient weapon.
Bladedancer (5e Class) Awaiting flair content and additional archtypes
Bladefire Valkyrie (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing descriptions from the preload.
Blademaster (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Blast lance(5e Equipment) No description of the item.
Bleach Soul Reaper (5e Class) Incomplete.
Blessed of Boccob (3.5e Prestige Class) Too much optimization. Progressing in three classes at once is over the top.
Blink Blade (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing campaign information
Blink Mage (5e Class) This class is missing archetypes and features at several levels.
Blink Warrior (3.5e Prestige Class) Needs proper formatting and all the fluff/descriptions
Blood-Oath Dagger (3.5e Equipment) I am unclear what the benefits are.
Blood Avenger (3.5e Class) No campaign information or epic levels; the trait descriptions need improving, particularly terminology ("spends 5 health"), I've read Blood Frenzy 3 times now and I still don't understand it.
Blood Bender, Variant (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Blood Bender (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Blood Berserker (5e Class) Incomplete. At the very least, there are some dead levels, and it's not clear why the sacrificial dagger is a tool proficiency (instead of being, say, a dagger)
Blood Mage 1.5 (5e Class) Missing quick build. It seems Charisma should be highest, but then what? There seems to be a lot of melee attacks involved, so is good Strength needed?
Blood Maiden Warrior (3.5e Creature) needs fluff
Blood Warrior (3.5e Creature) Rather lacking in description
Blood Wraith (5e Class) Incomplete.
Blood elf (5e Race) Incomplete
Bloodmancer (5e Class) Incomplete.
Bloodpact Summoner (3.5e Class) Missing many parts. After the parts found above have been merged into the modern preload the parts which are not covered need to be added. Also missing parts such as epic information. Uses the old class format.
Bloodsage (3.5e Class) For starters, the Bloodsage spells need to be formatted as spells.
Bloodsport Survivor Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Bloodwatch Knight (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Blorg Incomplete
Bltghvzt Please can you decide what this deity is called, and pick some domains that actually work with the game.
Blue Fire Bender (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing Campaign Information
Blue Mage, Variant (5e Class) Missing description, unclear how multiclassing with another spellcaster works, as spell slots are not used (even the spell points system in the DMG uses spell-slot-equivalence.
Blue Mage (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Blue Mage (5e Class) Incomplete.
Bluffing through the darkness Unneeded categories need removing and breadcrumb(s) need finishing.
Blurs (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Bolter Round (5e Equipment) Incomplete
Bone breaker (5e Class) class has been reworked for readability and balancing but not flavor.
Bonelord (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Bonelord (3.5e Race) Incomplete
Boneshifter (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Boon of Features (5e Epic Boon) Flavourless metagaming.
Boon of dual wielding (5e Epic Boon) Please see 5e Epic Boon Design Guide
Bowman's Wolf (4e Race) Missing fluff, characteristics, and adventurers.
Bowser (3.5e Creature) No description
Brand (5e Spell) Isn't this basically branding smite?
Branded Knight (5e Class) Incomplete.
Branded Soul (5e Class) Incomplete. Features that gain a number of uses should be added into the table columns, and another archetype would be great.
Brawler, Variant (5e Class) Incomplete.
Bray-Shaman, Shaman (4e Build Variant) Where can the class feature and the feat be found? The class feature, if new, needs to be added here and the feat at feats.
Breathformer (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Brewmaster (5e Class) Incomplete.
Brood, Dragon Clan (5e Race) Incomplete
Brown Minion (3.5e Creature) Missing encounter text and combat.
Bubonem (5e Race) Could use more physical description.
Bullywug (3.5e Race) Needs x0 template, full categories, and removal of 4e-specific content
Bulwark (5e Creature) No meaningful game content.
Burattinaio (3.5e Class) incomplete
Bush-Ents (4e Race) Missing history, bush-ent communities, and bush-ent adventurers. Roleplaying a Bush-Ent should be expanded upon per the preload.
Bush Dog (4e Race) Missing fluff and two adventurers.
Cactian (5e Race) "soft skin" has no mechanics, "aloe flesh" isn't defined correctly (what is "injury healed"?), "natural healer" advantage is a bit broad and vague
Cactimian (3.5e Race) Missing Vital Statistics information.
Cadmian (4e Race) Missing Cadmian Communities and Cadmian Adventurers. Roleplaying a Cadmian should be expanded upon per the preload.
Calconus the Destroyer (3.5e NPC) Doesn't know if it wants to be called a "nightmare" or "Calconus the Destroyer". Categories not complete. No description.
Calder's Starry Sky (5e Spell) No associated classes
Call Society (5e Spell) No classes
Calyn Carduk (3.5e NPC) Not enough description. What does he look like? What are his motivations? How did he go from being a stablehand to a bard?
Cambion (5e Race) Needs a fuller description.
Candlefolk (5e Race) Incomplete
Candlehead (5e Race)
Work In Progress
Candy Person (3.5e Race) Not enough information, x0 template needs filling
Carcassaton (4e Race) Incomplete. See also the preload.
Card Dealer Incomplete
Card Master (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Carolus Pompeo (4e Companion) No perception on the NPC
Cartoon Plane (3.5e Environment) Cartoons need to be detailed.
Carver (5e Class) Incomplete.
Cassian Plane (3.5e Environment) Missing a lot of information. What is the sphere in?
Caster (3.5e Class) In progress
Catacombs of the Cold Legion (5e Quest) Just needs something to go in secret room 30.
Catarina Knight (5e Creature) Incomplete. It has no attacks, among other issues.
Catfolk (4e Race) Missing fluff, and adventures.
Causality (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples.
Cavalryman (3.5e Class) Missing Campaign Information
Cave Lizard (3.5e Creature) Incomplete
Cave Rainid (3.5e Race) Very little usable information exists for describing the race. Also there are blatant contradictions (i.e. associates with dark elves but dislikes evil) throughout the racial description. Since it is actively being worked on in the last 6 months I will forgo tagging for deletion for now.
Ccurukai (3.5e Race) Fluff incomplete
Cecilia (3.5e Deity) Missing alignments, domains, what is a "sleeping dart"?
Celestial Battle Armor (3.5e Equipment) Should use the magic item template - I have added it, the fields need filling. If this is an intelligent item, maybe it should tie in with the rules for SRD:Intelligent Items
Celestial Dog, Ice Beast (3.5e Creature) Description needed
Celestial Hunter (3.5e Class) Missing epic information and in the game.
Celestial Hunter (5e Class) Missing description, quick build, development questions.
Celestial Invocator (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, epic levels
Celestials (4e Race) Ability bonuses were changed, so favoured classes need updating. Cavalier and Warlord are Str/Cha; Ranger and Fighter can be Str/Dex
Celt (5e Race) Just looks like the traits need a bit of tweaking to bring them to standards.
Celtic Born Missing physical description and society is too vague.
Centaur, Noble (4e Race) Needs a "playing a" section that isn't a copyright issue. I'm aiming to make this race like the centaurs in the Shining Force series, since they are not Large. They fulfill the role of mounted units in those games.
Ceremorphous (5e Subrace) Humans do not have subraces; and the "value" of the other races subraces are different such that you can't have a one-size-fits-all subrace. Maybe this was supposed to be a template? This also seems to be incomplete, there are many undescribed traits.
Chained (5e Class) Class features are not in order and some do not say in the description what level they are gained. Background isn't in the PHB: if it's homebrew it will need a wikilink.
Chaingun (3.5e Equipment) What power source spins the barrels? Does it consume ammunition?
Chainsaw (5e Equipment) Needs a bit more bite, and maybe have it use up ammo (fuel) (c.f. Chainsaw, UAC (5e Equipment))
Chameleon (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Champion (3.5e Class) Abandoned for >1 year. Incomplete.
Champion of Fate (3.5e Class) Missing descriptions.
Changelings, Albion (3.5e Race) Missing vital statistics and Template:x0.
Chanter (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, full description
Chaos (3.5e Class) Weak description
Chaos Blade (3.5e Equipment) Missing creation information
Chaos Follower, Tentacle (5e Class) Incomplete.
Chaos Knight (5e Class) Incomplete.
Chaos Planes (3.5e Environment) Not well explained, and unplayable in its current state.
Chaos Rider (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, epic levels.
Chaos Wine (3.5e Equipment) Needs creation costs and prerequisites, and market price
Chaplain, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Chapter 1
Work In Progress
Charismatic Manipulator (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Charr, revised (3.5e Race) same content as Charr (3.5e Race) page
Chasers (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Child of Eris (5e Class) No description, class questions, archetypes, and multiclassing.
Child of Eros (5e Class) This class is missing a description, class question, archetypes, and multiclassing.
Child of Mechanus (3.5e Prestige Class) missing example NPC
Child of Phobos (5e Class) This class is missing a description, questions about a child of phobos, a summary, archetypes, and multiclassing.
Children of the Forest (5e Race) Incomplete
Chimeroth (5e Race) Incomplete
Chiss (5e Race) Missing race traits and random height and weight table needs fixing.
Chocobo Breeding (3.5e Variant Rule) Do Chocobos not breed normally? Do these rules modify their normal behavior, or what?
Chosen Undead (5e Race) Doesn't sufficiently explain the race. It seems to be describing this like a state that is applied to another race, so shouldn't it be a template? How do they become chosen undead? Are they actually undead? What do other races think of them? How exactly does their society work? Do they form their own civilizations or settlements or are they integrated into the "parent" race? What exactly are the factions beyond their names? How do they join a faction? Can they leave?
Chosen of Demogorgon (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
User:Chromeraven/Leech Warden (3.5e Class) No campaign information or epic levels
Chronarch, Timelord (3.5e Race) Incomplete I know, but it's too the point that it is now usable.
Chronolord (5e Class) Missing adequate description, questions about the chronolord, archetype features, and multiclassing.
Chronomancer, Guardian Form (Individual) (5e Class) What is happening with these "old" classes?
Chronomancer (Overhaul) (5e Class) see talk page
Chronoreaper (3.5e Class) Needs content
Cinder (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Cinderbrand (3.5e Equipment) Missing full creation costs, 3.5e magic item template
Circle of Mutation (5e Archetype) fWorking on a rework. This might take some while.
Circle of Privacy (5e Spell) No classes
Circlet of the All Seeing Needs formatting
Cirque du Maboul (3.5e Quest) The summary should summarize the quest; that needs to be fixed. The prep time and the play time need to be a time frame. Background needs to be added. The NPCs need to be made (3.5e NPC). The items need to be made (3.5e Equipment).
Clamantes hostia (5e Race) Incomplete
Class Tables (Teoryran World Supplement) Needs some introductory text to explain what's going on here.
Classic Hero (3.5e Class) incomplete
Claustria (3.5e Environment) Missing a lot of information.
Claws of the Bebilith (3.5e Equipment) Missing market price, creation costs, weight; CL 6 seems really low for the huge poison damage it causes.
Clay Golem (3.5e Race) Not fully filled out, and the descriptions are lacking.
Cleric of Olidammara (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) Please identify what is different between this and a normal cleric and only write anout the differences.
Cliff Drake (4e Creature) No description
Clockrider (5e Class) Incomplete.
Clone (5e Spell) There is already a spell of the same name in the SRD. This homebrew spell should be renamed to something more distinctive.
Cnámhrûh (5e Race) Incomplete
Color Bearer Powers (4e Power List) Powers need to go on their own pages. Further, this is a Work In Progress and needs completion
Combat Assassin (3.5e Prestige Class) Not quite sure what happened with this. Needs formatting and completing.
Combine (D20 Modern Creature) Introductory text needed
Combo Master (Pathfinder Class) This class is in the early stages and is not close to being finished. References to the god class are due to me using it as a template to create this.
Coming Back (4e Race) The name is awful, any suggestions for a rename?
Commando (3.5e Class) Missing a starting package.
Common Poison (3.5e Equipment) Could do with a... name?
Companier (5e Class) Incomplete.
Complete Ninja (3.5e Class) infobox missing type/desc
Concordant Killer (5e Creature) Incomplete. Also, 5e does not have "movement actions"
Concubus (5e Race) Missing society and history. See other races such as Clawfolk (5e Race) for an example.
Conduit (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information.
Conduit of the Lower Planes (3.5e Class) Missing epic information.
Conflict of Will (3.5e Epic Spell) Needs seed, Spellcraft DC.
Conjuncter (5e Class) Incomplete.
Conjure Centauroid Cavalry (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, spellcraft DC, casting time, time to develop and tsea.
Conjure Wyvern Airtroops (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, spellcraft DC, casting time, time to develop and tsea.
Conjure Zombie Infantry (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, spellcraft DC, casting time, time to develop and tsea.
Construct Homunculus (5e Spell) Still WIP.
Corpse Looter (5e Race) Incomplete - Add Outer Planes, History, and Society as well as names (you can do it too, reader)
Corrupted Soul (5e Class) Work in Progress.
Corrupter (3.5e Class) Epic information and campaign setting are missing
Corruptor (3.5e Class) Missing epic information.
Corsair (5e Class) Incomplete, see talk page
Cosmos Blade (3.5e Equipment) Missing adequate campaign information.
Courtesan (5e Background) Feature is a bit weak and vague.
Cow History (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Cowborn (4e Race) The powers were unsuitable as Encounter powers, so I have moved them to racial utility powers. This has left an opening for a racial encounter power.
Cra (3.5e Race) Needs some racial fatures; x0 template and categories need filling in; A little more detail in each section would be nice.
Cricalan (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Crimson Avenger (5e Class) Incomplete.
Critical Specialist (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Crowbar, Large (3.5e Equipment)
Crown of the Masterbard (3.5e Equipment) Requires crafting information
Crusader (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Crusader (4e Class) Incomplete
Crusader (5e Class) Missing questions about creating a crusader and summary.
Cryomancer (5e Class) Missing quickbuild.
Cryomancer 2.0 Missing quick build and description.
Cryowarrior (3.5e Prestige Class) No NPC present.
Crystal Caster (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing descriptions from the preload.
Crystal chalice (3.5e Equipment) Unfinished
Cultist (3.5e Class) Missing a starting package and in the game.
Cults (DnD Other) Will add more Cults later
Cursed Immortal (5e Class) Incomplete.
Cursed Ones (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Cutthroat (5e Class) Incomplete.
Cybernetic hawk (3.5e Race) Incomplete. Many classes rely on equipment, this is a non-humanoid race so some explanation is needed.
Cyborgs (3.5e Race) Description is conflicted; it states this should be a template rather than a race. Does not explain how this modern/futuristic concept might fit into a normal D&D game.
Dabus (4e Race) Missing fluff and two adventurers.
Dabus Peacekeeper (4e Creature) Insufficient description. What do these guys even look like?
Daelkyr Hostmaster (DnD Prestige Class) totally incomplete
Daemon (5e Race) Incomplete
Daemons (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Dagger-Master Assassin (3.5e Class) Missing description, campaign information
Dagger Fighter (3.5e Class) Missing infobox, campaign information; classes that specialize in one type of weapon should be prestige classes.
Dagger Hiding Bracer (3.5e Equipment) Cost and weight?
Dagger Whip (3.5e Equipment) The table needs to be finished. More descriptive text needs to be added.
Dagger mage (5e Class) Incomplete.
Daggerspell Initiate (3.5e Prestige Class) Description incomplete.
Daggerspell Master (3.5e Prestige Class) Description incomplete.
Dahm' Jarr (3.5e Race) Needs formatting correctly, categories to be completed
Dai-Yokai (3.5e Race) Is animal Sp or Su? How does it work? Why is the poison Su, and what is the DC, and why doesn't it use the normal poison duration rules? Why does Regeneration refer to shifters?
Daiki (3.5e Deity)
Dairlon (5e Deity) Incomplete
Dancer, Alternate (5e Class) Incomplete.
Dark Abyss (5e Spell) Incomplete
Dark Angel (5e Class) Incomplete.
Dark Exchange (5e Spell) Which classes can cast this spell?
Dark Knight FF (5e Class) Incomplete.
Dark Spike Hylian (4e Race) missing an adventurer.
Dark Unicorn (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Dark Weapon (5e Class) I presume this is still being worked on, because the terminology is incorrect (e.g. One feature begins "When taking this feat"; the mechanics are dubious, and it's wildly unbalanced.
Darkling (3.5e Race) Some sections need filling out, for example Religion
Darkling (4e Race) Missing adventurers
Darksong Knight (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information. Has a specific background suitable for a prestige class. Needs to be generalized for a base class.
Darksong Luminary (3.5e Class) incomplete
Darkwood Moss (5e PlantFungi) Incomplete
DarthPantheon (3.5e Pantheon) Not enough information.
Dave's Alt. Earth Campaign (5e Creature) Incomplete.
David (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Dead Eye (3.5e Class) Incomplete campaign information. Spelling needs fixing here and there.
Dead Man's Chest (3.5e Equipment) Missing creation information
Death Knight (3.5e Creature) Incomplete.
Death Walker (3.5e Creature) What campaign is this for? Clearly not appropriate for vanilla D&D
Deathmancer (5e Class) Incomplete
Decedent of Dmitri (5e Race) Needs more description on everything.
Deceptionist (5e Class) Incomplete.
Deck Holder (Pathfinder Class) Class not yet completed time walker references are due to a template the author is using.
Deep Diviner (4e Paragon Path) The attack powers are really boring - they should do something other than just cause damage. The daily power in particular needs to do something on a miss or have an Effect or something.
Deepen Shadows (5e Spell) No associated classes
Defender, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, epic levels
Defender (3.5e Equipment) Maybe d20M? Please move if so.
Deity Paragon (3.5e Racial Paragon Class)
Deity Pet (5e Class) Incomplete.
Demigod (5e Class) Incomplete. No feature at 9th level. "Gift of the gods" is not explained. "per long rest". "once a day". Class option features don't say what level they are gained at. No multiclassing information.
Demiplanar Arena (5e Trap) Vague and not very interesting. You make a perception check then there's either a combat encounter or not, in an area of no description.
Demogorgon: Prince of Demons (3.5e Demonic Pacts) More description needed.
Demon Blood Corruption (3.5e Disease) The described symptoms do not match the damage incurred; what does "person rises as a zombie" mean?
Demon Cultist (5e Creature) No CR or description.
Demon Fighter (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Demon Heir (5e Class) Incomplete.
Demon of Dance Fever (5e Creature) No description
Demonic Imp (5e Race) Incomplete
Deschin (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Desert Elf (5e Subrace) WIP
Destined To Be A Hero Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Destructive Magician (5e Class) Incomplete.
Devious Emissary (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information and epic levels
Devouring Volcano (5e Spell) Incomplete
Dhampir (4e Race) The power is not filled out.
Dhampir (Variant) I think this is for 5e. Is this a race or some kind of template?
Diamond the Fey Cat (4e Creature) Description needed
Dibirr (4e Race) not done yet
User:DigiDuncan/Barundee (3.5e Deity)
Dimension Warrior (5e Class) Incomplete
Dimensional Travel Kit If this is a tool kit, what does proficiency let you do? Or was it supposed to be an equipment pack? Are the charged wands Charged Wand (5e Equipment)? What is a dimensional scissor? If this kit has 20 lbs of meat, why does it only weigh 10 lbs?
Dimidraco (5e Race) Incomplete
Dire Bladesmaster (3.5e Class) Class features not defined
Dire Human (5e Race) Incomplete
Direfox (3.5e Creature) Needs description and any special abilities/attacks described
Dirk, Punching (3.5e Equipment) A punching dagger doesn't have the sleight of hand bonus, so why does this?
Discipline Priest (5e Class) Incomplete.
Displacer Beast Solo (4e Creature) Needs Lore and Finishing
Divine (5e Background) very little flavor. We're talking about a person who grew up on the outer planes, and the most anyone can come up with to say about that is 3 lines? Barely a paragraph? Why does their gear cover the absolute bare-bones minimum basics, with no meaningful roleplay or flavor material? The specialization is "mission from heaven", but we don't get any text to explain what that means! That seems like a "big deal" topic worth talking about at least a little.
Divine Avenger (3.5e Prestige Class) No description or flavour
Divine Ruin (3.5e Epic Spell) Not too much information, however an interesting idea. Please feel free to add text; fluff.
Divine Servant (5e Background)
Work In Progress
Divine Thuerge (3.5e Prestige Class) This takes the mystic theurge and adds more stuff, so needs some rationale or balancing factor. Description needed.
DnD Links Many of the links are now dead, and there are some obvious good websites that are missing. Will put this on my to do list.
Don'Yoku (5e Creature) Ability scores are wrong, hit points are wrong, and the attacks are definitely wrong.
Doom (5e Campaign Setting) In progress
Doomblade (Carallion Supplement) Missing gameplay information
Doomborn (5e Race) Needs a set list of death names, race name should not be a proper noun
Doragon no Senshi(5e Class) Incomplete, has some dead levels, and some of the features are quite rough ("attack whichever creature attacked you as an incidental"?)
Dorath (3.5e Deity)
Dorthin (5e Race) Missing example names. Needs a fuller description. What is their culture like, how do they get on with other races, what kinds of personalities do they have, why might they become adventurers, can we have more information about these monasteries, etc.
Double Edged Resistance (3.5e Feat) What are the prerequisites? Shouldn't this be a trait?
Double Spear (3.5e Equipment) Needs writing up correctly; missing range, crit, etc. Description needs rewriting, this would use the normal rules for double weapons. Categories need fixing.
Double Weapon Master (5e Feat) I will be changing this. I don't want people to have to take a feat (which might not be in the game) to use double weapons. Will do something similar to Dwarven Urgrosh, Variant (5e Equipment).
Draco-Elf (4e Race) Needs feats unique to this race instead of copying existing races, see talk page for ideas. Descriptions (physical qualities, playing a...) are insufficient.
Dracon (4e Creature) Dracon Champion & Dracon Raider needs information to be added. All the comments and half-comments need to be filled in.
Draconian Felinus Cult (4e Creature) Templates need updating, lores need merging
Draconian elf Incomplete
Draconic Centaur (5e Race) Incomplete
Draenei, Variant (4e Race) Power needs completing
Draenei (3.5e Race) "Lands" should describe how they integrate into other civilizations, if they do not have their own.
Dragon's Blood (5e Class) Incomplete.
Dragon's Blood Variant (5e Class) Incomplete. Incomplete.
Dragon (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, lore, and in the game (and an example NPC).
Dragon Blood Sorcerer, Variant (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Dragon Bow (3.5e Class) Missing description and campaign information
Dragon Clan Ronin (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Dragon Demigoddess (4e Deity) Missing commandments, domains
Dragon Flight (3.5e Feat)
Dragon Lord (3.5e Class) Missing description, campaign information, epic levels, example NPC
Dragon Magazine Not proper publication format
Dragon Ryder, low(er) power variant (5e Class) No description.
Dragon Slayer (Fire Variant) Incomplete.
Dragonblood Arcanan (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Dragonborn Demigod (4e Deity) Missing commandments, domains
Dragonborn Sorcerer (5e Class Feature) This class feature may get reworked into a full class in the close future. This version may be unbalanced or uninteresting to play, so stay tuned! ~Magierpichu
Dragonkin (3.5e Race) Wording and formatting need fixing
Dragonkin (5e Class) Incomplete.
Dragons of Oredell (5e Creature) Incomplete.
Dragonscribe (3.5e Prestige Class) Not fully fluffed
Dragonsoul (5e Class) No description, multiclassing
Dragoon, Balanced (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Dragoon, Variant2 (3.5e Class) Missing a starting package, lore, and in the game.
Dragoon (4e Class) Level-appropriate powers need to be added.
Dragotaur (5e Race) Incomplete
Drakes (5e Creature) Incomplete
Dranconic Soi (3.5e Deity) Missing plane, misunderstands domains, poor grammar.
Draythikons (3.5e Race) Some formatting needed, x0 template and categories need filling
Dread Codex Needs sortin' out still.
Dreed'arken (4e Race) Fluff, characteristics, names, and an adventurer need to be added.
Drehn (4e Race) needs the names and adventurers.
Drek (3.5e NPC) What's the ECL? The summoned creatures, unless specific, need to be links. If specific then added to creatures and still links.
Drider, True (5e Race) Incomplete
Drilthid (3.5e Race) Barely any description; LA seems a bit low for a total of +20 ability score bonus; doesn't explain fall resistance
Drone (5e Race) Incomplete; traits need bringing to 5e standards; spelling and grammar need looking at.
Drouin Archer (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Drow Stepmaker (3.5e Class) incomplete
Drow Widowmaker (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Drugs and Medicines (5e Variant Rule) Just created - needs more love and help from many users.
Druid of The Zerg Incomplete.
Drynth (3.5e Deity) What are the "apathy" and "poisons" domains?
Duck (4e Race) The physical description should be expanded. Maybe include species' of duck, something scientific about them, etc.
Duelist (5e Background) The feature is not a feature. Anyone could do this anyway. Skill choice is too broad.
Dullahan (3.5e Racial Paragon Class) Incomplete
Dunbrow (3.5e Deity)
Dungeon Dash (3.5e) Incomplete in many places
Dungeonomicon (DnD Other)/Charactonomicon
Dungeonomicon (DnD Other)/Economicon Gems, souls, concentration, hope, and raw chaos need to be explained of how they work within D&D. They currently do not correlate.
Dunkleonoid (5e Race) Still has insufficient description. What do they look like? Do they wear clothes? What colour skin? Gait? If they are the result of a mage's experiment, is there only one? Otherwise, how did they propagate? If they don't have a society at all, are they completely solitary? If so, why would they join a party of adventurers? Are they ever found in other cultures? What do other races think of them? If they have no society, do any of the backgrounds work? (artisan, folk hero, noble, etc). They are at once "animalistic", but are smart enough to become wizards, etc, how do they deal with this internal conflict? Other than being cannibalistic, what do they eat? What is the new Placodermic language, what does it sound like and what script does it use?
Dunkleosteus (3.5e Creature) Awaiting description
Duo-Keen (4e Creature) Incomplete
Dusk Hunter (3.5e Class) Awaiting content.
Dwarflings (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Dwarven Demigod (4e Deity) Missing commandments
Dwarves, Albion (3.5e Race) Missing vital statistics and Template:x0.
Dwarves, Loam (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Eager Novice (5e Background) Work in progress. Please do not edit this page until this template has been removed.
Eagleborn (4e Race) Missing an adventurer
Earthbender (3.5e class) Missing epic levels, indexing template, categories
Earthmen (5e Race) Incomplete
Ebon Monk (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing description, campaign information
Ecendrite (3.5e Race) Flavor.
Echo Warrior (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Edge Punisher (3.5e Class) Missing lots of information.
Edolas (3.5e Environment) Awaiting content.
Eijilund Plushies (3.5e Race) The campaign information needs to address their balance.
Einherjar (5e Class) Barely any description. Prerequisites field needs filling.
Eladrin-Elf (4e Race) "Playing a..." section needs writing.
Elder (4e Race) Fluff and adventurers need to be added.
Elder Blood Slime (4e Creature) No description
Eldest (5e Race) Incomplete
Eldritch Cathar (5e Class) Incomplete.
Eldritch Gunslinger (3.5e Class) x0 template for indexing, infobox template
Eldstar (3.5e Deity) Insufficient description
Electromaster (3.5e Class) Missing epic levels, starting package; campaign information is very light
Element Bender (5e Class) Working on it! ConcealedLight (talk) 02:43, 27 August 2017 (MDT)
Elemental Armor (3.5e Equipment) Lacking in text and flavor.
Elemental Blade (5e Spell) Doesn't say if the melee attack is a weapon attack or a spell attack. I suspect the latter but you never know.
Elemental Caster (5e Class) This is quite rough, I presume it's still in progress.
Elemental Consciousness (5e Race) Incomplete description, not enough here to actually play.
Elemental Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature) Incomplete.
Elemental Mage, Variant (5e Class) WIP by --Blewsbro (talk) 00:36, 21 June 2017 (MDT)
Elemental Manipulator (5e Class) Incomplete.
Elemental Pugilist (5e Class) Missing archetypes, and the class needs to have a better feature spread so it gains a feature or a spell slot level every level.
Elemental shot Incomplete.
Elemental warrior (3.5e Creature) No fluff text
Elementalist, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing categories, breadcrumb, full description, some other stuff from the 3.5e Class Preload
Elementalist (3.5e Class) Missing a starting package, and campaign information (and an example NPC).
Elementalist (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing description.
Elementalist (5e Race) Incomplete
Elementalist (Planomancer) (5e Class) Incomplete.
Elementalist V2.0 (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Elf, Alfar (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Elf, Variant (D20 Modern Race) incomplete
Elite Assassin Incomplete.
Elixra Special items need some rewriting to make sense (what are the CRs for the items? "all adjacent tiles"?
Elossa (3.5e Deity)
Elrakti (5e Race)
Work In Progress
Elthor (3.5e Deity) Incomplete. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
User:ElvenKingSlave/Weapon Summoner Missing an example NPC.
Elven Demigoddess (4e Deity) Incomplete, missing commandments.
Elven Swiftblade (3.5e Prestiege Class) Missing parts.
Elves, Albion (3.5e Race) No Template:x0 and no vital statistics (see the preload for both).
Elves, Blood (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Elves, Ghost (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Elves, Illumil (3.5e Race) Barely any description; trait only benefits spellcasters.
Elves, Luck (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Elves, Marel (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Elves, Schandernan (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Elves, Song (3.5e Race) Incomplete.
Elves, Tenebrous (3.5e Race) Incomplete.
Elves, Variant Drow (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Elves, Winged (3.5e Race) Missing several descriptive sections
Emergency Cast See talk page.
Emorta (3.5e Environment) Incomplete.
Empath Incomplete.
Empath/Heart Mage (5e Class) Incomplete.
Emperor Hamster (5e Race) Incomplete
Empowerist (3.5e Class) Missing a lot of information. See the preload.
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chronomancy (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Demonology (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Nymphology (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
Enduring Flame (4e Paragon Path) No fluff
Energy Giant (3.5e Creature) d32 hit dice, needs more feats and skills, problems with hit points
Enforcer (3.5e Class) Missing starting package
Enhance Stature (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop
Ensorcelled Fighter (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Entity Binder (3.5e Class) Missing epic levels and campaign information, infobox needs filling
Entomancer (5e Class) Incomplete.
Entomologist (5e Class) Incomplete.
Eo (3.5e Deity) And? Anything else?
Eoptera (3.5e Race) Not much description, x0 fields not filled
5e Epic Spells and Powers Currently has no content.
Eruth (5e Race) no summary line
Essence Blade (4e Class) Incomplete
Essence Poisoner (5e Feat) What is "poison crater"? How are the poisons used? Doesn't creating these use up raw materials? What is their worth if I sell them? Why does it say "your proficiency with Poisoner's Kit", does it just mean your proficiency bonus? Does "for half" mean if the saving throw is passed, the amount the ability score is reduced is halved?
Essentia Warrior (3.5e Class) Missing many areas (see the preload).
Eternal (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Eternal Dark (Endhaven Supplement) Missing a bunch of stuff.
Ethereal (5e Race) Incomplete
Ethereal Assassin (5e Class) I'm sure this must still be being worked on, because it's very rough. All the magic point costs are in multiples of 5, so why not divide it all by 5?
Ethereal Blaster (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Ethereal Hunter (5e Spell) No categories.
Everloft Not much here and Seems quite vanilla.
Eversion (5e Spell) Incomplete
Evomancer (3.5e Class) Missing BAB; see issues on talk page; missing campaign information, epic levels.
Evorian (5e Race) Incomplete. Doesn't use the standard format.
Ex-Blood Doll (5e Background)
Work In Progress
began 09/07/16
Exalted (5e Class) WIP
Exander (3.5e Deity) Incomplete. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Executioner (5e Class) Incomplete.
Executioner (5e Creature) No description.
Experimentation(5e Class) Incomplete.
Explorer (4e Class) Needs a lot more powers.
Explosives Expert (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Extra-Armed (3.5e Template) 16 October 2013
Facehugger (Xenomorph)(5e Creature) No description. Why does the tail deal force damage. Should provide proper options for removing a facehugger. People are going to want to bash/cut it off at the risk of acid damage. Even if not removed, people might want to attempt surgery to remove the chestburster.
Faelorgn's Power Surge (3.5e Epic Spell) Missing information in the spell area.
Faerie, Variant (3.5e Race)
Faerie (3.5e Race)
Faery (5e Race) Incomplete
Fairy-touched (3.5e Race) Missing categories; x0 template needs filling
Faithful Sword (3.5e Class) Missing some campaign information. See also the preload.
Falconer (5e Class) Incomplete.
Falconic (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Fallen Angel, Variant (5e Race) Incomplete
Fallen Human (5e Race) Incomplete
False Vision (5e Spell) Isn't in any spell lists.
Familiar (5e Race) Incomplete
Far Mage (5e Class) Spells WIP. Could do with spell level working into class table (per warlock)
Farseer (3.5e Class) No example NPC present.
Faunotaurs (3.5e Race) vital stats not filled out
Faunus (RWBY) (5e Race) Incomplete
Favorite Spell (3.5e Feat) Needs to use the preload/templates etc..
Feat Design (5e Guideline) As a community guideline, this page will forever be incomplete. Feel free to jump in and add your wisdom and insight to the community's standards!!
Feathered Harbinger (3.5e Class) Missing an example NPC.
Feh'a (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Fehlgarath (3.5e Environment) Not well explained, and unplayable in its current state. How can this fit into a campaign with adventuring?
Felemental (5e Other) Still working this to benefit semi-pure magical spell ability focus and less physical melee and ranged builds. Original at
Feles (5e Race) Incomplete.
Felinoid (4e Race) I've removed the the traits that didn't work, so now we need some others.
Fell Beast, LotR (3.5e Creature) No description
Fell Bringer (3.5e Prestige Class) Incomplete.
Fenir Wolf (3.5e Creature) Needs a CR
Fennec (5e Race) Incomplete
Fenrisulfr (3.5e Deity) Missing alignments, domains, description is quite brief, doesn't seem to be an overdeity.
Feral Warrior (3.5e Class) Missing many areas. See the preload.
Feralings (4e Race) The fluff and characteristics need to be added.
Ferengi (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Ferengi (Star Trek Supplement) missing vital stats
Festern (5e Deity) Not enough here to be usable in a campaign.
Festive Lantern (3.5e Equipment) Doesn't know if it's 3e (cone) or 4e (ongoing damage / saves) or neither ("1 min cooldown"); needs a price; clearly not "mundane" so needs to have creation details and needs to use Template:3.5e Magic Item
Fey (+0LA) (3.5 Race) missing vital stats
Fey (Tears of Smoke version) (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Fey Corgi (5e Race) Very little flavor text.
Fey Knight (5e Class) Some good points raised on the talk page that have not been addressed. Lack of class options.
Fey struck (Pathfinder Race) In progress??
Feyborn (4e Race) Please remove the comment markers.
Feyline Incomplete
Feyrin (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Fhondi (4e Race) More text needs to be added to "playing a".
Fiendish Brute (3.5e Class) Missing starting package.
Fiendish Monstrous Centipede, Large (3.5e Creature) Description needed
Fighter, Knife Specialist (3.5e Class) same as Invisible Blade (3.5e Prestige Class)
Final Breath (3.5e Epic Spell) Needs Development Cost in gp and XP
Finalist (4e Race) Missing adventurers (see the preload for the format).
Fire Dancer (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing campaign info
Fire Disciple (3.5e Class) Missing "playing a", "in the world", and "in the game" (& example NPC).
Fire Vine (5e Creature) There is no "drought" condition. Also doesn't list a defined size, and either way, d12 is the hit die of a Huge creature, not Small (d6), Medium (d8), or Large (d10). Perhaps a view of the 5e Creature Design Guide would be beneficial?
Firedrake (5e Creature) Hit points are horrendously incorrect, attack and damage calculations are wrong, and there is some discrepancy between the actions and the legendary actions. Please read the 5e Creature Design Guide.
Firroth (5e Creature) What race is Firroth? Shouldn't the spell-like attacks be Spell Attacks? Could the "illusions" feature be a Spellcasting ability and give him a selection of illusion spells?
Fish, Mutant Incomplete
Fisherfolks, Burning (3.5e Race) Incomplete.
Fits o' Laughter (5e Spell) The hideous laughter spell also incapacitates enemies with laughter.
Flame Burst Gauntlets (3.5e Equipment) CL, prerequisite, cost, marketprice, school, aura fields need filling
Flamekin (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Flare Knight (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Flash Ninja (3.5e Class) Missing x0 template for indexing, epic levels, campaign information.
Flayerbred Hand (3.5e Helvruin Class) Missing Campaign Information
Flesh Beast The previous page is moved into Flesh Beast (5e Creature) to add the identifier.
Flesh Beast (5e Creature) Awaiting description
Flind (5e Race) Incomplete
Floating Fangs (3.5e Creature) Needs a better description, perhaps something on their origin or ecology.
Flufftail (4e Race) Missing adventurers (see the preload for the format).
Fly, Greater (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop
Focused Tactician (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information.
Food Witch (5e Creature) Attack bonus is incorrect. Screech and Entangle should be action options, or more likely changed to spells.
Foodon Fighter (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information... is this a joke?
Force (5e Spell) What does this spell actually do?
Force Sensitive (3.5e Class) Missing information throughout "campaign information" (& example NPC).
Force Wall (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop
Forcewave (5e Spell) What classes can cast this spell? This should be edited into the part of the breadcrumb at the bottom of the page
Forest (3.5e Epic Spell) No Spellcraft DC, requires time to develop
Forest Hylian (4e Race) Missing an adventurer.
Forge master (5e Class) Incomplete.
Forge of Kwalish (5e Equipment) In progress
Forged (3.5e Race) x0 template does not match the racial traits; Heat Grasp and Self Repair need to be Ex, Sp or Su
Forgefire Ravager (3.5e Creature) What is "Adroit Forgefire"?
Formless Druid (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing epic levels and campaign description. See also the preload.
Fortune's Fool (3.5e Prestige Class) Needs fuller description
Foulkin (4e Race) Lacking in detailed fluff, and a subtype.
Four Primordial Beasts (3.5e Deity) Four deity stubs need expanding.
Fovia (3.5e Creature) Missing description, categories need completing.
Fox, Hengeyokai (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Foxphyre (3.5e Race) Very little descriptive content. So bland and tasteless. Give us some flavor!
Freerunner (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Froblins (4e Race) Missing adventures. Playing a... needs expanding
Frog (3.5e Cleric Domain) Tongue rope is redlinked.
Full Dragon(5e Race) Incomplete
Fundle-Grundles (4e Race) Missing fluff, playing a, and adventurers.
Furyans (3.5e Race) x0 template, categories, need completing. Traits need formalizing.
G.E.O (5e Class) Incomplete
Gagan (3.5e NPC) Missing many areas.
Galaxia, the "Soul of the Stars" (3.5e Equipment) Such a powerful artifact should have some information on how and why it is eventually disposed of.
Galeb Duhr (5e Race) Missing history and society.
Gallifreyan (5e Race) Incomplete
Garblespeak (3.5e Language) Needs a bit more context/history
Garl (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Gaunlet (5e Equipment) Incomplete
Gaurdian of Faith Incomplete
Gazers (5e Race) Incomplete
Gear Salior (5e Class) Incomplete.
Gear and Equipment (The Legend of Zelda Supplement) How are these of any use whatsoever?
Gearhead (4e Race) Missing adventurers (see the preload for the format).
Geilvens (4e Race) Playing a Geilven and Geilven Adventures sections are not filled out. Missing text throughout.
Gemlings (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Gems (5e Race) Incomplete
Gendarme (3.5e Class) missing starting package and campaign setting.
Genelf (4e Race) Missing an adventurer.
Genie (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information (and an example NPC).
Genie (variant) (5e Race) Incomplete
Genomancer (5e Class) Incomplete.
Genovesan (5e Class) this could easily be made into a rogue archetype or a background, some feats, and a peice of equipment
Gentleman of Hats (3.5e Class) Incomplete
Geography (Azara) Appears incomplete.
Ger-Dagum (Endhaven Supplement) Incomplete
Geschickt (3.5e Race) Missing adequate description; make clear that the bonus feats are bonus feats
Gestalt (Starcraft Supplement) Incomplete
Gestalt Bralwer Monk (3.5e Class) What is this supposed to be.
Ghastly Corsair (5e Creature) Just use the ghost stats.
Ghetto Ritual (4e Ritual) Vague, broken ritual. Relies on DM judgement, which means you might end up with "I'll combine a pebble and this other pebble to make a +5 magic longsword, cheers." - or if you limit it to what's reasonable "I'll combine these pebbles together to make a mundane hammer" this is something you would expect to be able to do through skills anyway. April Fools tag was slapped on after-the-fact: it shouldn't be used to try and save terrible pages.
Ghillie Suit (3.5e Equipment) Needs a price.
Ghost Shadow Mage (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing epic information and much fluff (see the preload).
Ghoulcaller (5e Class) Incomplete. Missing breadcrumb and categories. No spell list. Has features on the same levels that it gets new spell slot levels, the balance of this is going to depend on how good the spellcasting is.
Giant Bee There are perfectly serviceable giant wasp statistics. Consider using those.
Giant Infernal (5e Creature) Is this a fiend or an elemental?
Giant Spider (3.5e Race) unfinished
Giant Spiky Monstrosity of Spiral Deformity (5e Equipment) There are a number of double ups, wording/formatting/grammar issues and standard deviations. Restating the lances property are unnecessary. This weapon is far too weak to be of the legendary rarity and as such the sentience tag isn't appropriate either. Skills and attributes aren't referenced. It's ability to extend to 15ft needs to be a weapon trait. The name is ridiculously over the top, simply The Spiralling Deformity would do. There are a few other issues but these are the most obvious and pressing ones.
Giga Gygax (3.5e Class) Incomplete
Gigaemon (5e Race) Incomplete
Gigatenids (5e Race) Incomplete
Gladiator (3.5e Class) incomplete
Gladiator Champion (5e Creature) Still WIP.
Glo-Gleb (3.5e Deity) Wording needs to be expanded throughout.
Gloaming (4e Race) Missing an adventurer.
Gnarl (5e Creature) WIP
Gnome, Tinker (3.5e Race) Missing a lot of description. Don't just put "large city" for Lands. What kinds of communities do they form? What does a tinker gnome district look like?
Goat-People (3.5e Race) Not enough description, x0 template needs filling
Goblin, Blue Variant (3.5e Race) Missing flavor areas.
Goblin:Dusgaia Supplement (4e Race) Needs adventurers
Goblins, Silver Lands (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
God Hunter (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Godborn (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Gold Knight (3.5e Prestige Class) 00:34, 20 June 2009 (MDT)
Gold Serpent Incomplete
Goldnight (5e Equipment) Is the radiant damage in addition to the longsword's normal damage, or instead of? Does it do anything interesting other than damage?
Golem Dragon (5e Creature) No description.
Goliath (Pathfinder Race) This decries a lack of understanding of Pathfinder races. Table needs fixing, Favored Class Options should be a bonus per level, Fluff needs expanding, Alternate racial traits should be optional replacements for racial traits (of which there are otherwise none, which should also be fixed).
Gorillafolk (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Gorlul (3.5e Deity) Incomplete. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Gortalus Vetter (3.5e NPC) Lacking in description
Gorvil (3.5e Creature) Just a few fields missing (touch, flat, grapple, bab
Grand King Armor (5e Equipment) I'm sure there's something useable in here, but it's bogged down by misunderstandings of the rules and far too many traits.
Grand Marionettist (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Grappler (3.5e Class) Missing most of the fluff (information below epic) and an example NPC.
Graug (5e Race) No height/weight table, Graugs aren't humanoid, apparently they have to be chaotic neutral, grammar errors. Unaligned would be the correct alignment for a creature that doesn't understand morality.
Grave Walker (5e Class) Incomplete
Gravewalker (5e Class) Incomplete.
Gravislayer (5e Creature) CR needs updating
Gravity Knight (5e Class) Not much description. "study tanks" is anachronistic description. Incomplete quick build. No summary. No class options.
PFGray Ooze I need some monsterblock conversion code too
Graz'zt: The Dark Prince (3.5e Demonic Pacts) Description needed
Great Black Swamp (Endhaven Supplement) incomplete
Great Jaggi (5e Equipment) Where are this creature's statistics?
Great Summoner (3.5e Class) missing starting package, campaign information
Great saber tooth (5e Race) Incomplete.
Greater Ghost Ward (3.5e Equipment) Please link to Ghost Ward or say what book it can be found in.
Greater Vile Minion (3.5e Creature) Incomplete
Greater Wall (3.5e Spell) school and desc fields need filling; categories and breadcrumbs need completing
Grey Guardian (3.5e Class) Missing in the game (and an example NPC).
Grey Knight (5e Class) Incomplete.
Greywardens (5e Race) Incomplete
Griffon, Psitigris (3.5e Race) no flavor
Grim Reaper (3.5e Deity) Missing deity template. Has some flavour issues: it's not very original; doesn't interact with a game world very well (no places of worship, no dogma for followers, etc); it's more of a personification than an actual deity; what does it mean to be a (lawful good) paladin in the Grim Army, not allowing a plane to be "over-saturated with life"?
Grimalkin (5e Creature) In progress
Grootslang (5e Creature) This creature would benefit from description of its appearance.
Grung (5e Race) Incomplete
Grungs (5e Race) Incomplete
Guard (3.5e Class) Missing some campaign information
Guardian's Shield (3.5e Equipment) Missing hit points, hardness
Guardian, Dwarven Defender Class (3.5e Class) Missing most of the fluff (see the preload).
Guardians (5e Race) Incomplete
Guide to Making a Samurai (Teoryran World Supplement) What is this? A class?
Guldarine, Burghal (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories need completing.
Guldarine, Caliginous (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling in
Guldarine, Coppice (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories need completing
Guldarine, Palisade (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories need completing
Gun Alchemist (3.5e Class) Missing many fluff areas (see the preload).
Gun Knight (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Gunslinger (4e Class) Incomplete. --Argent Fatalis (talk) 22:20, 8 April 2013 (MDT)
Gwlithenni (3.5e Race) Categories and x0 template need completing. Should this have an LA?
H.A.G.A.S.M.O.F.F. (3.5e Race) Please remove the comment markers to reveal your text.
HAZA (5e Spell) I'm not really sure what this does.
Haibane (5e Race) Incomplete
Hakurei Shrine Maiden (3.5e Class) Missing starting package and bits of campaign info.
Halberdier (3.5e Class) Missing areas of information, see also the preload.
Halberdier Knight (3.5e Class) Needs changing to a Prestige Class. This is not a good concept for a base class.
Half-Bear, Half-Dwarf (3.5e Race) No description; x0 template does not match.
Half-Dead (3.5e Template) Under construction, constructive edits and criticism welcome
Half-Deer (3.5e Race) Incomplete
Half-Dragon, Variant 2 (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template, descriptions, wikilinks
Half-Drow, Variant (4e Race) Incomplete.
Half-Dryads (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling, personality and physical description need completing
Half-Girallon (3.5e Race) missing vital stats, incomplete flavor
Half-Goblin (5e Race) no summary line
Half-Kobold (4e Race) Missing fluff, characteristics, names, adventurers, a type, and a subtype.
Half-Medusa (3.5e Race) External links need replacing with internal wikilinks. x0 template and categories need LA0
Half-Myrmeke (5e Race) Incomplete
Half-Ogre (4e Race) Missing fluff, characteristics, male and female names, and adventures.
Half-Rock Incomplete description, x0 template needs filling
Half-Spirit (5e Race) Incomplete
Half-Troll, Variant (5e Race) Missing physical description, height and weight table, history, and society. Consider moving to Half-Troll (5e Race) as a variant instead of completing this race.
Half-Vampire (3.5e Template) Homebrew
Half-Verbeeg (4e Race) Fluff is inadequate. What is their culture like? Where do they come from? What is special about their blood?
Half-Yōkai (5e Race) Incomplete
Half Beastmen (3.5e Race) needs an x0 template
Half Doppelgänger (3.5e Race) Inadequate description and formatting. Missing categories. Ought to be a template. There was a decent half-doppelganger template in Dragon #313.
Half Elves, Dusk (3.5e Race) Descriptions are rather brief, needs categories, even ability score adjustments, x0 template.
Half Ghost (5e Race) Not finished.
Half Orc Half Ogre(5e Race) Incomplete
Half Orcs, Half Ogres (3.5e Race) An orc/ogre cross is an ogrillon. Please consider improving Ogrillons (3.5e Race) before you start this.
Half Succubus-Warforged (3.5e Race) Incomplete.
Halflings, Changeling (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Halflings, Nomad (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Halflings, Quickmind (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor
Halflings, Tallwalkers (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Hallowed Knight (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Halo (5e Spell) "50% chance of incurring wandering creatures". What sort of creatures? Are they hostile? How do I "incur" a creature?
Hand (3.5e Creature) Incomplete
Hand Axe Master (5e Feat) Do you mean "when you are fighting with two weapons" and "the two weapon fighting style"?
Handcannoneer (5e Class) Incomplete.
Hands of Undeath (3.5e Spell) "necromancy, conjuration" - which is it? Categories and breadcrumbs not completed correctly.
Harakan (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Harbingers (4e Creature) Still a lot that is incomplete.
Harpie (3.5e Race) Missing categories, x0 template needs filling
Harrowed (D20 Modern Template) Any LA? Seems overpowered. What setting is this for? Template as above.
Hatter's Hat (3.5e Equipment) Needs game information.
Havenbarrow Temple (5e Quest)
Work In Progress
Headless Angels(5e Race) Incomplete
Heather (3.5e Deity) More information needed. What does she look like? What motivates her? What is her relation to the rest of the pantheon? How is her clergy organized? Story hooks?
Heaven's Guard (3.5e Creature) No details on how they travel the planes, or how they get back when they finish off their target. Also, a good deity having elite assassins makes them sound not so good anymore.
Concept talk:Heavenly Dragoon Incomplete.
Heavy Mace (5e Equipment) Needs a better description. Why would it be "causing it to be best used by clerics" if it is a martial weapon?
Heavy Weapons Master (5e Feat) This is more like a 4e feat.
Heavyweight Boxer (5e Class) Missing questions about a heavyweight boxer, quickbuild, and multiclassing.
Heir (5e Race) Incomplete
Heir of the Monkey King (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Hell's Descendant (5e Background) Missing half the preload. Please look at the edit screen for 5e Background Preload and replace what is missing.
Helm of Hades (3.5e Equipment)
Hengeyokai: Ookami (3.5e Race) Sections on alignment, lands, names, language, are too brief
Hengeyokai (5e Race) Need to add animal forms
Hero of Time (5e Race) Missing random height and weight table. The race's history and society can also be expanded.
Heroes & Villains (Herregor Supplement)
Heroic Archer (5e Class) Incomplete. WIP.
Hex (3.5e Deity) OP did not understand what the domains and calign fields are for. What is a "battle wand"?
Hexer (3.5e Class) Missing many parts of the preload.
Hidden Skills I don't know what this is or what edition it's for.
Hierodule (3.5e Class) Missing "in the game".
High Champion of Avanyar (3.5e Prestige Class) Doesn't explain what "minor auras" are.
High Elf (4e Race) Empty sections need content; alternatively move this to racial variants
High Warden (3.5e Class) Missing Campaign Information(and an example NPC).
Highlander (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Hippokin (5e Race) Missing history.
Hit List (Sons of Anarchy Supplement) Needs content; dpl's listed every creature on the wiki.
Hive Mind (5e Class) Assume this is incomplete. Has spell slots but no spellcasting feature.
I give up on reworking this class - the idea is too dangerous and tricky to implement on D&D settings and systems. --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 13:46, 5 April 2017 (UTC)
Holy Blade Master (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Holy Mage (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, type/description for infobox, type for category, class names are not proper nouns.
Homunculus variant (5e Race) no summary
Honor Guard (5e Creature) Not sure if they are actually carrying four weapons around with them, or if the different attacks are supposed to be alternatives.
Hooded (3.5e Trait) Incomplete, what is the actual benefit and drawback? UA:Character Traits
Horizon Walker (5e Archetype) A few blanks need filling in.
Horned Angel Incomplete
Host Zonder Core (3.5e Feat) This has no context. What is a "small zonder core"?
House-Elf (5e Race) Incomplete
Hover Sentry Mk2 (5e Creature) In progress?
Hrragh (2.5e Disease) Awaiting game mechanics
Hu Child (4e Race) Missing two adventures and the current one could be filled out a bit more.
Hudnir (3.5e Deity) Incomplete.
Hulking Jester (5e Creature) "Massive" is not a size. To what radius does it have "True Sight", "Blind Sight" and "Darkvision" (should be truesight, blindsight, and darkvision, respectively).Consider reading the 5e Creature Design Guide.
Human, Orc Slayer (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories missing
Human (Damned) Incomplete
Human (Warcraft Variant) Incomplete
Human Demigod of Arcane Power (4e Deity) Missing commandments.
Human Demigod of War (4e Deity) Missing commandments.
Human Puppet (5e Class) Missing multi-classing and creating a human puppet questions.
Humanimal (3.5e Race) Vastly incomplete. Please see the preload for the missing parts.
Humans, Kohanim (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling, categories are missing
Humans, Teoryran ,Bourgeoisie(3.5e Class) classes and races should never be combined. as a sub race this really doesn't stand on its own - it is saying effectively because you were born one way you have certain innate talents. this would serve better as an additional template after you select a race.
Humans, Teoryran ,Clergy(3.5e Class) classes and races should never be combined. as a sub race this really doesn't stand on its own - it is saying effectively because you were born one way you have certain innate talents. this would serve better as an additional template after you select a race.
Hummingbird (5e Equipment) Doesn't seem particularly powerful for an artifact.
Hungering Mantis (4e Race) Needs intro text, physical description, "playing a...", example names, adventurers.
Huns (3.5e Race) No content
Hunter, Companion Variant (5e Class) Missing questions about creating a hunter, archetypes, and several class levels have no features or too many features.
Hunter (3.5e Prestige Class) Incomplete stuff
Hunter (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Hunter of Sacrifices (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Huorn, LotR (3.5e Creature) Needs some description here, not just an external link
Hustler (5e Class) In places doesn't use D&D rules/terminology correctly; no feature at 15th; incomplete archetype. Is it called "hustler" or "vector"?
Hyaenid (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template used for indexing
Hybrid (3.5e Race) Needs a more lore-friendly name ("hybrid" is quite generic). (Nocturne) not a bad attempt at naming. Needs better descriptions: how do these hybrids come about? Do they form their own societies, or how do they fit into other cultures? What kind of deities do they favour? What kinds of worldviews do hybrids of different alignments have? Examples of names? Spelling and grammar need improving throughout.
Hybrid (5e Class) Incomplete.
Hydralisk (3.5e Creature) "hiveminded" needs explaining, other traits need wikilinks
Hydro (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Hygeist (Demon) (5e Race) no summary line
Hylotl (5e Race) Incomplete
Hypasomnies (5e Race) Incomplete
Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
Hyrulian (The Legend of Zelda Race) Could do with following the 3.5e Race Preload, needs description etc.
Ice Dragon (3.5e Creature) Needs to use the formatting at 3.5e Creature Preload
Ice Elf (5e Subrace) WIP
Iceheart (5e Race) Missing history.
Ichor Geist No description
Iconomaster (3.5e Other)
User:Idlem/Apocalypse Incarnate (3.5e Class) Campaign information is insufficient.
Ietherwing (3.5e Race) Still in progress? Traits use some statistics that are not in D&D 3.5e ("speed", "defense")
Ignika Elementals (3.5e Race) Descriptions are very brief. I have no idea what they look like (they "vary") or how they behave (they "vary"), what kinds of places they live in, and there are no example names.
Igor (5e Class) Incomplete. See talk page
Ill Padre Della Vita (5e Deity) Tried to do something of this, but it really needs a rewriting.
Illusionary (3.5e Spell) Requires spell components, proper duration and tsea.
Imaginary Friend (5e Creature) Work in progress
Immortal Handbook: Ascension Needs to be transcribed.
Immortal King (5e Creature) No actions or description.
Immovable (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Immunity to Transmutations (3.5e Spell) No spell level, requires actual school
Improved Telekinesis (D20 Modern Feat) Please use Template:D20 Modern Feat, categories
Incubi (4e Race) Missing adventurers (see the preload for the format).
Indomitable (5e Class) Incomplete.
Infected (5e Class) Dead levels are present, and the mutations are not listed on the tables and as features.
Infernal (5e Creature) No description.
Injector Gauntlets (3.5e Equipment) Needs creation costs and market price
Injury kit (5e Equipment) If this is a toolkit, what does proficiency let you do? Is it like a disguise kit?
Inkling (5e Race) Could do with the description filling out a bit more, perhaps some subraces.
Inklings (Splatoon) (3.5e Race) Inadequate description. x0 template needs filling
Inquisitor, Variant (5e Class) Missing multiclassing and questions about an inquisitor.
Inquisitor (5e Class) Incomplete.
Intercessor (3.5e Class) The starting package is not present and places throughout campaign information are lacking in text.
Intuitive Arcane Scholar (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information and epic levels. Wouldn't this make a better prestige class?
Inventor (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Inventor (5e Class) In progress
Iocus (3.5e Deity) Incomplete.
Ionians (5e Race) Incomplete
Irinsians (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor, missing vital stats
Iron Golem (3.5e Race) x0 template doesn't match traits, breath weapon and grafting need explaining
Iron Knight (3.5e Prestige Class) 00:51, 20 June 2009 (MDT)
Iron Tager (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Iron Theurge (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing campaign information (with example NPC).
Ishvalan (3.5e Race) x0 template not filled
Island of Ilyon (3.5e Campaign Setting) lots of sections are missing information
Isthin (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Ittōjutsu Samurai (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and "in the game".
Ivory King (5e Creature) Incomplete
Ixitxachitl (5e Creature) Incomplete
JRPG Heroes No content
Ja'anai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla setting.
Jaenseth (5e Deity) WIP. I'll work on this when I have time. --OwenLeaf (talk) 15:27, 18 February 2015 (MST)
Jasmira (3.5e Deity) Missing domains
Javan (3.5e Class) incomplete
Jedi Healer (DnD Class) No campaign information.
Jelly Monarch (3.5e Race) "Jellys have no faith" is lazy. This race has enough intelligence to understand religion, and there's nothing stopping them from being clerics. So what gods would they worship? x0 template, categories, and height/weight table need completing.
Jester, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, epic levels
Jester (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information.
Jiangshi (5e Race) Undefined necromancy, and just a skeleton.
Jinchuriki (3.5e Race) In Progress
Jinchuuriki (5e Race) Incomplete
Jotun (5e Race) Incomplete
Jotunheim (5e Creature) Awaiting content
Judge (5e Class) Some skills repeat. Class needs revision.
Judgement Pick (3.5e Equipment) Needs to be a bit clearer as to what's going on with crit and damage
Juggernaut, Variant (3.5e Class) Incomplete
Juggernaut (3.5e Class) Could do with more description on how the class fits in the world. At the moment it just feels like an exercise in maxing out defenses. How and why do people become juggernauts?
Juliette Troubal (3.5e NPC) No description
Jumper, Helios (3.5e Class) same as Jumper (3.5e Class)
Jumper (4e Class) Not enough powers for level 1 play; existing powers have some balance issues; role_fluff and power_source_fluff need filling
Jura (Endhaven Supplement) Incomplete
Jörmungandr-barn (5e Race) Incomplete
Jürgen Metzger (3.5e NPC) No fluff~
K'kzzzzr, Teoryran (3.5e Creature) Feats are non-SRD so need references. SA and SQ fields need filling
Kamel (5e Race) Height/weight table needs finishing
Kamui (5e Race) Incomplete
Kansvatter (5e Class) Incomplete, please don't touch.
Kantian Paladin (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information.
Kantus (4e Race) Needs further description explaining how this science-fiction race works in a D&D campaign.
Kappa (3.5e Race) Missing information on relations
Karnit (5e Race) Incomplete
Kasanai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
Kassandra (3.5e Deity) Incomplete. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Kegg (3.5e Deity) What are "flaming fists"? Where/what is the "plane of intoxication"?
Keldren (4e Race) Missing an adventurer, a type, and a subtype.
Kelir Swordmaster (3.5e Prestige Class) Only partly finished.
Kender (4e Race) Missing fluff, playing a description, a type, and a subtype. Also the organization is quite strange - it needs to be improved.
Kendimachist (3.5e Class) Missing many parts found in the preload.
Keyboard Warrior (5e Class) Incomplete.
Khaasta (4e Race) Ability options are too broad. 4e doesn't have the Outsider origin; perhaps you mean Elemental. Encounter power is a minor action with a trigger. Needs proofreading.
Khakkhara(3.5e Equipment) Missing crit, damage type, hardness; could do with a bit more description.
Khronos (3.5e Deity) missing all fluff, plane, and domains
Ki Master, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package and "in the game" (with example NPC).
Killoren (4e Race) Missing two adventurers.
Kilmask (3.5e Race) Incomplete
King's Ranger (5e Background) Doesn't really explain the background well enough. Apparently it's from a book series, so perhaps brief us on who the "King" is or what the "Crown's army" is? What are the "unique tasks"? I have no idea what these people do. Otherwise it's really just the Soldier background (even the feature is the same).
King André Bestor (3.5e NPC) No alignment picked. No ECL present.
Kirroth, the God of Summer (3.5e Deity) What is the "hatred" domain?
Kishanai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
Kitsune,Black (3.5e Race) Description is light or absent (Don't just put "Any" for alignment), traits need formalizing, x0 template needs filling
Kitsune, Variant2 (5e Race) Looks like a hasty conversion from an older edition?
Kitsune, Varient(5e Race) Incomplete
Klevar (3.5e Deity) insufficient description
Klingon (5e Race) Incomplete
Klingons (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Kneeforged (5e Race) Very little description
Knife-Fighter (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Knife Augmentor (3.5e Class) Please add categories. Why not alternate the Sneak Attack and Augmentation so that you get something every level?
Knife Thrower (3.5e Class) Missing many parts found in the preload.
Knight, Teoryran (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Knight, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing epic info.
Knight (5e Class) Incomplete
Knight Errant (5e Class) Incomplete.
Knight of Cydonia (5e Class) Incomplete.
Knight of the Dark (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Knight of the Divine (3.5e Prestige Class) Needs a proper description, formatting
Knight of the Ebon Blade (3.5e Class) Incomplete
Knight of the Mystic Runes (3.5e Prestige Class) Needs campaign information, lore, cleanup, epic levels, and addition of small statistics.
Knight of the Order of the Union (3.5e Prestige Class) 00:01, 20 June 2009 (MDT)
Knight of the Round Table (5e Class) Incomplete.
Knight of the Scale (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Kobling (5e Race) Characteristics incomplete
Kobold, Krofter (3.5e Race) In progress. Needs x0 template filling, categories, introduction, personality, statistics
Kobold (5e Race) Missing summary and adequate description as it does not say what a kobold looks like.
Kobolds, Goblins85 (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Koetel (Endhaven Supplement) Incomplete.
Kolec (3.5e Deity) Missing domains
Koopa (3.5e Creature) No fluff text
Korlak (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Kra'Akas (5e Race) Incomplete
Kra 'i' Maghull (5e Race) Incomplete.
Krayak (Pathfinder Environment) As template below. Needs vastly more fluff (I need to be able to imagine this plane). Random encounters, NPCs, mechanics of effects like gravity all need to be fleshed out more.
Krilos (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples.
Ktropo (5e Race) Missing society and history and could use some more physical description.
Kuluth (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Kumiho (4e Race) Incomplete
Kuo-Toa (5e Race) Seems to have taken traits from the Monster Manual kuo-toa and rewrote them in an incomplete, abbreviated way. "Slime" doesn't include information required for it to work: action, range, DC (or attack information) and duration. Description needs filling out, in particular why a kuo toa might become an adventurer.
Kuo Toa (4e Race) Missing an adventurer.
Kurshisei (5e Race) Incomplete
Kyudo Practitioner (3.5e class) Appears incomplete.
Lagiacrus (5e Creature) Attacks are incomplete, what "disadvantage" would the lagiacrus suffer in difficult terrain?
Landless Lord (3.5e Class) Categories need sorting, infobox needs type and desc fields filling, no class features after 12th level.
Lands of Amber (5e Campaign Setting) Introduction and summary text, no actual game information yet.
Lanista (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing parts.
Lapinians (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories need completing
Lartuen (3.5e Deity) Very little information.
Laser automatic (5e Equipment) Unclear mechanics, incomplete, no cost? I also question its balance
Lath (4e Race) Missing names and adventurers. Physical description needs expanding.
Latis (3.5e Race) Level Adjustment needs to be determined
Lavaborne (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories need completing; traits need formalizing with correct wording and links.
Lawgiver (5e Class) Four dead levels, missing multiclassing and quick build
Lawless (5e Class) Incomplete.
Lawn Gnomes (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Lazarus' Card Dealer (5e Class) Incomplete.
LeShay (5e Race) Incomplete
Leandertown (4e Environment) What happens in this town? What makes it important? What can players expect to see/do etc?
Leatherweave (3.5e Equipment) No associated cost.
Legend of the Swamp (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing description from preload.
Leopard-chaun (5e Race) Incomplete
Leperchaun (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories need completing; inadequate description
Leporidae Incomplete
Lesser Archons No description
Lesser Turpis (3.5e Race) Needs more description, traits need to conform to 3.5e standards
Leuco (5e Race) Incomplete
Levan (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Lever Armor (5e Equipment) Do not understand. Is this just a lolrandom page?
Lich, Variant (5e Class) Incomplete.
Lich (5e Class) Incomplete.
Lich Knight (5e Class) Incomplete.
Lichdom (5e Class) Incomplete.
Life Path (5e Variant Rule) This hasn't bee fully converted (it refers to supernatural and spell-like abilities), and as a replacement for backgrounds shouldn't really be doing stuff like "you learn new spell"
Light of Elendil (3.5e Equipment) Needs creation CL, prerequisites, cost; marketprice, aura.
Lightkin (4e Race) "Your eyes project light" and yet "Their eyes are black voids". Adventurers section needs.. uh.. some work.
Lightning Walker (5e Class) Missing a description, class questions.
Lightning fast (3.5e Feat) Incomplete.
Lile Squareknot (3.5e Deity) Incomplete. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Lilins (3.5e Race) Wording and formatting needs improving, x0 template and categories need completing
Lime Burners (Endhaven Supplement) Incomplete
Limitless Charnel Healer (3.5e Optimized Character Build)
Lin-dead (5e Race) Incomplete
Lingering Wound (4e Feat) Awaiting prerequisites and "stress test"
Litch (5e Race) Not much description, poorly worded traits.
Living Flame Disciple (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information. The writing is a bit ropey.
Living Spell (4e Elite Character) Heroic tier is playable.
LizardFolk, Anchient Vital statistics tables need finishing, needs favored class. Could do with extra fluff and description. I don't know about the size increase thing, that probably needs balancing.
Lizard King (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Lizardfolk, Duneswift (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Lizardfolk, Emberscale (3.5e Race) Missing vital stats
Lizardfolk, Emerald Thorn (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Lizardfolk, Frost Fang (3.5e Race) missing vital stats, most of flavor text
Lizardfolk, Gecko Morph (4e Race) Missing characteristics and adventurers.
Lizardfolk, Marsh Shadow (3.5e Race) missing vital stats, most of flavor text
Lizardfolk, Spikeback (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Lizardfolk, Titan (3.5e Race) Description is brief, x0 template and categories need completing
Loa (4e Pantheon) Deities need filling out using the 4e deity template (domains, etc)
Lobster (3.5e Race) Barely any description; traits are poorly written ("preform all the tasks of a normal person, except at a negative -4" ?!)
Locra (4e Race) Missing adventurers and "playing a..."
Lodestar (5e Class) Incomplete.
Lombos Incomplete
Lone Walker (5e Class) Incomplete.
Long Hilt Battle Sword (3.5e Equipment) What on earth is this going on about?
Longinus Incomplete.
Longknife (5e Equipment) Incomplete.
Lord Boccob (3.5e Deity) The best way for people not to get confused with the PHB Boccob is for this deity not to have the same really specific name. Missing information on origin, history, where he resides, relationships, etc
Lord Cirth (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Lord Elf (5e Subrace) Incomplete
Lord Of Blood (3.5e Class) Missing required information from preload; campaign information, introductory description, epic levels, etc
Lord of Magic (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Lord of Nightmares (3.5e Deity) Missing symbol, plane, sensible domains, favored weapon, dogma
Lords of Stone and Sea (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Lost Missing 5e racial traits template, random height/weight
Loxodon (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Loxodon (4e Race) Missing fluff, "Playing a Loxodon," names, and adventurers
Luck Leech Dagger (3.5e Equipment) Missing market price; missing XP costs
Ludnir (3.5e Deity) Incomplete.
Luka (3.5e Deity) missing all fluff, home plane, and domains
Lumins (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor, missing vital stats
Luna (5e Deity) What are the "darkness" and "moon" domains? It mentions Sol, is this part of a pantheon? What are "death, darkness and destruction spells"?
Lunasol (5e Class) Incomplete.
Lunavar (3.5e Deity)
Lupine (3.5e Deity) Needs content
Lutins of Calebth (4e Race) Fluff, adventurers need to be added.
Lutrinae'l In Progress
Lycan (5e Race) Incomplete
Lycanthron (3.5e Deity) In Progress
Lycanthrope, Variant (5e Race) WIP
Lynetra (3.5e Deity) Not much information.
Lythari (5e Subrace) This is complicated, when 5e makes things simple
Ma'aleca'andrans (3.5e Race) Incomplete
Mace of Kobold Golfing (3.5e Equipment) Missing creation costs, aura, etc
Machine-Gunning Crossbowman (5e Optimized Character Build) At first level, your average damage is 13, not 14. The damage values given assumes you will be taking the -5 penalty on all attacks. At 4th when you first take Sharpshooter, attacking against AC 15: 40% hit rate with sharpshooter, 65% without; so that's DPR 13.2 vs. DPR 8.45 (or an extra 5 damage per round). Against AC 20 it's DPR 4.9 vs. DPR 5.2 (so using sharpshooter you deal 1 less damage on average). So each time your attack bonus changes, it should be noted at what target AC this "absolutely devastating damage output" is actually effective.
Mad Scientist (3.5e Class) In progress
Mage (D20 Modern Class) Incomplete
Mage Slayer (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Mageblade, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing full description, campaign information
Magebow (5e Class) Incomplete.
Magi (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
MagicMystic (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Magic Girl (Arcane) (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Magic Infused (5e Race) Fluff is extremely minimal. Brain Problem, Magical Vision, and Magical Eyes don't make sense.
Magic Lance (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop
Magic Mine Seems to use magic item rarities, but there are no "Ultra Rare" or "Epic" rarities.
Magic Wards (5e Feat) Uh, if it uses a spell slot and has a spell-like effect, can't it just be a spell?
Magus (5e Class) If you want a page removed, please inform an admin, don't just blank it. I assume this has been abandoned, it's not particularly well designed but there are one or two interesting ideas. Any further page blankings will be treated as vandalism.
Magus Strider (5e Class) Incomplete.
Mahrdians (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor, missing vital stats
Maiden's Children (5e Race) The naming section needs work. The premise is good, but it would require a lot of research to get good names out of it. Why not do the leg work for your players? That is kind of the point of the naming section. How much longer can they live?
Maidens ribbon (3.5e Equipment) Needs a caster level
Maindoeirian (5e Race) Incomplete
Mainling (5e Race) Incomplete
Majestic Sea Flap Flap (5e Creature) No actions, features, and very little description
Majora's Mask (5e Equipment) The actual benefit of this item (granting spellcasting) is vague and left to the DM, which isn't very helpful. Unclear what a "non-holy weapon" is - anything except for a holy avenger? I'm also wondering if this should be an artifact. EDIT: Should be fixed, made the benefits more obvious.
Make up kit of deceit (3.5e Equipment) If this is an artifact, needs further information relating to this; needs a CL
Malu Malu (5e Race) Barely any description. What is their culture like? What deities do they worship? How do they get on with other races? What kinds of places do they live? etc etc. Traits are incomplete: the climb speed is what you would get anyway; The bite has no attack or DC info.
Mammoth (3.5e Class) Missing infobox
Mana Addict (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, features could do with being spread over levels.
Mana Breaker (5e Class) Incomplete.
Mancore (5e Race) Suggested characteristics incomplete.
Mandalorian (5e Race) Incomplete
Maned Wolf (5e Creature) See talk page.
Manriki-Gusari (3.5e Equipment)
Mantle of the Dargonslayer (3.5e Equipment) Missing creation costs, prerequisites, CL. If it can't be created, then it needs to be moved to artifacts.
Marakov (3.5e Deity) 01:26, 28 May 2014 (MDT)
March of Chelwyn (5e Campaign Setting) Has a sort of map and nothing else.
Martial Artist (4e Class) Needs powers.
Martial Empath (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Martyr Necromancer (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Mask of Aces (3.5e Equipment) An NPC should be detailed to explained where this can come from.
Mask of Deformation (5e Equipment) Now it "attacks" you to impart the curse, it is more like a trap, so should be adapted as such.
Masked Hero (5e Class) Incomplete.
Masked Ones (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories need completing
Masked Rider (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information and epic levels. Also, some levels have no feature whilst others have several. Wouldn't it make sense to spread them out a bit better? External links for Extraordinary need replacing with wikilinks.
Master Swordsman (3.5e Class) Missing all the fluff areas (see the preload).
Master Theurge (3.5e Prestige Class) No description
Master Vampire (3.5 Prestige Class) Missing descriptions.
Master of Blades (5e Class) Incomplete.
Master of Ceremonies, Variant (5e Class) Needs work on abilities unlocked every level. Redoing the paths. Balancing the class from its original version
Master of Improvision (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing parts.
Mastermind (5e Class) Incomplete
Meadow Rider (3.5e Class) Abandoned for >1 year. Incomplete.
Mechanic (3.5e Prestige Class) Features need to be denoted as Ex, Sp or Su (some of the features just seem to be copied spells; needs a bit more description
Mechanist (4e Class) Powers not complete.
Mechanized Gauntlets (5e Equipment) More explanation needed. It's two-handed - are you forced to wear a pair of them? Or is it one gauntlet that requires the off-hand to help operate? What powers it, is it magic? mechanical? In what way does it deal extra damage to structures?
Mefathiel (3.5e Deity) Insufficient information.
Megalosaurasapians (5e Race) racial traits are being described in the wrong categories. IE: a description of their language is given in their physical description, rather than in the languages trait. Subrace ASIs are given in the main race ASI trait.
Melfer (5e Race) Incomplete
Melkuth (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Memory (Pathfinder Race) "in-progress"
Mentalist (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Mercenary Variant (3.5e Class) Missing a lot of information. See the preload.
Merchant (3.5e Class) Missing a lot of information. See the preload.
Mercurion (3.5e Creature)
Merdragon (5e Race) Incomplete
Merdwarf (5e Race) This follows almost none of the conventions for 5e Races.
Mesmer, Variant (5e Class) Not much description, no summary, unfinished
Metagamer (3.5e Class) incomplete
Metal Bender (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Metalborn (4e Race) Needs three brief adventurers
Metallic Dragon (5e Race) Incomplete
Metalmorphian (5e Race) Incomplete
Metaphysicalist (5e Class) A few dead levels. Some of the class features have awkward mechanics and need rewriting.
Meteoric Greatsword (5e Equipment) What is Master Blade Maker or a Veteran Meteor Giant? What counts as meteor iron? Augmentation also does not follow the rules of crafting magic items listed in the DMG 128-9.
Mi-go (3.5e Creature) Just a few fields missing (touch, flat, grapple, bab
Midas Warrior (5e Race) Incomplete
Might Spawn Incomplete
Mighty Arm (5e Class) Missing questions about developing a mighty arm and quickbuild. Also why does the class transform for no discernable reason and how can you transform?
Miles (3.5e Deity) Needs fuller description. Also: what is a "wurm", what is a "bio-mancer", and is "shear power" something to do with sheep?
Mind Field (5e Class) Incomplete, needs to finish spell list
Mind Flayer (5e Class) Does not have features at every level.
Mind Kill (5e Spell) No description of what becoming "brain dead" means. Is it like feeblemind, an 8th-level spell?
Mineralean (4e Race) Missing two adventurers.
Minor Barrier of True Guard (3.5e Spell) Needs "school" filling in spell template and category
Minor Wall (3.5e Spell) school and desc fields need filling; categories and breadcrumbs need completing
Minotaur, Ardanian (3.5e Race) Not enough description.
Minotaur, Tarumaki (5e Race) Incomplete
Minotaur, Variant (5e Race) Missing history and society.
Minuteman (5e Class) Incomplete.
Mir-Aj (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Mir-a-zong (3.5e NPC) Incomplete. Please help with editing; same as a hound archon hero with one more level of paladin than normal.
Misstar (3.5e Deity) Insufficient description
Mistling (3.5e Creature)
Mithral Knight (3.5e Prestige Class) 00:30, 20 June 2009 (MDT)
Mobile, Variant What's going on, this is practically the same as Dancing Blade.
Moldaren (5e Race) Incomplete
Momentum Warrior (5e Class) No description
Monk,Scribe (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Monk Variant (4e Class) Not finished.
Monk of the Outer Planes (5e Class) Incomplete class features; quick build, introduces planes that are not part of normal D&D cosmology, so is this for a specific campaign?
Monkeybird (4e Race) Missing characteristics and adventurers.
Monsoon (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop
Monster Hunter, Variant (5e Class) Class is missing several archetype features, class features, and info on archetypes. Numerous features are also unclear or do not state the level at which you gain the feature.
Moon Elf (Elf Varient) (4e Race) Vastly incomplete.
Moon Zerker (5e Class) Incomplete.
Moove (5e Race) Incomplete
Moppling (4e Race) Adventurers are entirely generic, and need to relate to the Mopplings.
Morale (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop
Mord Sith (5e Class) Missing a few features, archetypes, quick build, and class questions.
Mordekai (3.5e Race) Missing some information for flavor text as well as Vital Statistics.
Morphling (5e Race) Incomplete
Mortarion (5e Creature) The chances of rolling four 1s on a d20 is so low that is there any point in adding that stipulation to Divine Infallibility?
Mortician (3.5e Class) Class refers to several non-core book things ("Corpse Crafter" feat, "Plague of Undeath" spell) but doesn't explain where they can be found.
Mortuum Elf (3.5e Race) Needs an LA, x0 template and categories need completing
Mossfolk (5e Race) Incomplete
Mountain Lord (5e Quest)
Work In Progress
Mousefolk (4e Race) In progress
Movanic Deva (3.5e Racial Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Mudra shinobi (5e Class) Incomplete
Mursaat (3.5e Race) What is a "jade homonculus"? x0 template and categories need completing
Mushkin (4e Race) Adventurers are entirely generic, and need to relate to the Mushkins.
Musican (5e Class) Incomplete.
Muskular (3.5e Deity) insufficient description
Musspeltide (3.5e Race) vital stats not filled out
Mustevals, Beastland (3.5e Race) partially incomplete flavor
Muta (3.5e Deity) In progress, I think, has missing information.
Mute (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Myconid (4e Race) Missing three adventurers.
Myr (3.5e Creature) Incomplete
Myrloth (4e Creature) With its feats, action points and surges, this appears to be a PC not a Creature - needs moving somewhere else.
Myrmidon Warrior (3.5e Class) Missing epic levels
Mystic Archer Incomplete.
Mystic Bowist (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Mystic Chef (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing multiple levels, and not fully written.
Mystic Knight (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Mystogan (3.5e Deity) Could do with more. Mythology or origins, relation with the pantheon, motivations or goals, story hooks, a particular temple or worshiper, how the temple fits into society - something like that.
Māori Steampunk (5e Class) Incomplete.
Na'kii (5e Race) Incomplete
NaRok (3.5e Race) Barely any description, x0 template needs filling
Nains (3.5e Race) Grammar needs some work, some description sections are too brief.
Nan'xin' (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Naruto: Ninja v3 (5e Class) Missing class description and features at several levels. Also, many of this class's features do not describe how they are activated(action, bonus action, or reaction).
Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) Incomplete: Being Reworked and balanced as well as getting additional archetypes and Justu
Naruto Shinbi Sanin (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions have not been added.
Nature's Knave (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing parts.
Nature Champion (5e Class) Incomplete.
Necrolites (3.5e Race) Not enough description. For example, if they were created by a wizard, how did they go on to become a race? Did they breed?
Necromancer (4e Paragon Path) Inadequate fluff
Necromancer 2nd Variant (5e Class) Incomplete.
Necromantic Prodigy (3.5e Prestige Class) Not sufficient enough description to explain what this class is.
Necromaster (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Neko (4e Race) Missing characteristics, adventurers.
Nemarutt (5e Creature) Still WIP.
Nephalem Incomplete
Nephilim (4e Race) lacking in descriptive text, and missing three adventurers.
Nephilim (DMC variant) Incomplete
Neshii (5e Race) Incomplete. Many traits are not worded quite right.
Nevervoid Slayer (3.5e Class) Missing starting package, and all of campaign information.
Nezumi (3.5e Race) Barely any description, uninspiring traits. Perhaps Stench could use some of the actual D&D rules such as the Sickened condition, or something.
Nietzschean (3.5e Race) Some sections need more description
Niffin (5e Race) Incomplete
Night at Rougoku-ji (5e Quest) still in the works. Needs to be finished and then have to create original monsters
Nightbringer Incomplete.
Nightcrier (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Nightsoul (3.5e Creature) Missing campaign information
Nihilist (Teoryran) (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Nimries (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories incomplete; descriptions need completing; plane shift is a pretty high level spell, so race will need a significant LA
Ninja, Naruto (5e Class) Multiclassing only partially done. Rewrite in progress.
Ninja, Variant (5e Class) Incomplete. A few dead levels, formatting and wikilinks needed, etc
Ninja (4e Class) Level-appropriate powers need to be added.
Ninja (5e Class) Incomplete, still copying over ideas from here.
Ninja of Gax (3.5e Prestige Class) What is a Ring of Gax?
Ninja of the Hidden Waters (3.5e Class) Very specific background more suitable for a prestige class than a base class. Poor grammar throughout, missing wikilinks to SRD spells, some features inadequately described (what exactly is going on with Stalagmite Trail? Crystal Ice Mirrors?
Nixkkin (4e Race) Generally needs clarity, swim speed of 8 is quite fast, Aquan isn't a language in 4e, immunity is no in 4e as it just limits your DM, resistance is fine. Also is this supposed to be a pathfinder or 5e race?
Nobus (3.0e Race) x0 template and categories need completing. Traits are poorly designed and balanced.
Nocturnal Enuresis (3.5e Flaw) Summary seems to describe something much more generalized than bedwetting. Also, consider renaming the flaw to bedwetting or something more common for the tongue.
Nohr (5e Race) Still a Work in Progress
Noil-Tac (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories need completing, traits are quite awkward.
Nollss (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template
Noloshem (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Non-enervating Wilder (3.5e Class) Missing alot of information. See the preload.
Nordheim (5e Environment) Not much here. A town with a temple, shop and lodge. No significant description. Could do with story hooks, encounters, etc
NorthSky (3.5e Pantheon) The actual deities will need their separate pages (use the "add new deity" button) with full information on their origin, history, relationships, motivations, followers, domains, etc
Nosan's Ring Of Chaos (3.5e Equipment)
Nothing (3.5e Deity) Long sentences need moving from the template fields to the general description and replacing with something succinct
Notte (3.5e Deity) Barely any information
Novus (4e Race) Incomplete.
Nualanai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
Nuzulk (5e Race) Incomplete
OGC:Diabolist (5e Class) In the process of being transcribed.
Oath of Death (5e Archetype) Incomplete Incomplete
Oath of The Chaplain (5e Archetype) Still WIP.
Oathbreaker (5e Class) Missing archetypes, multiclassing, and quick build.
Ocarin (5e Race) Incomplete
Occult Mind (3.5e Prestige Class) Not filled out.
Ocenot (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template used for indexing. What are their settlements like? Their culture? What races do they get on with, which do they hate? What is their history? What kind of adventurers do they become?
Offers (3.5e Race) Text needs to be expanded upon; especially in Alignment, Lands, Religion, Language, Names etc (more text in general and more defining). Also the categories need to be looked at as well as Template:x0 (desc,ecl, etc)
Ogre Tribe Guard (4e Creature) Missing description text, encounters, lore
Ogre Wolf (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Okamikiba (3.5e Race) Categories need completing; x0 template needed
Omega Weretiger (5e Creature) Incomplete. Spells should link, there's no such thing as a "natural melee weapon attack" in 5e.
Omnid (3.5e Deity) Really vague, not enough information to actually use this.
Oni (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template, needs to use formatting in preload, feats need moving to separate pages
Onion Cutter (5e Feat) Actually, the gameplay mechanics represented by this feat is not bad per se. It's the silly fluff that somewhat ruins the tone. Dear OP: If you really want to insist this feat, I suggest either change the fluff, add the April Fools template (which I think is not the best solution), or find another way to channel your hatred toward onions.
Ooze Bloodline (5e Archetype) Incomplete. I have not yet added any fluff or flavor to the archetype. This will occur shortly.
Ooze Whip (3.5e Spell) What does the Fortitude save negate?
Oozing Spirit (Pathfinder Prestige Class) Needs class spell list populating --SgtLion (talk) 04:48, 26 May 2016 (MDT)
Oracle (5e Class) Incomplete
Orbital Strike (3.5e Equipment) No description
Orc, Green (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete
Orc Trollbreed (4e Race) Missing "playing a..." and adventurers
Orcish Smithy (3.5e Race) vital stats not filled out
Orcus: Prince of the Dead (3.5e Demonic Pacts) More description please.
Ore Beast (5e Race) "No society on record." is just really daft and lazy. Needs more of a physical description than "tall and stern".
Original Warcraft Shaman (5e Class) Missing questions about creating a shaman and quick build.
Orion (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Orodor (3.5e Deity) Incomplete. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Other Plane (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Otherworldly Countenance (4e Feat) Links needed: What are "demonic ancestry" and "abyssal heritor feats"? Why are beauty and intimidation incompatible?
Outsider (5e Race) no summary line
Overdrive Warrior (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information.
PC Mounts (5e Variant Rule) Forever Unfinished. This page is in an indefinite state of revision, due to it covering conditions previously unexplored by the core rules. As such, as new races and gameplay experiences arise, this page will change to adapt to the needs of the game.
Pack Leader (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, epic levels, categories, infobox
Pagemaster (3.5e Class) Features need to be designated Sp, Su or Ex
Paladin, Lord Dhazriel Variant (3.5e Class) Missing a starting package and in the game (and example NPC).
Paladin, Sulacu Variant (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package.
Paladin (3.5e Class variant) Missing campaign information, epic levels, infobox fields
Paladin Oath Of The Reaper See talk page.
Pandafolk (5e Race) Incomplete
Pantherborn (4e Race) Missing fluff, playing a, and adventurers.
Paonils (3.5e Race) Barely any description. Spelling and grammatical errors.
Paradox (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Paragon (5e Class) Incomplete.
Paranoid Agent (5e Background) Add something interesting to gear. Give us more detail about what this is all about, without giving specific setting details please.
Parasite, Humanoid (3.5e Race) Incomplete description.
Parasite Unit Race(MGSV:TPP) Incomplete
Passier (3.5e Race) missing Names flavortext
Path of the Hellish Tribute Lacks a 14th level feature, as well as having too strong tools early on the game without any kind of compensation and having too much damage potential as it is (I don't care if part of it is situational, as it is not a limited resource.)
Pathfinder Tengu (5e Race) Incomplete. Summary field should be a one-sentence summary for the index, not two paragraphs.
Pathiel (5e Creature) Still WIP.
Pax (3.5e Deity) Incomplete.
Peasant Warrior (3.5e NPC Class) Missing a general description and actual class features.
Pegasus(my little pony) (5e Race) Incomplete
Pegasus (4e Race) Missing fluff, a description, and characteristics.
Penanggalan (4e Class) In progress. Heroic tier is done.
Pentamore Stick A better name, please
Perfect status vision (3.5e Epic Spell) No description
Perma (Endhaven Supplement) Incomplete
Persona user (5e Class) Incomplete
Pestilent (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Petrified Orc Spine (3.5e Equipment)
Phantom (3.5e Class) Powers only go up to 4th level)
Phantom Disaster (5e Equipment) Many of this weapons effects are not adequately explained. This weapon also has no vision, way of talking to the wielder, and does not get into arguments with its wielder.
Phantom Warrior (5e Class) The class is lacking features at a few levels and needs more flavor. As always comments on balance issues are helpful.
Phenomist (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, playing a, in the world, and in the game (and an example NPC).
Pheonix born (fixed) Base class with 10 levels. Might I suggest making this into a prestige class?
Phoenix Clan Ronin (3.5e Class) Incomplete features. Missing categories and breadcrumb.
Phoenix Fire Wine (3.5e Equipment) gives you a +5 per glass vs. cold... - Cold Effect, Cold Subtype, using the rules from Frostburn?
Phykkes (5e Race) Incomplete
Pick of Tiamat (3.5e Equipment) Does not include the backstory appropriate for an artifact.
Piffudge (3.5e Deity)
Pillar Men (5e Race) Description needs some improvement. Most D&D campaigns not set on Earth.
Pirate (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information; dead levels at 7th, 18th, 19th
Pit-Fighter (3.5e Class) Front-loaded class traits, missing epic levels, campaign information. I'm also not fond of the anachronistic terms.
Pit Gladiator Incomplete
Pixie, Cydol (4e Race) Missing playing a's description, and two adventurers. Rewrite introductory text: Official pixies are tiny-sized, so pretty easy to tell from these small variants.
Pixie-Born Incomplete
Pixie Dragon (5e Creature) No actions or traits.
Plague (3.5e Spell) No information if affected by spell resistance, no components.
Plague Doctor, Variant (5e Class) Missing descriptions. Work in progress
Plague Doctor (5e Class) Missing descriptions. Work in progress
Plague Smith (3.5e Class) Incomplete beyond intro text
Plains Bison(5e Creature) Incomplete
Planar Conduit (5e Class) Incomplete
Plane Of Two Worlds (3.5e Environment) Missing information.
Planes Caller (5e Class) Incomplete.
Planes Walker, Mountains (3.5e Class) Incomplete, see the preload for the missing sections.
Platipi (3.5e Race) Vital stats, x0 template, and fluff all need expanding.
Platonians (3.5e Race) terribly incomplete, no flavor text
Pledged (5e Race) Incomplete
Plots and Adventures (City-States In Chaos Settlement) These should be changed into quests (see 3.5e Quests or 4e Quests if this CS is 4e) and linked to from here.
Poison Master (5e Class) Incomplete.
Polecats (3.5e Race) Missing in fluff. Also the "Racial Traits" are not formatted right (although this should be mentioned on another template we all get the idea).
Polka Thief (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Pook (3.5e Deity)
Pooka (3.5e Race) unfinished
Positive Elemental (3.5e Creature) Greater elementals need doing on separate page
Possesed Body (5e Background) The feature is not a feature, more of a roleplaying trait (which I can see getting obnoxious quite quickly). Writing needs to be improved ("a pour soul"?)
Possessed Lute (5e Creature) Incomplete. How does it attack?
Potent Portals (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
Potmancer (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Powerslave (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Practiced Evolved Description mentions "humans", but race not mentioned in requirements. Copyright disclaimer template is missing franchise and owner fields. Action Points are an optional rule, this needs to be mentioned at the start and linked to UA:Action Points.
Precious Metal Caster (3.5e Prestige Class) no flavorstuff
Predator (5e Race) Incomplete
Press Rounds (4e Power) Incomplete.
Pride the Arrogant (3.5e Class) incomplete
Priest of Protection (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Priest of the Unhindered Path (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing campaign information (and an example NPC).
Primal Hunter Lacking features, spellcasting, and is in an incomplete state.
Primitive Warrior (5e Class) Incomplete.
Primordial Echo (5e Race) Incomplete
Primordial Staff (5e Equipment) Vague effects. See the talk page.
Prismatic Blades (3.5e Spell) Requires spell components, proper duration and tsea.
Prophet of Truth (4e Creature) "Alien" is not a type, must be intended for a Halo campaign. Does not explain how to use this in a vanilla D&D campaign.
Protector (5e Class) Incomplete.
Prowess Warrior (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Prying Eyes, Greater (5e Spell) "Caster levels" don't exist in 5e. Ideally, duration would be altered to something more appropriate.
Pseudonaught (3.5e Class) Missing starting package.
Psi Bender (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information (and an example NPC).
Psion Beacon (5e Spell) Compare guiding bolt.
Psy-Cobo (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information (and an example NPC).
Psychic Archer (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing description, campaign information
Psychic Beserker (3.5e Class) Missing a lot of information. See the preload.
Psychic Soldier (3.5e Class) Missing some information. the parts which do not fit the preload need to be added.
Psycho Weaponist (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing descriptions from the preload.
Psychopath (5e Class) No description
Pugilist (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information (and an example NPC).
Punchy McPunchFace(5e Equipment) "Rolls" is undefined. Ability checks? Saving throws? Attack rolls?
Puppet Master Ninja Missing campaign information and epic levels
Puppet Specialist (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Puppeteer (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information (and an example NPC).
Puuvilian (5e Race) Incomplete
Puzzle Treasure If this is an artifact, it needs an associated story/history: but it says they can be made by blacksmiths and alchemists, in which case the usual creation costs and market price is required. Also does not compare favourably to actual magical weapons.
Pyroath Aerogan (3.5e Deity) Needs a home plane; if this is a unique plane then an Environment page needs filling out for it. Dogma section needs to contain dogma.
Pyromancer (5e Class) Missing questions on why someone would want to be a pyromancer.
Pyromancer Powers (4e Power List) Each power needs to go on its own page.
Pyromaniac (3.5e Class) Incomplete. See also the preload.
Quagurian (3.5e Race) This is incomplete, missing almost all pertinent information
Qualf (5e Race) Missing history.
Quarter (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template
Questionable (5e Creature) What is this?
Quickling (5e Race) Missing society.
Quillback (5e Race) Incomplete
Quincy (3.5e Class) Barely any description.
Quincy (5e Class) Incomplete.
Quintapu (3.5e Race) Traits need finishing, x0 template needs filling, - conversely, some traits (antimagic, ) aren't mentioned in the description. AFAIK "craftsman" is not a class.
Races (Sons of Anarchy Supplement) Missing content
Racial Philanderer (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Radia (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling
Radiant Hero (5e Class) Incomplete.
Radiant Lance (3.5e Spell) Requires spell components, proper duration and tsea.
Radiant Warrior (3.5e Class) Missing an example NPC.
Rageborne (3.5e Template) Needs a description.
Ragoo Archon (3.5e Creature) Shares "many" traits with some types, but which traits? All of them? If so, why mention it? For the aura, what defines "Every hostile creature in the area?" - how big is the area, when is the save made? Is the "14" a DC? Also noticed a few typos, so needs proofreading and wikilinks adding.
Raise/Summon Undead (4e Ritual) Incomplete.
Rakshasa Tiefling (5e Race) Incomplete
Ranger, Keran (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Raptoran (5e Race) Incomplete
Raptorborn (5e Race) Incomplete
Raptorite (3.5e Race) vital stats not filled out
Rashak (3.5e Race) Lacking in descriptive text.
Ratlings (3.5e Race) Missing information on language and names
Rattan (3.5e Race) Missing x0 template for indexing. Bite and Claws need to state they are natural attacks, and which are primary and secondary.
Ravager, Acid Sea (3.5e Class) incomplete
Real Dragon (5e Race) punctuation and grammar issues
Realm of Eternal Undeath (3.5e Environment) Needs some encounters
Reanimating Earth (5e Hazard) How is this different from just an encounter with undead creatures? Is there anything special about the earth than can be interacted with by the players, such as anything that would tip them off to cast detect magic - would dispel magic work?
Reaper Of Nerull (3.5e Race) 01:55, 18 September 2012 (MDT)
Reaper of Chronepsis (3.5e Class) Work in Progress. Adopted by User:SgtLion, so notify me if you're mad at my slow work. Please feel free to contribute still.
Reaver, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing description and campaign information
Reaver (5e Background) The feature is not a feature, and "hunting traps" is not a proficiency. See talk page.
Reaver (5e Feat) I don't know what this does or why it is a 5e feat. Is it just moar damage?
Red's Ranger (3.5e Class) Missing epic levels and some campaign information
Red Claw (3.5e Equipment) Magic Item template needs filling in with costs, etc.
Red Goblin (4e Race) Missing three example adventurers
Red Mage (3.5e Class) Many spells are not linked to, they appear to be spells from sourcebooks in which case their location should be noted. Spell names should be in lower case italics. There are also some spells listed at Red Mage Spells (3.5e Spell List) but not here, confusingly.
Reflectionist (5e Class) Missing multiclassing, and needs a rewrite. Let me know if you'd like me to do this.
Reflexive Protection (5e Feat) Please see 5e Feat Design Guide
Refraction Barrier (3.5e Spell) Missing school and description fields; categories
Region (Dominaria Supplement) Nothing links to this.
Regokinetic (5e Class) Incomplete.
Regon (4e Race) Missing an adventurer.
Reincarnators (5e Race) Incomplete
Rejuvinator (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing. The needed descriptions can be found in the preload.
Rellit's Reapers (3.5e Class) Missing epic levels
Relll (5e Equipment) Doesn't explain the conditions under which the relll might be destroyed.
Rem (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples.
Rendo'Kai Adept (3.5e Class) The campaign-specific restrictions suggest this should be a prestige class, not a base class. Missing campaign information
Reploid (D20 Modern Race) Poor description. For personality you can't just say "depends on their personality". Are they created? Who creates them and for what reasons? What are some example "personality matrix"? If they can be any alignment, are they programmed that way (and what would be reasons for the different alignments) or do they naturally develop? Religion is "normally none", but what about those that do have a religion? Why would "human feelings" make them still subject to critical hits? Why would smashing a crystal cause a virus, and wouldn't it be better to build them without that crystal then?
Researcher (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Resource Wars 2118 (D20 Modern Campaign Setting) No player guide
Restricted Divine (5e Class) Incomplete.
Reterra (4e Campaign Setting) Classes and Races need more information. What are their relationships and how do they fit into the world? What is the rationale behind forcing every character to take particular a skill? Which deities are present and which abandoned the world? Some of the quirks are ill-defined or not defined at all ("Psychosis"?) Needs information on geography, history, NPCs, adventure hooks, monsters, etc.
Revolutionist (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Reworked Ranger (5e Class) Incomplete. Empty levels. Many unused headers and formatting errors persist. Typos such as "Elevn" make some parts confusing. Several features seemed to be copied verbatim from the Player's Handbook even though they don't apply here (e.g., "See chapter 10").
Rhino-Folk (5e Race) Inadequate physical description.
Rhinokin (5e Race) Missing history.
Ribbon Dancer (3.5e Class) incomplete
Rider (5e Race) Missing adequate physical description and society.
Rillkin (3.5e Race) Needs more description, this isn't very interesting.
Ring Wraith (5e Class) In progress
Ring of Deception (3.5e Equipment) Missing creation information, market price, etc
Ring of Knowledge Item has unclear mechanics, and specifically is very vague about gaining levels of fatigue.
Ring of True Belief (3.5e Equipment) with cleanup it might be useful
Ring of Unending Peace (3.5e Equipment) with cleanup it might be useful
Ring of supreme nature (5e Equipment) What counts as being "in the wild" for the purposes of breaking the ring?
Ring of the Fallen (3.5e Equipment) Please fill the template. Is this an artifact or a magic item? If it's an artifact, it needs more description. Who made it and why? Who were previous owners? Can it be destroyed? If it's a magic item, it needs creation prerequisites, costs and market price. Finally straight ability score bonuses are a bit boring, and the numbers here are overpowered - even major artifacts don't have more than +6 in bonuses (e.g. SRD:Cup and Talisman of the Demigod), this ring has +18.
Ring of the Magi (5e Equipment) Incomplete.
Ring of the Skinless (3.5e Equipment) Missing aura, school, CL, weight, market price
Ringmaster (5e Class) no description, multiclassing info, incomplete
Rising Gladiator (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, epic levels; class features need anchor points
River-Devil (5e Race) Missing Height and Weight table.
River Crossing (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop, how the spell actually works (make a forcefield to walk over?, etc.)
River Demon Incomplete.
River Demon (5e Race) Incomplete
Robes of the Haari (3.5e Equipment) Is this a magic item or an artifact? Please use the appropriate template. If it's a magic item it will need creation prerequisites and costs, and a marketprice (regardless that it "muse [sic] be gained as a gift"). I estimate the gpv to be 40,000 gp (for the concentration bonus) plus at least 30,000 gp for flight - making it a major wondrous item.
Robot, Bipedal Military (5e Creature) Needs a description. What is a "hacking check", is this supposed to be used in a scifi setting?
Robot (5e Race) Missing adequate physical description.
Rod of Unrestrained Chaos (3.5e Equipment) Incomplete
Rodarians (3.5e Race) Needs fuller description, traits need working on. As written looks like they could start with an exotic weapon proficiency. LA also likely.
Roguish Assassin (3.5e Class) same as Black Mage (3.5e Class)
Rombony (4e Race) Fluff needs some work. Needs to explain how a race that "lives in small villages" and "rarely interacts with other races" can speak Elven and another language and superior education.
Rommel (Wind Beast) (5e Race) Incomplete
Ronden Marr (5e Campaign Setting) Unclear what is happening with this. Author of the original campaign says that this is based on a rough draft of material he is now selling commercially. There isn't enough information here to actually play the campaign, seems to have been abandoned some time ago.
Rootpitter (3.5e Template) incomplete (see talk page)
Rope Kit I'm unclear what proficiency in this kit lets you do. What is a "survival situation" that a regular rope (or, say, climber's kit) doesn't let you do?
Roronoa Zoro (3.5e NPC) No fluff
Rotation Executioner(5e Class) Incomplete.
Royalty (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Ruffian (3.5e Class) incomplete starting package
Rune Caster (5e Class) Incomplete.
Rune Fencer (5e Class) Multiple dead levels. Take the runes out of this class, and all you get is a master of manipulating weapons. The master manipulations, do not really go much further than pumping up their base weapons.
Rune Master (5e Class) Incomplete
Rune Scribe (5e Class) Incomplete.
Rune Shifter (3.5e Class) Missing some campaign information
Rune Wielder (5e Class) Incomplete
Rune of Animation (5e Trap) Couldn't you just have a trap that casts the animate objects spell?
Runecannon (5e Class) See talk page
Runepriest (5e Class) Incomplete.
Runeterra: Engineer (5e Class) Dead Levels
Runic Creator (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Runic Warrior Incomplete.
Rushanai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
Rysanai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
SOLDIER FF7 (5e Class) Incomplete.
Sacred Blacksmith (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing campaign information, external links should be internal wikilinks
Sacrificial Blood Mage Incomplete.
Saddle of Haste (5e Equipment) This is in the mundane equipment list. Is it supposed to be magical?
Sage of the Six Paths (3.5e Class) incomplete
Sahuagin (5e Race) Missing history, physical description, society, and names.
Saint of the Shield (5e Class) Incomplete.
Sainted Fist (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Saiyan Fighter (5e Class) Incomplete.
Salamander (4e Race) Missing fluff and two adventurers.
Salandrians (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor, missing vital stats
Salesman (5e Background) Nothing major, just either reword or flesh out the roleplaying feature. It is quite vague. SansGenocide (talk) 19:00, 20 September 2016 (MDT)
Samuel "Bostock" Barreller (5e Equipment) Incomplete, how do you get into an argument with this weapon, and what are this weapon's ability scores and vision?
Samurai (5e Class) Incomplete. Some levels have two features, these should be spread out a bit.
Sand Dwarves (4e Race) Missing playing a's characteristics and adventurers.
Sand Mage (4e Wizard Variant) Needs a list of enchanted implements.
Sanders (3.5e NPC) No personality or campaign information
Sandmans Tears (3.5e Equipment) How is the poison made, and what is the vector?
Sangheili (Halo elites) x0 template needs filling.
Santoryu Swordsman (3.5e Prestige Class)
Sarandors (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor, missing vital stats
Sarem (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma.
Sarosian (3.5e Campaign Setting) Work in progress. Please do not edit, rate, or mark any Sarosian supplemental page.
Sarryns (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Satine (3.5e Deity) Incomplete.
Satyrs, Dark (3.5e Race) almost no flavor
Savage Seas (Endhaven Supplement)
Saw Cleaver (5e Equipment) What's up with this, is it magic? I'm not even sure what it looks like.
ScareCrow (3.5e Race) Awaiting content. Can the name be clarified please, is it "Scare Crow", "scare crow" or "scarecrow"?
Scarecrow (5e Race) Incomplete
Scared Ones (4e Race) Missing fluff and two adventurers.
Science (3.5e Variant Rule) Incomplete. What are the benefits in-game?
Scion (5e Class) Third rework. Seriously, I just can't get satisfied with my work. :/
Scissword (5e Equipment) The special could do with more refinement with its terminology and mechanics. E.g. should be "You have a -2 penalty to attack rolls with this weapon while in its opened state"; and it refers to saving throws but doesn't give a DC (while grapples are normally opposed checks).
Scorlins (3.5e Race) The top template needs to be cleaned up. Also desc is too long... up to 50 words or so is good; and it needs to advertise this.
Scoundrel (3.5e Class) Incomplete
Scourge Of Atlantica (3.5e Epic Class) Missing descriptions.
Scrapper (3.5e Class) Missing a starting package and campaign information. looks like someone took a monk and decided to hand him a grab bag of extra abilities. With no drawbacks it is highly unbalanced.
Scythe Master (3.5e Prestige Class) Epic, campaign, and ex. NPC
Se'Krai (5e Race) Incomplete
Seamost Knight (3.5e Class) missing starting package
Seedshooter (5e Equipment) Is this a blackpowder weapon, or like a blowgun? More explanation needed. How big do these seeds need to be to deal 1d6 damage?
Seeker (3.5e Class) missing epic information
Seeker of New Skies (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Seeker of Truth (3.5e Prestige Class) incomplete to standard class format
Sel Reque Worshiper (DnD Prestige Class) more information needed
Semi-Celestial (5e Race) Incomplete
Semi-Immortal (3.5e Class) Fairly rudimentary, barely any description and features that lack actions, ranges, Ex/Sp/Su, etc. It should also try do to something that distinguishes from the huge pile of "tank" classes that we already have.
Sentient House (5e Race) Incomplete
Sentient Weapon (5e Class) In progress. This is a very basic "proof of concept" to see if such a character would even work.
Seraph (5e Creature) Hit points are incorrect, "burned" isn't a condition, what does it mean to be "severely blinded", Parry mentions that the seraph has superiority dice, but this isn't mentioned anywhere else.
Servant of the Squirrel King (5e Class) Incomplete.
Sethil (3.5e Deity) Incomplete. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Shadelings (3.5e Race) incomplete.
Shadok Mage (3.5e Prestige Class)
Shadow Archer (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing epic information, ex-information, and campaign information.
Shadow Army (3.5e Epic Spell) Text is lacking at best.
Shadow Assassin (3.5e Class) missing parts of preload
Shadow Fiend(5e Race) no summary
Shadow Guardian (5e Creature) No description
Shadow Hunter(Balanced) (5e Class) Missing features at a few levels.
Shadow Imbued (3.5e Template) Needs a full description; spelling.
Shadow Knight (5e Class) Missing archetypes.
Shadow Lord (3.5e Creature) Does not use the preload; incomplete
Shadow Lord (5e Class) Incomplete.
Shadow Pixie (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling
Shadow Runner (3.5e Class) Epic Shadow Runner and Campaign info sections simply need a lil' finishing off
Shadow Stalker (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Shadow seal (3.5e Equipment) Shadow Priest is redlinked.
Shadowborn Archer (3.5e Prestige Class)
Shadowcat (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling
Shadowcraft Blade (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Shadowdancer Variant (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing descriptions from the preload.
Shadowfall Acolyte (3.5e Class) Missing a starting package, and "in the game" (and example NPC).
Shadowfell (3.5 Race) Incomplete
Shadowherd (3.5e Class) Terminology for shadow shreds needs work, e.g. "+1 to statistic" - what does that mean? "+1 category of weapon/armor hardness"? Vorpal example refers to "sprites". The whole feature seems to be too versatile.
Shadowkin (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Shadowknight (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, "in the world" and "in the game" (and example NPC).
Shadowmonk (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Shadowrend (5e Equipment) Incomplete. Personality does not give enough information to determine if a conflict occurs. If the OP is not sure why an artifact might need to be destroyed, perhaps they are not sure about the narrative purpose of an artifact: read the DMG. Does "Valcano" mean "volcano"? What is an "elder dragon"? How do you separate it from Shadowgenesis?
Shadows (5e Race) Waiting For Review
Shadows (Untethered) (3.5e Race) Very little information, grammar needs some work
Shaede Folk (5e Race) Incomplete
Shaman, Spirit (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Shaman, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Shaman (Warcraft Version) (5e Class) Missing quickbuild.
Shamanic Dominator (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Shao Kahn (5e Deity) May need rewriting now that the associated class was removed.
Shaolin Monk (3.5e Class) Campaign information needs completing
Shapechanger (5e Class) Incomplete.
Shapeshifter (3.5e Class) Missing a starting package and "in the game" (and example NPC).
Sharanai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
Sharpshooter (3.5e Prestige Class) Description missing.
Shatter Barrier (3.5e Spell) Missing school, desc fields; missing categories
Shekastkoré (3.5e Campaign Setting) Work in progress. Please do not edit, rate, or mark any Shekastkoré supplemental page.
Shield Fighter (3.5e Class) Description and campaign information is very brief. Equipment should be moved to its own page. Non-SRD material (shield sling feat, etc) should have a reference.
Shield Knight (5e Class) No description, empty fields in class features template
Shifter (5e Race) Race made in an attempt to balance Changelings to avoid sporadic disguising.
Shihanai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
Shiki (5e Race) Incomplete description.
Shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki (5e Class) Incomplete.
Shinigami (5e Class) Incomplete
Shining Strike (3.5e Maneuver) Not complete.
Shinryu (4e Creature) Barely any description. As a player if I managed to get the DC 40 lore, I would be very disappointed with "you should be running... now". Why?
Shirai Ryu (3.5e Race) Incomplete. Spelling and grammar need improving, and it doesn't really explain how these work in a D&D campaign. The Mortal Kombat wiki says the shirai ryu are a clan of ninjas, so unclear why this has been presented as a race.
Shovel Knight (3.5e Class) Missing categories and breadcrumb. Why do people keep deleting them.
Shrine Maiden (Variant) Incomplete.
Shunned (4e Creature) Missing general descriptive text, introduction text, tactics and lore for a few entries, and encounter groups is missing in encounters.
Shæné (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Sientra (3.5e Deity)
Sifanai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
Silent One (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, DnD Base Class Infobox, and shouldn't this just be a Rogue class features variant?
Silver Knight (3.5e Prestige Class) this class is incomplete
Silvet (5e Race) Incomplete
Simple Minion Cleric (3.5e Optimized Character Build)
Singer (4e Class) In progress.
Single Shot Engineer (5e Class) Some features lack definition, see talk page
Singularity (3.5e Spell) Missing categories. Target specifies target of creature or object, but text says the target is an area.
Sink into Shadow (Shadow Power) Saves, Spell Resistance missing. What happens if someone casts light while you are inside the shadows?
Sinkro (5e Race) Traits would greatly benefit from elaboration and standardization. For starters, trait descriptions like "can fly" and "racial spell lay on hands" would make it difficult for a DM to implement this race in a campaign.
Sirilians (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor, missing vital stats
Sith (5e Class) Incomplete(missing acolytes).
Sith (5e Race) You can't just link to another website for the description. Tell us how Sith fits into a D&D campaign.
Sivak Draconian Lacking flavor and generally incomplete
Skald (5e Class) Incomplete conversion. Stuff like "this movement counts as a walk (not a hustle) for the purpose of accruing nonlethal damage and fatigue", incorrectly calculated DCs, references to "supernatural abilities", etc.
Skater (5e Class) Incomplete.
Skiurdling (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor; vital stats not filled out
Skolar (3.5e Deity) Insufficient description
Skum (4e Creature) Missing a few tactic areasing on the standard. Some tactics need filling in
Sky Bison (5e Creature) Many errors here. What are "air attacks"? Wording could use some improving.
Sky Serpent (5e Creature) Incomplete
Slaakvaanus (4e Deity) Missing commandments, needs one more domain.
Slasher, Variant (5e Class) Incomplete.
Slave Knight Gael (5e Creature) Numerous issues. "Boss" is not a creature type.
Slaver (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Slayer, Variant (4e Class) Powers do not reach level 29.
Slayer (3.5e Class) Missing bits and pieces of campaign information
Slayer Creator (5e Equipment) What is the class this changes you into?
Slerriths (3.5e Race) Missing information in Template:x0, and racial traits. Missing vital statistics. Needs more text added throughout.
Slinger's wand (5e Equipment) What type of weapon is this? This weapon is also missing info about the ability score of the sentient weapon, how to get into arguments with the weapon, the languages it speaks, and other info.
Sliver (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Small Canister shot If this is for a homebrew weapon, it needs linking to.
Small World Random Races (5e Race) It doesn't look like I can see this through to the end, but I'd like to keep the page for a bit as some of the traits I came up with are interesting and might be useful for other races.
Smasher (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and "Campaign Information" (and example NPC).
Sniper(5e Class) No description
Sniper (3.5e Prestige Class) no flavour text
Sniper Wizard (3.5e Class) Missing a starting package, "playing a", "in the world", and "in the game" (and example NPC).
Snow Elf, Variant (5e Subrace) Missing some traits?
Sol (5e Deity) What is the "Sun" domain? What are "Light, divine and life spells"?
Sol Rune Fencer (5e Class) Incomplete.
Solaire (5e Race) Needs Balance, take Marasmusine's advice.
Soldier (5e Class) The class needs info on Burst Fire, DC for grenades, and what NPC privates are. The class is also missing a quickbuild.
Somnoccultist (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Songweaver (4e Class) Missing powers.
Songweaver (5e Class) Incomplete.
Sonic Blaster (3.5e Creature) No fluff text/Special Abilities
Sons of Anarchy (D20 Modern Campaign Setting) Missing information on races, enemies, weapons, etc
Soothsayer (5e Class) This class's spellcasting needs to be expanded to show the class's actual spellcasting. The class also needs links to the relevant spell lists the class is referring to.
Soul Adjustment (5e Feat) I can't think of a case where I would routinely need to change my alignment three times in a row. It it really worth giving up an ASI for this.
Soul Blade (3.5e Prestige Class)
Soul Contractor (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and "in the game" (and example NPC).
Soul Eater, variant (5e Equipment) How much does a generic blade do, do you mean a shortsword, longsword, ect? Also, what is a katana and a odachi?
Soul Guardian (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Soul Harvester (3.5e Class) Needs ex-class info, Epic class info, Campaign info and general cleanup
Soul Magus (3.5e Prestige Class) Seems to be missing level 2 and 3 spells
Soul Morpher (3.5e Class) Lacking a good description, infobox description, epic levels
Soul Reaper, Bleach Varient (5e Class) Incomplete.
Soul Reaper (3.5e Class) Not quite finished (bottom area, etc). Also the text comes off as a bit uninclusive in most of the playing and campaign sections.
Soul Samuria (3.5e Class) Lacking epic levels and example NPC
Soul Wielder (5e Class) Incomplete.
Soul collector (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Soul of Cinder (5e Creature) Incomplete. "Blunt" is not a damage type.
Soulblade (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Soulbound (3.5e Race) Incomplete.
Souleater (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Souled (3.5e Template) This needs to follow the template preload and not the race preload.
Soulknife, Variant2 (3.5e Class) Missing fluff
Soulless (3.5e Race) Missing racial traits, vital statistics, and Template:x0 and the categories need to be filled out.
Soullord (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing epic information. Incomplete.
Soulsnare Puppeteer (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Sousaphone/Tuba (5e Equipment) Both these instruments are 19th-century inventions, so is this for a modern campaign? How does an "improvised shield" work, is there some reason this is unique to this item rather than adjudicated by the DM like other improvised items? What is is that small races have disadvantage on? Performance checks?
Space Marine(Pathfinder Race) A race needs more of a description than "have to be male" and an average height and weight. Strangely, even though this is supposed to be a Pathfinder race, it mentions long rests and "heavy weapons"(?), which are from 5th edition D&D but not Pathfinder, which is just confusing. It's also not clear why this race has the racial traits it does. Is this supposed to be an adaption of Warhammer 40K space marines? It's so vaguely written that it's hard to tell. The height and weight table is wrong, and bizarrely cannot result in a space marine character being anywhere close to average height and weight for his race.
Spammer (4e Race) Missing "playing a"'s description, and some of this page is bordering on spam itself, KEEP AWAY FROM THAT, just describe the situation (otherwise its spam/vandalism and will be dealt with appropriately, e.g. A message translated from spam-talk for all dandwiki users: "HELLO!Italic text I'm Gourm523#, a spam adenturer who wants you to consider a greatly good offer: all spam products for 75% with mail order now (PLUS S&H!).).
Spawns of the rider (5e Class) Incomplete.
Spear Adept (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing a lot of information; areas found in the preload.
Specialist, Acid Sea (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, epic levels, infobox fields
Speedster (5e Class) Incomplete. No HD. "Speedforce" needs some more explanation so that DMs can fit it into their cosmology.
Spell Transfer (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop
Spell slot potion regiver (5e Equipment) The name is pretty bad and the description needs improving.
Spellbinder (3.5e Class) incomplete
Spellblade (3.5e Prestige Class)
Spellblade Variant (5e Class) Multiple dead levels.
Spellbow (5e Class) Incomplete
Spellfire Wielder (5e Class) Mechanical features explained outside of feature sections. Description not very descriptive beyond "dang powerful". Also, singular they is acceptable here. You don't have to awkwardly mix he and she into your text.
Spellforged (3.5e Race) some flavor is unfinished
Spellrave (5e Class) Work in progress.
Sphere of the Omen (3.5e Cleric Domain) Granted power needs a mechanical basis; missing spells for 7, 8, 9; wikilinks to spells and brief description
Spider Savage (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Spike Hylian (4e Race) Missing an adventurer.
Spin User (5e Class) Incomplete.
Spinning Blade (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Spirit Commander (5e Class) Incomplete.
Spirit Cursed (5e Race) Missing sections on history and society
Spirit Walker (5e Race) no summary line
Spirit Warden (5e Class) A few dead levels
Spirit Warrior (5e Class) Play testing
Spring-loaded Tower Shield (5e Equipment) If you fold up a Tower Shield (5e Equipment), it's going to resemble a cube of metal about 10.5 ½ foot to a side, that still weighs 45 lbs, strapped to your forearm. So this is fantasy, we can have some leeway, but I believe this should be changed in some way.
Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) (D20 Modern Equipment) Missing template fields
Sraosha (3.5e Deity) Insufficient information.
St. Edmund (3.5e Deity) Incomplete
Staff Guardian (3.5e Class) Incomplete. Some feats need to be added as well.
Staff of Elements (5e Equipment) See talk page
Staff of the Desert (5e Equipment) Right now, this is greatly lacking in description (what about its attacks are 1d10? Couldn't you just say you can use it as a magic quarterstaff?) Also, the rarity is much too high. The best I can think of to balance this is to make it a desert-themed version of the staff of the woodlands.
Stalactilus (3.5e Deity) Missing dogma and clergy and temples. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Stalker (4e Race) Needs two more adventurers, and a better explanation as to how a creature that is "born from the fear sentient beings have of the unknown" can integrate into a typical adventuring party.
Star Globe (5e Equipment) I don't understand what this is. If this is a magic item, it needs to be recreated at 5e Magical Weapons or otherwise use Template:5e Magic Item. Beyond that, I think the OP is a little confused about how weapon properties work in 5e. A ranged weapon wouldn't ever have the finesse property.
Starborn (5e Race) Incomplete
Stargazer (5e Race) Incomplete
Starlight warrior Incomplete.
Statistical Champion (3.5e Class) Lacks flavour, almost by definition. Not sure how that can be improved.
Stave of the Old Gods (3.5e Equipment) Grammar needs improving, keywords need wikilinking, missing required narrative information for an artifact (why might the party have the artifact, and how might it be destroyed or disabled?
Steam Fiend (5e Class) Incomplete
Steamforged (4e Race) Needs a few example adventurers. Missing a lot of detail. How are they made and who makes them? What imbues them with life? How do they fit into society? What do steamforged of different classes look/act like?
Steampunker (5e Background) The bonds should be bonds. Background proficiencies are skills, tools or languages: not ability scores (?!) or weapons. Unclear what the feature actually does.
Steel Turtle (4e Creature) Needs cleaning up.
Sth'li (3.5e Race) Missing a few sections.
Stick Men (5e Race) Incomplete
Stonelord (5e Class) Incomplete.
Storage Magician (5e Class) No description
Stormbound (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Strategist (5e Class) This class is under construction, and is being built procedurally through actual play. Current play can be found here. Unless you are personally involved in the project, please refrain from making edits without first suggesting them on the discussion page. Do not remove the Inuse template from this page unless asked to, or the class has been completed and achieved a balanced and complete state. This page has been protected to autoconfirmed status to reinforce page integrity. If you have any questions, please bring them up on the discussion page, or contact me directly on my talk page. --Kydo (talk) 13:29, 6 February 2017 (MST)
Strength (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop
Strider (5e Creature) This really needs more description. Why do they have those damage vulnerabilites and resistances? Why are they immune to being charmed? I don't think a ranged spell attack is appropriate for a gaze, this is usually a saving throw if the two creatures can see each other.
Striker (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing descriptions.
Strings of the Puppetmaster (3.5e Equipment) very very incomplete in format, flavor, etc
Strong Man (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Sukeb (3.5e Template) No LA/CR, some redlinks
Sultry (3.5e Race) Flavor is sparse and bland.
Summer God (4e Deity) Missing prayers.
Summon Hecatoncheires (3.5e Epic Spell) Missing descriptive text.
Summoner (3.5e Class) missing epic information and starting package
Summoner (no eidolon) Multiple dead levels. Narrow lens used within the class features.
Summoner Ace (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing example NPC, and needs fuller campaign information.
Summoning (4e Mage School) No longer linked to Conjuration, so Strength shouldn't be a secondary ability. Needs Master feature, Summoning Action, Paragon Summoning Encounter Power
Sumo Wrestler Incomplete and in unusable state
Sun Shard (5e Equipment) Missing required information for artifacts, see the DMG.
Sun Troll (4e Race) Missing sections "Physical Description", "Playing a", "Adventurers", Feats; Would also be nice if the racial power could be distinguished from the Eladrin power. Waraxe is a superior weapon, should not start with proficiency in this.
Supernatural Index (5e Equipment) If this is a tool, what exactly does proficiency in it let you do?
Surikat (3.5e Race) x0 template and categories need completing; traits need formatting.
Sutōmubōngureivu Personality should show how a conflict might occur. "It has no empathy or feelings, and only does what is best for its user" sounds like no conflict will ever occur. I don't know what the Wisdom saving throw is for or what happens if you succeed or fail.
Swamp Lord (5e Race) Barely any description.
Swarm of Talking Earwigs (5e Creature) Incomplete. Work in progress.
Swarmer (3.5e Class) Incomplete
Swift's Inquisitor (5e Class) Incomplete
Swift Ninja (3.5e Class) Missing description, campaign information
Swift hunter (3.5e Class) Spell list is a mess. Missing campaign information and epic levels.
Sword Dancer (3.5e Class) Needs an infobox
Sword Lizard (5e Creature) Incomplete.
Sword Spider (5e Creature) Incomplete
Sword of the Wolf Lord (3.5e Equipment) Not a mundane weapon. Please fill in the 3.5e magic item template. Hint: Use existing weapon enhancements such as SRD:Holy. Language needs cleaning up ("negative -10"? That's a +10 bonus; "spot/perception checks" - 3.5e doesn't have "perception" checks; etc
Swordmage, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout.
Swordmaster (5e Class) See talk page
Swordwing (5e Race) Incomplete
Syl (5e Equipment) What does the +3 on this weapon provide? Also, besides being mad, what is the sentient weapon's personality and how does the wielder get into arguments with the weapon? Requirements for attunement are also odd.
Sylfaen (5e Race) Please add an original description, we can't copy material under copyright.
Synergist (5e Class) Multiple dead levels. Narrow lens within the features.
Syphon (3.5e Class) Incomplete
Säure (3.5e Deity) Where does this deity reside?
TITANIC WAR RAM Incomplete description
Tabaxi variant (5e Race) Missing physical description.
Taco (3.5e Race) Mechanics are fine, but needs more flavor text to be considered a decent April Fools item.
Tactician (5e Class) Creator of this article is back in business.
Taichiro (3.5e Deity) Needs more content.
Takezō (4e Deity) Information is too brief for me to assign domains.
Talking Earwig (5e Creature) Is anything happening with this?
Tall Folks (5e Race) Incomplete.
Talor's Sacrifice (5e Equipment) Is this weapon called "Talor's Sacrifice" or "Sangley Kourkaz"? What is a pincer staff (pincer staff is a staff kuo-toa have you can check the MM if you want). Needs to better describe the weapons purpose and motivation so that conflict can be resolved; see the DMG. Please update, there is no class called bloodmage, And should be considered a Legendary class weapon, also a staff deals 1d6 damage not 1d4, also does this require concentration or not?
Talosoi (4e Race) Missing a third adventure part.
Talosoi Archer (4e Creature) Missing a lot of information.
Talosoi Chieftan (4e Creature) Not enough information. What about these wasp mounts?, and wasp riders?
Talosoi Minion (4e Creature) Missing a lot of information
Talosoi Scout (4e Creature) Missing a lot of information.
Talosoi Wasp Mount (4e Creature) Missing a lot of information.
Tanathans (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor, missing vital stats
Tangler Tree (3.5e Creature)
Tank (3.5e Class) Almost no flavour, based on metagame concept rather than in-universe ideas.
Tanuki-Folk (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Taragorn (5e Creature) Still WIP.
Tarla (3.5e Deity)
Tarot Mage (5e Class) Work In Progress, as this class's core feature is still being implemented. Suggestions for Minor or Major arcana Body/Mind/Spirit features are greatly appreciated.
Taskmaster (5e Class) Incomplete
Taslan (3.5e Deity) Not enough information, too many arbitary external links
Tattoos (5e Variant Rule) WIP
Tauren (5e Race) Needs more description. Are they a race of their own, or do they have one minotaur and one human parent? What kind of personalities do they have? Are there enough of them to form their own settlements? Otherwise what roles do they fulfil in "normal society" and what kind of settlements are they drawn to? What kinds of gods do they worship? Etc.
Tazer, Variant (5e Class) Missing features at several levels and the class could use a better description.
Tazer (5e Class) Complete.
Teacher (5e Class) Incomplete.
Technology mod (3.5e Other) This is nowhere near done.
Tempest (3.5e Class) Descriptions missing.
Tempest (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Temple Guardian (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Templeforged (5e Race) Incomplete; Feels more like a subrace of warforged, focuses on christianity over other religions.
Temporal Champion (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, categories, epic levels
Temptress (5e Class) Incomplete.
Tendrelact (5e Race) Could do with using the rules for 5e. The poor grammar and formatting make this whole thing hard to follow.
Tengoku Gate-Guardian (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Tengwa (5e Race) Incomplete
Teoryran Orc (3.5e Race) I think the table is supposed to be a staged LA in the style of Savage Species. Since the way this works is not SRD, some explanation is needed.
Teoryran Ork Noble (3.5e Race) I think the table is supposed to be a staged LA in the style of Savage Species. Since the way this works is not SRD, some explanation is needed.
Terran (4e Race) Adventurers needs text which describes the adventurer added. A type and a subtype need to be added.
Thaumaturge (5e Class) Mechanical premise described, but has not been adjusted for balance or flavor whatsoever. Please see the talk page. EDIT: I'm fine with edits, but please don't disassemble the whole page and rewrite it to suit your own goals just because you want to use the page name. That is selfish, uncooperative, and completely removes the intent behind the page.
Thaumic researcher (5e Class) Incomplete
The Ashen Sagas (5e Campaign Setting) In progress
The Core (3.5e Sourcebook)/Classes No content
The Corrupted (5e Race) Incomplete
The Crown of Gruumsh (5e Equipment) What happens when an orc is enthralled?
The Cursed Valley (3.5e Quest) A bit of formatting would be good for readability
The Demon Lord's Raiment (3.5e Equipment) Each item needs moving to its own page and a 3.5e Magic Item template filled out for it.
The Faceless Mage (3.5e Deity) Missing information on origins, history, where he resides, relationships, etc
The False Chosen One (5e Background) Looks like someone tried to make something like Almost the Chosen One (5e Background), but towards the end got confused what this was supposed to be.
The First Evil (3.5e Deity) Rather crude description, needs improving. Non-vanilla plane needs describing.
The Forever Child (5e Race) Missing traits.
The Gentlemen (5e Class) Almost there, but there are still things that need improving. For example, "disadvantage against all female creatures" - disadvantage on what? Attack rolls? Challenge should probably only work on a creature you can see, or otherwise have a range. There's nothing at 9th level. How temporary is the "temporary" +1 to attack and damage rolls? 1st level seems particularly weak.
The Good Samaritan (3.5e Equipment) Missing creation costs, prerequisites, aura, etc.
The Healer (3.5e Class) Needs campaign information, Needs hyper linking for spells
The Jester (3.5e Deity) Missing 3.5e deity template. The deity "stats" are wholly insufficient (c.f. with statblocks from Deities and Demigods)
The Kraken Keep (Dominaria Supplement) Incomplete
The Lady (3.5e Deity) Missing clergy and temples.
The Loner (4e Ritual) needs a proper category
The Matriarch (3.5e NPC) Incomplete; missing stats, CR, description, etc.
The Mimic (3.5e Class) No campaign information, campaign information or full description
The Oculus (5e Equipment) WIP. Content is done, just needs an image.
The Painted World (5e Campaign Setting) Has a bit of history but actual content.
The Pawnshop at the edge of the Multiverse Incomplete.
The Peoples' Republic of East Asia (Resource Wars 2118 Supplement) Awaiting content.
The Quintessential Barbarian (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
The Quintessential Barbarian II (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
The Quintessential Bard Needs to use the publication template. (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
The Quintessential Bard II (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
The Quintessential Dwarf (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
The Reader (5e Class) Incomplete.
The Saints (3.5e Race) "Saints all look like the race to which they belonged before becoming saints..." - okay, so this is a template then, not a race.
The Sand Seas (5e Campaign Setting) Not really enough here for play.
The Seven Deities of Lustarat (3.5e Pantheon) Incomplete.
The Silver's Shrine (5e Quest)
Work In Progress
The Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers (OGL) Needs to be transcribed.
The Soul Cutter What is the base weapon? What is soul absorption? Does it have a enhancement bonus?
The Soul Miester (3.5e Class) Campaign information needs filling in
The Spawn (5e Race) Incomplete
The Three who is One (3.5e Deity) Needs an alignment; grammar and spelling need a lot of work. The dogma doesn't make sense, what is a cleric of this deity supposed to do?
The Universal Authority (5e Archetype) This page was abandoned for more than six months; I'll take gear from here.
The Unmade (5e Race) Incomplete
The Val (5e Race) Incomplete
The Void Layers (3.5e Environment) Incomplete and its integration in the cosmos is not well explained.
The Wakizashi of the 7 Winds Incomplete, at the moment its the same as a normal magic weapon
The Warhammer of Zillyhoo (3.5e Equipment) Needs price, creation CL, costs, prerequisites, aura and school
The eye of Lucifer (contagious evil) If this is a hazard, its hazardous effects should be explained in enough detail that any GM could use it in a campaign. E.g., does it change one's alignment, or completely alter their personality beyond repair? If a PC finds it, can the player no longer control their character?
The infinite spawn- chibichi No description
The iron gauntlet (5e Deity) If the deity doesn't have worshipers, it probably wouldn't have domains (c.f. the deities in the PHB that say "no clerics" for domains). Half of the description describes what equipment and (vague) features it has, but doesn't have a statblock, so unclear how this information is used. The motivations of this deity are vague: Has "lots of goals", that doesn't tell me how to use this in a campaign.
Theologian (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Theropodus (5e Subrace) I removed the external link purporting to link to subraces, as it lead to a reddit forum. Please present subraces on this page. If this can't be done, you may as well roll the subrace into the base traits.
Theurge (3.5e Class) Missing epic levels, infobox.
Theurgist (3.5e Class) incomplete
Theylan (3.5e Race) Insufficient description, traits need tidying up (e.g. expanding construct traits; if they have a Con score they are a Living Construct, etc
Thief-Acrobat (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information.
Thin Planar Barriers (5e Hazard) This is too vague to be a hazard on its own. Consider making full d10 lists for different planes of existence.
Thraskis (3.5e Deity)
Thrillseeker (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Thrump Elect (5e Creature) No description
Thunder Champion (3.5e Prestige Class) Is this supposed to be a base class or a prestige class? Also obviously needs some balancing!!!
Thunder Monk (3.5e Class) Missing some information.
Thunderbeard Punchkill (3.5e NPC) no fluff
Thunderpulse Terminology needs correcting
Tibbits (4e Race) Missing characteristics and adventurers.
Tiberium Quintessence (3.5e Class) Missing infobox, epic levels
Tiefling-Medusa (4e Race) Missing Adventurers
Tiefling Tail-fighter (4e Paragon Path) Incomplete
Tigerborn (3.5e Race) Poorly explained and the vital statistics are missing.
Time Hold (3.5e Epic Spell) Requires development time, Spellcraft DC, possibly a more appropriate school, and better wording of description.
Timewalker (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Tin Foil Hat of Paranoia (3.5e Equipment) Work out the prerequisites, costs and market price using the rules in the DMG.
Tinker (5e Class) Missing description, class questions, and archetypes. Also how would you repair the mech if its hp is reduced but not 0, would it be the same as if the mech were at 0hp listed in Mech Suit?
Tinkerer/Inventor (5e Class) Incomplete
Titanium Golem (5e Creature) No description.
To Build A City (3.5e Quest) Incomplete
Toa of Light (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Toad (4e Race) Missing an adventurer, a type, and a subtype.
Tombraider (5e Class) Work in progress.
Tomebringer (5e Equipment) Incomplete
Tonka (5e Race) Incomplete
Torog Incomplete. "torture" and "imprisonment" are not domains (at least, they're not in the PHB)
Totemic Wanderer (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Tougal Incomplete
Town Apothecary (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Transmutation Mage (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information and epic levels
Tratumm (4e Race) Incomplete. See also the preload.
Treiyu (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling. Description and traits have weak wording. Probably needs a LA.
Tren (4e Race) Missing adventurers' descriptions.
Tribefolk (3.5e Race) Looks like this should be a template, not a race
Trickster, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Trident (4e Equipment) No description
Triton (4e Race) Missing adventurers.
Troglodyte (4e Race) Fluff, characteristics, and names need to be added.
Troll Hunter (3.5e Prestige Class) Missing campaign information
Trolling (5e Race) Description in progress.
Trolls, Albion (3.5e Race) Missing vital statistics and Template:x0.
Trouble Demigod (4e Deity) Incomplete.
Trox (Variant) (5e Race) 5e does not have tremorsense.
Truankia (4e Race) Incomplete.
True Alchemist (3.5e Class) Missing example NPC.
True Fiend, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
True Fiend (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information.
True Mage (3.5e Class) No description or campaign information
True Sorcerer (3.5e Class) Incomplete
Trueblade Myrmidon (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Trynnie (4e Creature) Missing information throughout.
Turil (3.5e Deity) Incomplete. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Turtle Tamer (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information and epic levels - although I would recommend making this a prestige class instead.
Twelve Swords (3.5e Campaign Setting) This setting is incomplete and untouched for an extended period of time. It is up for adoption.
Twili (4e Race) Missing fluff, playing a's description, and adventurers.
Twilit Betrayer (3.5e Class) Incomplete
Twin Blade(3.5e Class) incomplete
Twin Blade, dot.hack (3.5e Class) incomplete
Twinbow (5e Equipment) How exactly does it let you shoot two arrows at once? What does it look like?
Tychomancer (5e Class) Incomplete (I think), see talk page
Tyl (5e Race) Incomplete: This is a work in progress; I'd love to receive help and advise for balancing, summarizing, and formatting this. I know its a lot, but this is my first race so I thought I might was well make it a doosie. Plus, my ideas about the race changed over the course of writing it, and I don't know how much I just thought about or actually wrote down.
Tymorian (5e Race) Incomplete
Typhron (3.5e Deity) Wording needs to be expanded upon.
Tyrant of Agony (3.5e Class) Missing infobox, epic levels, campaign information is insufficient, "minions" not defined, how does negative touch effect undead enemies?
Tyrfing Blade (5e Equipment) Separate the crunch from the fluff. I don't understand the dwarf clause. Formalize the curse and add the curse category if it's a proper curse. What kind of creature needs to be killed? Can I kill a random CR 0 animal?
U'karik (5e Race) Incomplete
Ultimacian Mage (5e Class) Incomplete. See talk page
Ultimate Master (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Ultimate Samurai (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Umbrablade (5e Class) Incomplete.
Undead (4e Race) Missing adventurers, a type, and a subtype.
Undead Paragon (3.5e Racial Paragon Class)
Undead Red Templar (4e Creature) Needs description
Under People (3.5e Race) x0 template needs filling, traits need formatting
Undine, Tirr (3.5e Deity) Missing categories, needs formatting
Unholy Disciple (3.5e Class) In progress? Reflex progression is incorrect; 3.5e doesn't have "necrotic" damage; class names are not proper nouns; < and > need removing from feature titles; infobox type and desc fields need filling; additional categories need selecting
Unicorn (4e Race) 1 more adventurer needed
Unicorn (5e Race) Missing physical description, could use a better history, and missing random height and weight table as well.
Unicorn Variant No content.
Unitar (5e Race) Incomplete
United States Colonial Marine Corps (D20 Modern Equipment) This is more befitting of a Campaign Setting/Seed/Supplement
Unnatural Movement (4e Power) Needs wikifying, and I mean I don't know 4e that well, but what is Power (speed)? --SgtLion (talk) 13:20, 12 December 2013 (MST)
Unworthy (3.5e Prestige Class)
Urchin (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Urf-Dreed Ak-Di-Mar (5e Equipment) Since it grants a +1 to all Strength modifier related statistics, why not just say it gives you +2 to Strength? Not enough information about the personality to determine when a conflict should take place. Alignment information contradicts itself. No information about how it communicates or senses.
Ursian (5e Race) Missing adequate description.
V (3.5e Deity) Seems to have confused a modern-day comic book hero with D&D hero deities. How does this work in a D&D game?
Va'anai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
Vacissa (4e Creature) inadequate description
Valheru (5e Race) Missing archetypes and multi-classing
Valkyrie (3.5e Class) has no flarvorstuff
Valorous (5e Class) Incomplete.
Vampealen Knight (3.5e Class) Saves are incorrect, missing infobox, epic levels
Vampire, Variant (4e Race) Missing three adventurers.
Vampire, variant (5e Class) Incomplete.
Vampire Slayer (5e Class) Incomplete.
Vampyre (5e Class) Incomplete.
Vandal Dæmon (3.5e Creature) Missing some bits and pieces in description
Vanguard (5e Class) Incomplete.
Vanguard Shield (3.5e Equipment) What exactly is special about this shield design that helps defend against disarming, sundering and tripping?
Vanya (3.5e Campaign Setting) articles within either lack information completely or have incomplete information
Vaspen Swarms (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Vastayan (5e Race) Incomplete
Vasto lord (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Vatireans (4e Race) "Playing a...", Physical Qualities and Adventurers all need expanding.
Vault Suit (5e Equipment) What is the cost of this armor in gp? Also, gameplay wise, how is this armor any different than leather armor as they have the same AC and other effects?
Vault Suit (Shielded Lining) (5e Equipment) What is the cost of this armor in gp?
Vault Suit (Treated Lining) (5e Equipment) What is the cost of this armor in gp?
Vaulturnus (3.5e Environment) Missing a lot of text.
Veatis (5e Campaign Setting) still a work in progress
Veleno Bevitore (4e Race) No description
Venetian (5e Race) Needs renaming. Venetians are people from Venice. Description needs filling out, terminology needs improving.
Vengeful Stand (5e Class) This class needs to be a class. Recommend starting with the 5e Class Preload.
Venom Cleaver, The (3.5e Equipment) What is the "festering wounds" property?
Verden Isen (5e Campaign Setting) Work In Progress. None of the sub-pages have categories or breadcrumbs.
Vermignon (3.5e Race) Lacking full description, x0 template and categories need completing, not sure if the skill penalties to the two wisdom-based skills are necessary since they already have -4 Wisdom.
Verrück Balancer (3.5e Prestige Class) Pending Preload Completion
Vestments of the Vanguard Guildmaster (5e Equipment) If this is an artifact, it needs additional information pertaining to artifacts (see DMG). Terminology needs improving - "clothes" is not an armor type, particularly if this can be "worn under armor" as well.
Vethlyn (3.5e Deity) Incomplete. A link is not sufficient for the pantheon.
Vial Chucker (5e Equipment) What is an artificer and the questions asked on the talk page. The weapon specifically needs links to the archetype, class, and alchemist satchel mentioned.
Viking (3.5e Race) Has no interesting traits
Viking (5e Class) Incomplete.
Vikings (3.5e Class) Missing categories, full description, defense bonus column is empty, etc
Vines of Obad-Hai (3.5e Equipment) Missing creation prerequisites, CL and costs
Violet Faerie (4e Race) Not completed. The names, adventurers, and a bit more could be added. Also no type and subtype added.
Violet Stormbringer's Book of Stupid Puns (5e Equipment) Missing the puns.
Viperfish (5e Race) The exact connotations of "Food No More" should be more clearly defined. Specifically, how much is "more water intake"?
Virga (5e Equipment) I'm not sure what the extra attack is supposed to represent, or if it's even a good idea (for example with the dual wielder feat)
Vitale Knight (3.5e Class) Missing infobox, World/Lore/Game
Vladistien (3.5e NPC) Incomplete; missing stats, CR, description, etc.
Vodahmin Vahloks (5e Race) Incomplete
Void Archer (3.5e Class) Doesn't get D&D lore right with respect to negative energy and alignment; and there are areas where it is mechanically important to know what "the Void" is, but it isn't explained anywhere
Talk:Void Folk (5e Race) Incomplete
Void Mage (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Voidborn (5e Class) Incomplete.
Voiders (5e Equipment) If you are wearing this on its own, can't you use the chain shirt statistics? If it's part of another piece of armor (e.g. plate), then it's already included in that armor. It's a much lesser form of chain shirt but gives more movement with protection in areas that are hard to protect while still being very light
Volaticus Malum (3.5e Race) needs serious expansion and spell check but saveable Tivanir (talk) 09:08, 13 March 2013 (MDT)
Volki (5e Race) Very little description
Voodoo Doll (Plushie Class) (3.5e Class) Incomplete.
Vorpal on the Loose (3.5e Optimized Character Build) Lead text is wrong. A single strike is not a 5% chance of instantly winning, because you also need to confirm the critical. This significantly reduces this percentage (in the example of a 1st level character vs. a great wyrm red dragon, it is 0.25%)
Vorpin (4e Race) Missing an adventurer.
Vreczough (3.5e Race) Needs more of a description
Vrisis (3.5e Deity)
Vulcans (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Vulpelupe (5e Race) Incomplete
Vulpimaster (5e Race) Incomplete
Vulpin (5e Race) Only has one subrace? Or is it supposed to be a variant?
Vurminee (3.5e Race) missing vital stats, flavor text
WOMBAT (5e Creature) Incomplete.
Wanderer (3.5e Class) The starting package are not filled out.
Wanderer (3.5e Prestige Class) Not much fluff information present.
War Magus (5e Class) No description
War Scythe (5e Equipment) I don't understand what is happening with the damage types and the reach. (I hope that's fixed it :) )
War Sling (5e Equipment) Unclear on how this is different from a sling. Steel would not be better than stone or lead for bullets, since density is important. The distance depends on the length of the sling cord, which could be a variant rule for the normal sling. Are the magic bullets different from the magic ammunition already described in the DMG?
War and Large Scale Battle (3.5e Variant Rule) Incomplete.
Warcaster (5e Class) Spellcasting feature is not fully described.
Warden, Variant (5e Class) Multiple dead levels.
Warden "old school" (5e Class) Missing an adequate class description, questions about a warden, and archetypes.
Warden (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, epic levels.
Warforged Charger (4e Race) Missing fluff and adventurers.
Warforged General (3.5e Race) Lack of vital stats
Warforged Guardian (4e Race) Missing fluff and adventurers.
Wargen (5e Race) Missing physical description.
Warhawk (5e Class) Incomplete.
Warlock, Pact Variant (3.5e Class) Missing a bunch of information and additional Pacts.
Warlock, Variant (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information.
Warlock (Keran) missing epic information and starting package
Warlock Otherworldly Patron: Juiblex (5e Archetype) Appears unfinished.
Warlord (5e Class) WIP.
Warmage 2.0 Incomplete.
Warp Metal(3.5e Spell) Copies SRD:Warp Wood to another material, which is fine I guess, but some of the fields aren't correct.
Warp Spider (5e Class) Incomplete
Warpriest of Asgard (5e Class) Incomplete
Warrior of Vol (5e Class) Incomplete.
Warrior of the Spider Clan (3.5e Prestige Class) Fluff needs filling out
Warrior of the Wolf (3.5e Class) Missing epic information, a starting package, and campaign information.
Watcher in the Water, LotR (3.5e Creature) Needs a description
Water Manipulator (5e Class) Incomplete
Way of The Scholar Blade (5e Archetype) Incomplete. See talk page
Waymaker (3.5e Prestige Class) Incomplete.
Weakness (3.5e Epic Spell) No seed, Spellcraft DC, and cost to develop
Weapon Master (3.5e Prestige Class) No description
Weapon Summoner, Ragnaval Variant (3.5e Class) Missing text throughout (and an example NPC).
Weapon Tosser (5e Class) No description. Only has combat features, no interaction or exploration features.
Weapon of Annihilation (5e Equipment) This weapon des not appear to be a WIP anymore and many effects still do not have saving throws, the charge system is messed up(and a few damage rolls, speed 2.5 feet, ect.), the spells or effects need a link or description of what they do, and the weapon's effects do not say how to activate the weapons effects(action, bonus action, reaction). Basically most of this weapon is incomplete.
Weapon of Smiting (5e Equipment) Incomplete
Weapons (5e Fallout Setting) These link to the D20M weapons, so need replacing with links to 5e versions. Since these will all be useful for any general 5e modern/futuristic campaign, the page ID can be (5e Equipment); does not need the Supplement category. I am starting with the pistols.
Weaponsmith (5e Class) In progress
Weighted Companion Cube (3.5e Equipment) Mechanics like the DR need to be clarified, needs proper formatting.
User:WeirdoWhoever/Sandbox Since this is a sandbox, I can pretty much say that this page is permanently incomplete.
Wendigo, Variant (5e Creature) Creatures have hit points, not "health".
Wendigo (5e Creature) No description.
WereWolf Incomplete
Werecockerel (5e Race) Incomplete
Werewolf (5e Class) Testing.
Werewolf (5e Race) Missing physical description and names.
Wereworm (3.5e Creature) Missing description, external link is broken.
Wernog (5e Race) Incomplete
Wetboy (5e Class) Incomplete. Multiple missing features, incomplete/incorrect class table
Whirling Eater of Souls (3.5e Optimized Character Build) Needs more text added.
White Centuar (5e Race) Without multi-attack, which is broken, this race appears to be a bland Large size race with little physical description or depth.
White Cleric (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
White Magic (5e Archetype) In progress
White Pudding (5e Creature) Incomplete
White Slaad (4e Race) Missing adventurers and example names.
Wild Blade (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, infobox, epic levels
Wild Traveler (3.5e Class) Needs epic levels
Wilder (4e Race) Missing playing a's description and characteristics and adventurers.
Wildkin (5e Race) Incomplete
Wildwood Dryad (5e Race) Incomplete
Windblade (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information, starting package
Windhaven Kidnapping (5e Quest)
Work In Progress
Windrunner (4e Paragon Path) No fluff
Windstalker (4e Paragon Path) Inadequate fluff
Winged Elf, Dragon (3.5e Race) Missing several descriptive sections, missing categories.
Wingly (4e Race) Missing fluff, adventurers. I've filled out the favoured races based on the ability bonuses - nothing suggests a "mastery of arcane abilities", this seems more primal.
Winterborn (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Winterheart Mage (4e Prestige Class) Awaiting content
Wisp Mother (5e Creature) Incomplete
Witch's Gear (5e Equipment) Unclear what the proficiency bonus applies to. What do you make with this?
Witch (5e Class) Multi-classing needs finishing and quickbuild needs adding.
Witcher (3.5e Prestige Class) Descriptions missing.
Wizard, Variant (5e Class) Incomplete.
Wizardly Types (3.5e Class) Missing Campaign information, epic progression, sample NPCs and should be in separate articles.
Wolder (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Wolf-kin (3.5e Race) Minimal information needs expanded
Wolf Knight (5e Background) A feature cannot give mechanical advantages, and should be roleplay-oriented. I like this concept don't get me wrong, it just needs tweaking. SansGenocide (talk) 09:55, 21 September 2016 (MDT)
Wolf Lineage (4e Feat) Incomplete.
Wolf Lord (5e Class) Incomplete.
Wolftaur Incomplete
Woodcutter (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Word Mage (3.5e Class) In progress
World Of Darkness (3.5e Environment) Incomplete.
Wraithguard (5e Creature) See talk page.
Wronged Hero (5e Background) Incomplete. Please do not remove this template until the page is complete.
Wumbomancer (5e Class) Incomplete.A random effect class could be very interesting if all of the few features in the class were not incredibly convoluted. This class needs a lot of work put into cleaning up the class and adding content to it if it were to be salvaged. The class is no where near close to a completed state, and is currently just a mess of a class.
Wyrwood (5e Race) Missing society.
Xarxium (4e Deity) Missing commandments.
Xenomorph Life Cycle (5e Class) Incomplete.
Xin'Douti (3.5e Race) missing vital stats
Yaga (3.5e Race) Fluff needs completing. Wording needs fixing.
Yaguran Deities (3.5e Pantheon) The deities need to be made and linked to here.
Yak Folk (4e Creature) Needs fluff.
Yamato (5e Equipment) Wording, terminology needs improving; wikilinks needed for spells
Yandere Healer (3.5e Class) Missing campaign information
Yasunori Kato (3.5e NPC) Needs personality, motivations, physical description, etc
Yautjas (3.5e Race) Missing indexing template
Yegg (5e Class) No description, no multiclassing info.
Yern (3.5e Race)
Yeti (5e Race) Incomplete
YoRHa Android (5e Race) Is this for a specific campaign, or for a general sci-fi setting, or is it supposed to fit into a vanilla D&D game?
Yona (5e Creature) Still WIP.
Young Arch Dragon (5e Creature) Same issues as the Arch Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature).
Yuan-Ti Malison (4e Race) The descriptions are entirely generic, and cannot be like this.
Z'arjimosa Treskri (5e Campaign Setting)
Work In Progress
Zacrenius (3.5e Deity)
Zalucian (5e Race) Incomplete
Zanthani (5e Race) Incomplete, but I am still working on it, so do not delete
Zarue (3.5e NPC) Incomplete. Which classes? What is the CR?
Zeff (4e Race) Missing an adventurer.
Zehir's Venom (4e Feat) Needs summary and flavour text
Zekyl (5e Race) Traits need improved definition. e.g. the dragon breath has no action. On that note, it deals as much damage as a dragonborn breath, but also has a blindness and slowing effect that could cripple most creatures.
Zephyr (5e Class) Incomplete.
Zetsubokaten (3.5e Deity) What are those domains?
Zil'anai (4e Paragon Path) Can be adjusted to work with vanilla D&D
Zion (3.5e Race) In progress
Zombie Striker (3.5e Prestige Class) expanded and improved information needed for class.
Zoog (5e Creature) Will this be doing anything interesting?
Zoomer (5e Class) Incomplete. Missing archetypes.
Zoroark (3.5e Race) Incomplete
Zouaga (3.5e Deity) Missing clergy and temples.
Zuan Codex (3.5e Sourcebook) Needs some description
Zurrens (3.5e Race) incomplete flavor, missing vital stats
Ümkar (5e Equipment) Could do with some drawbacks (even if its just 1 minor random) (and maybe some random benefits) per the DMG
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